Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rashi asks Urmila to back to her home. Urmila says she will not stop helping this family and go back home.

Radha sees a parrot there. Rashi comes there and starts a parrot application and says in parrot voice that she knows what she did. Radha asks what she knows. She says she knows what she did in temple. Radha angrily tries to kill parrot when Rashi comes and starts shouting that Radha is trying to kill parrot. Hetal and Kokila come there hearing Rashi’s voice. Kokila scolds Radha and asks her not to come near parrot. As soon as Radha goes, Rashi thanks parrot. Gopi says we should be alert and stop Radha from killing it.

Urmila sleeps on a bed and thinks it is better than her bed and says she cannot steal it. Rashi laughs. Urmila asks why is she laughing on her. Rashi says she is laughing on her parrot drama. Urmila asks why did she take her name then. Rashi says just to not create any doubt. Urmila says she is her alone child and she loves her a lot. Rashi says she knows.

Gopi is shocked to see Radha adding rat poison in parrot’s food. Radha thinks parrot tried to reveal her secret, now she will kill her. Radha tries to feed rat poisoned food to parrot when Gopi pushes her and parrot bites her finger. Gopi apologizes for puhsing her and bandages her wounded finger. She asks her not to come near parrot as Kokila will get angry if she sees her near parrot. She gets Rashi’s sms to send Radha upstairs. Gopi asks Radha to go up and rest.

Urmila sees Kokila’s room open and nobody in it. She steals Kokila’s jewelry, Rashi sees that and asks what is she doing. Urmila says she is stealing and says they can say Kokila that she lost her jewelry when she lost her memory. She tries to bribe Rashi by giving 40% of jewelry money. Rashi calls Hetal, Kokila, and Gopi.

Rashi says Hetal, Kokila, Gopi that caught Urmila red-handed stealing jewelry and drags her out and asks her not to come back to her house again.

Dhaval is busy checking his cloth designs on net when his partner comes and sees his designs from behind. He sees her and asks when did she come. She says just now, praises his designs and goes there.

Hetal says Rashi she would not have insulted her mother like this. Rashi gets Urmila’s call, but she disconnects it and cries.

Radha brings tea for Baa, but she does not take it. Gopi and Rashi request baa to take tea from Radha. Radha gets Tripti’s call just then and drops her phone. Gopi sees Tripti’s call in her mobile. Once Radha goes, Gopi asks baa not to be so tensed. Baa says she cannot forget Radha’s crimes. Gopi and Rashi say they will punish Radha soon.

Urmila says Radha that she knows Radha tried to kill Meera with Tripti’s help and says even she wants to take revenge from Modi’s now.

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  1. No change same drama as every day if we keep on seeing like this tomorrow they will get a rat and cat and makes us see “TOM &JERRY”……idiots……gopi the great social reformer took the parrot from that man as so she is helping it…when it is with him it doesn’t have freedom and know it seems it doesn’t have it’s life also as Radha is going to kill it if she kills it I will kill her…
    ……stop the nonsense what writers are having on their left side hearts r rocks are they enjoying from the last 2 months seeing us suffering idiots change the plot……send Radha behind the bars as soon as possible and JUST STOP this cock and bull dramas…………..mix rat poison in radhas food …….how urmila got such a guts to steal kokilas jewels……idiots …….weak script..idiotic script…….waste script….

  2. Radha ki to main……awwal number ki kameeni haraami aural

  3. I bet theyr going to trick radha into believing urmila is after revenge and then all will be revealed that this is all planned… the whole stealing stint and all!!!!

    1. Hope it happens as u said 🙂

  4. writers use your brain, pls make this radha trapping episodes some more intresting. gopi is overacting a bit. rashi is much better in this episode. loved the expression on urmilas face when rashi kicks her out. it is rashis plan, she knew radha was listening to her conversation with gopi and hetal after removing urmila from home. One request you are going to drag it so atleast give some nice design clothes to meera

  5. soo SICK..!!!!!!!

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