Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila, Gopi and Ahem watches someone dancing and telling some story in the song. She throws something on Kokila which Gopi catches and saves Kokila. She sings and comes to Kokila. Kokila looks on emotional. The lady tells that two friends have met again, we will not fight nor argue. Just hug and make up. Kokila smiles and holds her hand. She takes Kokila on stage and plays with her like in childhood. A flashback is shown. She then throws Kokila in floor. Gopi shouts Maa ji. Kokila is left shocked.

Gopi, Ahem and Hetal rushes toward Kokila. The lady takes coal from the havan kund and smears her face black. Kinjal reminds Pari that Rashi is illegitimate child of her husband. Pari asks her to stop it, and says Kokila and Gopi gave her rights to run the house. She says she has been tolerating all the way long, but not anymore. She asks her to go to maintain peace at home.

The lady says two eyes, two legs, and face is also two. One is to show others and other to hide. Ahem asks how dare you to talk to my mum so badly. Kokila tells nobody shall tell her anything and says let’s go. Gopi asks who is this lady. Kokila says let’s go. The lady asks Kokila to wash her face. Gopi says you can’t insult my Maaji. The lady says she is not anyone relative and a betrayal. Ahem says it is enough now and warns her. Kokila says let’s go from here. Hetal sees lady’s face and is shocked. The lady greets Hetal and asks them to go. She says this world is a theatre and we all are actors. My character will remain the same, I will make you cry and you will cry. She laughs aloud.

Kinjal tells Dhaval that she will not go from this house. Urmila asks Dhaval to take decision with calm mind. Dhaval says we are going from here and asks her to pack her bags. He says if you don’t come along with us, then you entry is closed in our home.

Ahem asks Kokila about the lady? Kokila washes her face and is shocked. Hetal asks Kokila about the lady. Gopi asks do you know her? She asks Kokila, why she bear her insult.

Dhaval tells Paridhi that they are leaving. Paridhi apologizes to him and asks not to leave home like this. Dhaval says you didn’t do any mistake. Kinjal says you have insulted us first and now showing sympathy to stop us. Dhaval says I didn’t feel bad about Paridhi’s talks, I actually got hurt with your doings. He asks Kinjal to apologize to Paridhi. Kinjal refuses and goes. Dhaval apologizes to Paridhi. Paridhi asks him to stay till Gopi, Ahem. Kokila and Hetal come back home. Dhaval refuses to stay any longer and says it is right decision.

Kokila cries. Gopi asks who is that woman? Kokila speaks up and says she is my close childhood friend. She says whatever she has done, I don’t have right to ask her anything or to stop her. Hetal says she doesn’t have right to insult you. Kokila apologizes and says she can’t say anything about this matter. She gives promise to everyone and asks not to ask her. Hetal takes Kokila with her. Gopi says Kokila have to tell the truth.

Vidya asks Meera, why she is tensed. Meera says my face has turned tensed. Vidya asks her to come. Meera refuses. Kokila sees Gopi crying and calls Ahem. Gopi says when we asked us the same question, you didn’t reply to us. Just think about the pain which we felt seeing you crying? She says you made me realize that I am not near your heart. Kokila asks why you want to know about that woman? Gopi says I want to know about the matter because of which, the lady hates you so much.

Kokila tells Gopi that she tried to apologize to her friend, but she didn’t find her. Gopi asks her to apologize now. She says she knows what to do now.

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  1. Oh my god again dragging

    1. paridhi jiger modi

      oh!!!! c’mon yar ye koi movie thode h jo 2 hr me khatam ho jaye please enjoy this serial a lot of twist n turn is to happen in sns

  2. Who is she…???????????
    Is any guesss about next trAck…….

    1. paridhi jiger modi

      she is gaura kokila kakiji’s mummer

  3. OMG how date she just throw her to the floor?
    that woman is ravaan?
    Kokila is a nice woman but a really scary to mess with ?
    anyway the show is getting rubbish
    I’m getting soo bored
    please improve this programme
    I miss rashi soo much
    thank you?

    1. paridhi jiger modi

      sns is superb serial

  4. I hate the fact I have to watch everyone’s reaction to everything also improve that soo retarded
    I’m not saying anything else
    just improve it before everyone stops watching it take my advice ?
    thank you for listening ?

    1. paridhi jiger modi

      oh i see ok we will consider ur suggestion thanks our lovely viewer

  5. This serial is not dragging. Its just getting better.

  6. Nice ep.

  7. I really want to know who the woman is does anyone have any idea who she could be ???

    1. paridhi jiger modi

      she is gaura gaura gaura

  8. Just follow the track – its a good serial.

    1. paridhi jiger modi

      yes this serial is fantastic no one serial beat this it is no 1 serial

  9. paridhi jiger modi

    wowww after few days my niece meera will go to marry everyone is invited 🙂 🙂

    1. paridhi jiger modi

      on her marriage at modi house

  10. Not a mans a missile, not a Muslim a Indian , not a scientist a science …. We miss u kalam and we Salam u ur soul is with millions of students whom u inspired till ur last breath…. Tribute to u……??????????

  11. Not a man a missile, not a Muslim a Indian , not a scientist a science …. We miss u kalam and we Salam u.ur soul is with millions of students whom u inspired till ur last breath…. Tribute to u……??????????

  12. WOW, SNS; great episode and superb serial!! Now I feel so much better that Triti and Rashi are not being mentioned in the show!! Thank God!! Phew!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 So, what I’m trying to say is that; everyone that acted today; GREAT GREAT JOB especially Gopi bahu again!

    I just love Gopi right now and Ahem ji!! Oh; please paridhi; pleaseeeeeeeeeee; have a second child!! I don’t mean it in a bad way; I mean it in a good way!! Anyway, great episode and I still love u SNS!! Wooo!! 🙂

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