Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura angrily strangulates Chanda. Chanda shouts and tells Gaura that property papers on the other side and asks what will she say when Vidya comes. Gaura gets back on chair. Vidya comes running and asks what happened. Chanda says they saw a big chameleon entering room, so she shouted. Vidya asks Gaura if she is fine. Gaura says yes.

Girl hides under Jai and Veeru’s bed at night. She gets up and peeps from window and sees goons still outside gate. She gets back under bed and sleeps pulling Jai and Veeru’s blanket.

Jaggi goes to Gopi’s room and asks if hospital people will bring maa home. Gopi says yes. Jaggi says she has to work a lot. Gopi says maasi is like maa, so she does not mind. Jaggi praises her that she is so cool and is his just life..then says partner, thanks for being my best partner. Gopi nods yes. Urmila watches them and thanks god for making them each other’s support.

Jai and Veeru fight for blanket thinking each one is pulling blanket, but girl has pulled one blanket down. Sona comes and scolds why they are fighting at night. Jai and Veeru say their blanket is missing. Sonu says she kept 2 blankets. They joke old man would have taken blanket. Sona says they brag anything and takes them to her room.

In the morning, Sona gives breakfast to Jai and Veeru. They discuss they need to get toy gun and try to pick it standing on chair. Girl wakes up hearing sound and just when they are about to fall holds and saves them. They both discuss who is this girl, they have to inform family. Girl pleads not to inform anyone. They say she has to obey them, eat their food and do their homework. Girl agrees. They ask to finish breakfast. She does. Sona comes asking if they finished breakfast. Girl hides under bed. Sona is surprised seeing breakfast plates empty. They say they need gif. Gopi comes and gives them books as gift. They discuss they will not let her/girl go. Gopi asks whom. They say her. Sona says they become mischievous.

Gopi gets a call from lawyer that Kokila’s court hearing finished and Kokila requested judge to finish her hearing beforehand and not inform her family. She runs down and informs family, says she does not know why maaji is doing this. She gets hospital’s staff’s call and tells them that arrangements have been made, they can send Urvashi home. She then asks Jaggi to go and bring maasi home. Jaggi leaves. Mona and Pari discuss now Modi bhavan will become hospital.

Sona informs Gopi and others about the incidents happening at home, she feels her children have changed. Gopi says even she felt same and describes kitchen incident. Mona says even she felt same, kitchen was clean when she went. Urmila says something is wrong.

Gopi calls hospital and asks them to send 2-3 extra oxygen cylinders for Urvashi. She calls medical shop and asks them to send all the equipments kept in hospital. Jaggi brings Urvashi home on a bed. Gopi gets happy and says god does good for good people. Jaggi prays that Urmila should return home soon. Gopi says yes. Urvashi is taken to her room. Jaggi keeps Urvashi’s items around and says he wants her to feel home when she wakes up. Urmila asks him to stop crying. Jaggi says he did not see maa so silent before. Parag says GGopi is right, soon Urvashi will get well in home environment. He applies Urvashi’s favorite cold cream on her feet. Goons plan to enter Modi bhavan and one of them enters as courier boy. Gopi receives courier.

Precap: Gaura sees Vidya coming, runs and sits on chair. Vidya sees her short of breath and asks what happened to her. Chanda says she came running and walk walk.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. That’s right Gaura. Strangle Chanda. This Jai and Veeru look so funny.

    1. means john uncle likes torture scene hmmmmmmmm

  2. sowmya ( huge fan of dipika kakar )

    hay saba di !! i din’t forget you
    waise bhi u are the eldest in our group

    1. hi somi where r u? u r absent for many days. miss u somi. how r u?

  3. sowmya ( huge fan of dipika kakar )

    precap seems like chanda may reveal the truth to vidya but guara will definitely have her reasons to make vidya believe

  4. sowmya ( huge fan of dipika kakar )

    so guys it is confirmed that tanya sharma aka meera is not leaving show as makers promised her that she will get a track revolving around her without focussing on her motherhood and her children

    1. So leap maynot take place wat do u say guys

      1. Chithu

        There is no news about the leap so I guess they will continue the track as it is

      2. Mahi,Chithu leap hoga bhi tho small leap honi chahiye.6months or one year leap theek hai usse jyada ho tho unnecessary hogi.Meri khyal se 6months leap is best.Aap logon ka kya kehana?

    2. Chithu

      Yes Soumya its good Tanya is not leaving the show. But were is she hiding now. Hope she didn’t fell into Gaura’s hands

    3. Chithu

      Yes Rose if thr is a leap it must not be a bigger one. Generation leap is foolishness. Sometimes generation leap will backfire and serials end. That must not happen with sns

      1. Yes chithu and rose I agree with u they should focus on jagos love patch and dheera etc

  5. Isaaq

    I met with his company and I impressed them. They told me to apply for internships? I’m a law student so they really liked me

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Oh great Issaq?.

    2. Ohh thats really great! See now everything falls into place!??

      1. mubarka ji mubarka 🙂 🙂

    3. Chithu

      That’s a great news. U can meet him frequently if u join them for Internship

    4. Superb!!

  6. Saba di I haven’t forgeeten you!

  7. Isaaq

    I’d love to work at his company. We can both work together at the same company? I can imagine myself sneaking off to the cafe every time just to see him. I think fate wants me to go to work at his company.

    1. wowww isaaq means kisi cheez ko shiddhat se chaho to puri kaynat tumhe us se milane me lg jati h. congratss!!!!!!! go,catch n hold him tightly before arrival of any hurdle{ vamp).

  8. I think Jai and Veeru are the stars of the show 🙂

  9. Hi sunshiners episode was good isaaq it’s really a good news and Saba di we didn’t forget u and sowmya how r u

  10. Hi all Sunshine friends.Episode is good.Jai,Veeru scene is funny.

  11. Hi Sabadi how are you?I am fine.

  12. Hi Akshay.Jab main 15years old thi tab meri Dad ne hamari family ko summer trip mein leke gaye the Tab hum Agra,Madhura,Delhi ,Varanasi,Fatefursikri dekhe the.Tabhi Jaipur bhi aaye the.Jaipur ko Pink city kehte haina. Vaha ki guide ne kaha ki Old city pura pink colour mein hota hai and new city norma hota hai.Hum vaha ek MANDIR,Kota,dekhe the.Donon bahut acha hai.Hum time nahi hone ki karan aur jyada nahi dekh paye the.Because of pre reservations in train. Kota bahut unchi pahad mein hai.pura desert area haina.Vo bhi hum summer mein aaye the. Mujhe garmi ki vajah se sickness bhi ho gayi thi.Maine vaha ki Raja aur RaniGayatriDevi ki Lovestory ke baare mein bhi some books mein padhi thi.Rani GayatriDevi ko brave woman kehte haina.Rani GayatriDevi
    bahut Sundar hai.But I like Rajasthani sarees,designs ,food etc.Mujhe achacha lagaki ye jaan ke tum Rajasthani ho aur Jaipur mein rehti ho.Main baad mein phir ek baar acha mausam mein Jaipur aana chahta hoon.Jo pehle nahi dekha vo sab dekhne ke liye.

    1. hi rose. rajasthan has hot climate. sometime mercury cross 45 degree. kota located at hadoti pathar. main desert area western rajasthan me h jaha baluka stup bhi bntte h. do u know rose aravali range is the oldest mountain in the world n guru shikhar at mount abu is highest peak of it. here salty lakes r found which r residue of tethis ocean (pengia era).

      1. Thanks for information and reply Akshay.

  13. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends hw r u all . Comments are taking much time to moderate .

    1. hi sid, ye system kuch aisa h ki aaj ki taza khabar aaj nhi kal milegi

  14. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends, how are you all? Saba di, we’ve not forget you at all. Episode is awesome today. Jai veeru scene was funny. But I want gaura drama end soon, I want that once she get exposed, she play her tricks. And want Gopi son entry also.

    1. hi shakaib

  15. Hii all sunshiners! Hope all are doing good…i am sorry for my long absence as i was hospitalised due to viral fever for some days and had a few mental break downs…now i am completely fine…happy to see more comments (80-90) after a long time…please keep up that spirit??…missed some episodes recently…and also missed my dear family and the fun here terribly…will catch up the episodes from next week…

    1. thnk god finally most awaited nandi is back now. miss u so much nandi. how r u now?

    2. Isaaq

      Welcome back! I’m happy you are better now and you have recovered. I also caught a viral fever but I recovered in a few days . We’ve all missed you a lot. So much has happened in your absence. I mean Adam today has started thinking about me.

      I just feel at peace after a very long time you know. He’s really happy after so long. And that’s what matters to me.

      I was depressed few days ago when I found out his ex girlfriend humiliated and destroyed his reputation in front of everyone. I was really hurt because it brought me pain as well. But today I was really happy. Fridays are a holy day for me and miracles always happen on this day. You know I prayed to God to make Adam happy and Adam was happy a few hours later.
      Valentine’s Day is approaching soon and that’s when he mostly remembers me. i know he’s trying his best to forget me because he still thinks I don’t like him, but I’m sure that I will win this love. I just feel peaceful?

      How are you? I’ve never asked lol, are you student or do you have a job lol? Forgive me. I always talk about myself but I never ask other people.

      And btw Gopi Destiny is back with season 5. Its set 5 years after Sindoora death!

      1. Nandhini

        Hii Isaaq!!?? yeah i missed many things here…by looking at more number of comments in saathiya written updates page, i guess many things happened here which i missed…
        So ur lover name is Adam! Dats a cute name!? why did his ex-gf humiliated him?? What grudge still she have on him?? I wish she change herself and apologize to him and to you for that…you dont worry for those negative people..they will always think only negative and will ruin other’s lives…we must avoid that and not give a heck to that…when time comes they will surely be punished for their wrong deeds…
        Isaaq give me some time…i will read and comment ur ff gopi’s destiny soon…i saw while browsing u have started ur ff too(kasauti mohabbat ki)…i will comment on dat soon after reading all the parts…
        And yeah i am fit and fine now…i am working in my family textile business…now i took a break for few days to take rest…so i am totally free until mid febraury…until jan 8th i was admitted in hospital then after that even i was suffering from depression due to some reasons…i was actually got hurt and betrayed by some close people around me…i got shattered after that i couldnt concentrate on anything around me…so i didnt come online on telly updates for many days…now i am fine and strong and ready to face anything what comes…
        I think the SNS track is going interesting now…cant wait to watch it soon…

    3. Isaaq

      Here is the link to part 1. Part 2 will be updated today.

    4. Chithu

      Nandhini I am so glad u are back and happy to find u alright. I missed u terribly here. Ungakku enna prachanenu kettu kaaya paduthamattein. Neenga santhoshama irukkanum. God I with u. Sunshine was missing its dearest member.

    5. Nandini…After a long tym…Happy that you r okay now!!????

    6. HEY Nandhini…Pls too read n comment on my ff…

    7. Hi Nandini.How are you?I am fine.

  16. thanks chaithu and saba you have loving friends here you do not usually find that on other sites yours is the best site i have seen so far you do not quarrel and fight like others do best of luck and do not let others try to get at you be there for each other always

    1. Nandhini

      Hii Sia! Welcome to our sunshine family! You are always loved here??

    2. Chithu

      Thank u Sia. U r a part of this group too. No one can create rift here. We trust our friends here. Whenever there is any problem our bond has only stronger

    3. Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes sia our group is best ? welcome to our group ?.

  17. I want to to no who that girl is n Wat she doing there

  18. Nandini di after all u r back we all are very glad that u r here di take care of ur health this year seems to be a sickness year many of us were struggling with health issues. Sid bhai any updates?

    1. Nandhini

      Hii Mahi! I am too glad that you remember me.!.And you are right..this year everyone are suffering from one or other health issues…in my neighbourhood too everyone is facing this? i will take care hun…thanks a lott!???

      1. Chithu

        Yes Nandhini this year was a bad start for me also. First I was ill then my baby. Whole January we were juggling between hospital n home. Hope rest of the year goes good for everyone.

  19. sns team wasted 4 episode n still not revealing identity of girl.

  20. saba, nandi, somi r back. wowwwww yar wat a coincidence all divas r on the forum. thank u trio

    1. Nandhini

      Hey Akshay!! You are back too!?? Missed you lott in this forum when i was commenting…one day you came here to wish me on my birthday in advance…then no see for a long time until today!!…hope you did well in ur RAS exams…now i am completely fine and healthy!

  21. hey chithu u lived in rawatbhata good yar hows ur experience about rajasthan culture, food, people?

    1. Chithu

      It was a good experience. Rajasthan have got rich culture and heritage. Ppl are so caring there. Rajasthani foods are yummy. Only problem I faced was health issue during summer. Everything there Is so unadulterated. We can’t find like that here. Rajasthani dresses, accessories are so lovely. I wrote MAT exam in Kota and got good marks and went for MBA. Altogether Rajasthan was a lovely experience. Have u ever been to south.

  22. sid nandi is back now our sunshine rays r in full form.

  23. frnzzzz wat a kind of relationship we r share on this forum without knowing others real identity. we celebrate success, bday of every member. do prayer, give wishes for success. it is one of the best example is Isaaq’s love story. Isaaq we all attach with ur love story too much that when u wrote above comment that u got offer in same company we all r celebrating ur success in career n love. i think Aisha is fail to understand all of these things n quit. sometime unknown relation give us strenght, motivation. it is not necessary that we should give name to it. some time unspoken words have more power than spoken words. some relation dont need to describe. it is best feeling where v r above our selfishness. it is reply from my side to Aisha n so called swastika. i love sunshine family. sunshiners plz correct me if i m worng anywhere apart from bad english.

    1. Nandhini

      You are absolutely right Akshay! I agree with you…most times unknown friendship and unknown persons only give us strength and motivation to live…that is a proof that humanity still exist in a form where unknown people from different places around the world care and concern for each other via a forum or a group…best example- our sunshine group!! It is their prayers,, wishes,, and their love that makes the people(like me) get back from downfall and carry life forward with hope…i am really very happy to see many old members are back here again like you,, mahi,,sowmya, etc…sowmya i hope she too did her exams well…but what happened to Aisha??? Why did she quit all of a sudden?? She was one cheerful girl in our forum…she didnt comment for very long time and now she quit??!! I cant believe this…aisha i wish you come back here again… wherever you are stay happy and blessed…

      1. Isaaq

        You’re right Nandi! He’s as cute as his name? He’s got a bit temper but he’s a loving person.
        His ex girlfriend had a mental illness and she wanted to destroy his reputation. What she said to everyone is something I can’t really describe here because it’s really disgusting. She didn’t apologise. She carried on and on. She will never change.

        Amba will never change as well. She will always hate me and him no matter what. She blames me for snatching her boyfriend away from her. She blames me for destroying her happiness. She will never change that’s why she’s my second biggest enemy in my life. But she has accepted defeat. She has blocked him from everything so she doesn’t want anything to with him. She knows she cannot win and that Adam will never be hers again. Hopefully Amba has learnt her lesson and she’s left our lives for good.

        And don’t worry. Those who betrayed you will be punished soon. It’s good that you saw their true colours. I’ve been betrayed several times.

        The first villain I told you about who I was friends with. He fell in love with me and he tried to use me but he was defeated. I remember telling you that I met him 2 months ago and he was scared that he sensed my presence. He betrayed me but today he’s completely lost and defeated. He has no bright future.

        That’s great that you are working at your family’s business! I’m happy that you have recovered. I’m also considering doing business and finance as it’s so interesting. Even though I’ll have a law degree, I’m still interested in becoming a businessman. I met the businessmen yesterday and I was sure I wanted to work with them.

        I’m interested in Corporate Tax now which is a really exciting job. I get work with big clients across the world. Adam already works at this company and I’m glad he works here. If me and him work at this same company, it’ll be so romantic and our relationship would become stronger as well.

        Tell me more about your family business. I need to understand more about businesses. It will be interesting to know about your view.

        And I’m also excited about the new track of SNS. I love Sita character. She reminds me of the early Gopi.

        Gopi Destiny has also returned after a Big Bang. A new vamp that tried to kill Gopi and Rashi when they were babies, will return to get her revenge.

    2. Chithu

      Absolutely right Akshay. This group is really a blessing. We members are above friends n relations. Its a spl bond. I feel relaxed whenever I comment here. Its like having some really good friends who understands u and make u feel loved. There is no need to know our family history to become friends. We have only became stronger post the incident. Our comments also increased. What more Sns is now interesting . Never should our group part. I miss Nisha too. Come soon Nisha

  24. where r king john n his family today?

  25. Shakaib

    Welcome back nandhini di. Akshay Bhai I think identity of girl will be reveal till Feb.

  26. Right here. Akshay or should I can’t you Janu. Mera beta agaya.

  27. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Good morning Sunshine friends Nandini welcome back to Sunshine group ?hope u are fine nw .
    Akshay our dadaji and Dadi are missing lol .

  28. hi all sunshiners….akshay sid sowmya shakaib nandhini isaaq raveen and all whose name i missed to mention….i missed u all guys…i got promotion in my job….so i was busy….episode was good…when will gaura’s intention reveal…where is meera??? i missed her a lot when i watched episode of sns…

    1. Chithu

      That’s a good news Shree stee. Congratulations!!!! I was wondering the same thing. Hope she is not under Gaura’s clutches

    2. Congratulations Shreestee.

    3. Congrats shree stee di I wish u all d very best

  29. Guyz…v have a great news…

    Just now I read in instagram that saathiya team might fly to Singapore in the first week of February..where gopi meets his son and his character is played by rohit sachanti… the cast and crew and set to flew to Singapore in the first week gopi brings her son home nd her son will b falling in love with sita

    The writers planned for usa and Australia before but they finally decided Singapore’s…


    1. Chithu

      That’s an existing news Chanu. It doesn’t matter they go for USA or Singapore. What matters is the new track. Waiting to watch that.

    2. Yes chanu That’s an excited News.Thanks for the information.

    3. Chanu great news yaar I would love this track

  30. Episode was So funny…Credit goes to Jai n veeru…Gaura strangulating Chanda was shocking n funny too…As how she sat on wheel chair!!…???LOL…Urvashi is back grt…

  31. Chithu

    A girl is living in modi bhavan since 2-3 days and apart from jai n Veeru no one knows about it. The girl looks really innocent. Jai n Veeru are adorable and lively.

  32. Sharad malothra

    Hi guys

  33. Hello guys hw r u all..
    Welcme nandini..v missd u so much n saba di hw can v frgt u..v all lov u..
    Chithu ur in pardes also do u watch dat regularly n shakib u also..
    Ya Akshay Wt evr u tld u tld I corect I fl vry relaxd n vry hapy wen I cmnt here dis is also a family to me all frnds bros n sistrs..
    Episode is nce jai n veeru r awesm today..finally gopi n sona got sme doubt aftr 2days..n want to c meera n dharam happy vit children n guara drama shld end..

    1. Chithu

      Yes Priyanka I also watch Pardes regularly. R u watching it. I too love to c Dheera together with their children. Its so bad that Chanda separated them. I want to kill Chanda n Gaura for that. Poor babies now their mother is not there to take care of them. Hope Meera comes back soon and throw Chanda and Gaura out of the house. They deserve to be in jail forever

  34. Boss(Siddarth)

    SNS: Outdoor Singapore shoot, next generation lead introduced


    0 Comment


    SNS: Outdoor Singapore shoot, next generation lead introduced
    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running daily popular show Saath Nibhana Saathiya will witness some high intensity drama.

    It seems that the entire cast and crew of the show will soon be going for an outdoor shoot in the first week of February.

    Initially the makers planed to go to USA and Spain but due to some reason they changed they plan and now the team will go to Singapore.

    In the Singapore track drama, Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) will come face to face with her son played by actor Rohit Suchanti. She will bring him back to Modi House.

    He will be playing the male lead of the next generation.

    1. Chithu

      Oh no not generation leap. In that case Meera n Vidya may not be a part of sns. I don’t understand for introducing Gopi’s son what is the need for generation leap. If its Vidya’s twin then vidya is grown up and has a kid. Her son will be of tat age too. I really don’t want generation leap

      1. (LOL)???…Chithu there will be no leap…leap is cancelled…Rohit Suchanti n Shruti Prakash r the nxt Ahem n Gopi…There is nothing mentioned about leap…Relax!!…

  35. hey sunshine i think u got to knw abt me i am not a ordinary man i am m.d of motilal and sons co i am powerful then u all ha ha. john is a king

  36. so leila now u agree to marry me i wl cme to your house in Mercedez benz Audi Bmw in barath be ready and i wl take you to switzerland

  37. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends i just saw news 9 reports in Youtube . As per its news.
    1.Jigar wl return to the show but the Jigar’s character wl be played by another actor .
    2.And Meera wl be get to know that Jaggi is Ahem .
    3. Gopi’s son wl be having crush on sita and hw wl marry her.

  38. Isaaq

    I also don’t want no leap. The show will become really boring after the leap.

    I want them to focus on Gopi son and Sita. I think they’ll become the new Gohem. If that is the case, it’ll be just like the early SNS. SNS has lost its meaning and I think makers should now focus on the new generation.

    I think they should focus on Gopi son and Sita for another year or so. They should do a leap next year instead. Gopi and Ahem united after 2 years so the leap should happen after that.

    Maybe Sita parents were evil and forced her to get married. That’s why she ran away. We might get another Radha or Madhu. Makers don’t need a leap after all with new entries

  39. Hello guys give me ur company I also read it ?

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