Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts off with Urmilaa in the kitchen, reluctantly preparing a dish, cell phone call is from Raashi and Raashi tells her of the discount sale. They make plans to meet.

Gopi is lost in thought and met by Kokila, after some effort by Kokila Gopi comes back to reality and says everything is fine.

Kokila and Gopi come over to Raashis room who is on call with her mother. Raashi cuts the call and Kokila gives Raashi the responsibility of ironing the clothes as the person who irons has not turned up ” Gopi had got the information, from that person, earlier. Raashis face goes sour.

Shah home, similar thing happens, Madhu gets Urmilaa to do some other work but Urmilaa locks Madhu in a room. Later Kinjal lets Madhu out upon hearing Madhus cry

of help.

Raashi is ironing the clothes but very agitatedly, she wants to leave the house and get to the saree sale venue. She sees Radha coming lost in her own world. Raashi Schemes up a plan and picks up the pile of clothes which are not ironed and crashes into Radha. Well, to make it short, Raashi emotionally blackmails Radha to iron the clothes. Unsuspecting Radha gladly accepts the work.

In the Modi kitchen, Gopi is kneading the dough, cellphone rings, Kokila receives the call and Madhu asks for Gopi, gets the reply that Gopi is busy – hands is full of dough. Madhu wants to talk to Radha. Kokila informs that Radha is Upstairs and asks Madhu to call bit later, Cell phone would be reached to Radha .

Later, as Radha is ironing, absent mindedly, Cell phone rings ; Radha Picks up the warm ironing box, as she is about to hold it to her ear, an hand comes in between, gets burnt. Hand is of Gopi.

Radha is upset that Gopis hand is burnt, else her face / ear would have been burnt. Radha realizes the true Love and affection of Gopi and they are in each others arms. This scene is witnessed by Raashi who had come to get the ironed clothes.

Raashi is upset that her plan backfired. Resolves further to do something more to disturb the cozy relationship and bond of the two sisters.

Radha promises Gopi that she would not trouble her any more. Medications are applied by Radha on Gopis burnt hand.

Preparations are on for Sri Krishnas birth celebrations and also of Gopis birthday. Everyone of Modi family wants to make it a grand affair and event. This is so because Gopis family are there after a gap of twenty odd years for Gopi.Madhus call is received by Kokila and she informs Madhu of the grand plans.

Madhu is bit upset as she feels as a mother she ought to make plans. Urmilaa tip toes in and gets caught. Madhu gets Urmilaa into the Kitchen, this after firing her for locking Madhu. Well, Urmilaa seeing a happy Kinjal, at her plight, says to Madhu Kinjal too needs to learn some dish. So Kinjal too gets into the kitchen.

Jitu shows Madhu of a gold set belonging to their mother and supposed to be given to Gopi on her wedding day, but since events were beyond their control, now is the best time to gift the set to Gopi. Both Kinjal and Urmilaa eye it. Urmilaa is planning something.

In between, Urmilaa and Raashi plan to ruin Gopi, Radha bond. Further steal the set of gold.

Gopi early in the morning wakes up and finds Ahem nowhere to be seen, then suddenly the fan is switched on and flower petals are showered on her.

Ahem hugs and wishes Gopi.

Episode Ends On Gopi’s Happy Face : Soft And Smiling ! ! !


Update Credit to: Manzz

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