Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmila tries to slap Pari, but Kokila stops her and asks how dare she to slap her bahu and says she cannot even talk loudly to her bahu. She says Pari that she cannot take Rashi’s place, but can make her own place and asks her not to worry now. Gopi says Pari and Urmila are lying. Kokila says she understands her situation, with so many lies, she is not able to believe Pari now. She says just like Urmila who lied many times and we cannot believe her, but Pari wants to change herself and we should allow her to change. Gopi says she is not lying. Kokila says even if god tells her against Gopi, she will not believe and asks her to give some time to Pari and asks everyone to go and rest now. Kinjal says she will go home now.

Gopi prays god to help her to bring out Pari’s true identity in front of everyone. Pari asks if she thinks god will help her and asks her to solve small problems herself. Gopi says she uses her lies to lure family members and even today used her lies to make them believe. Gopi says it is not difficult, but she will get her true identity out soon. Pari says she does not want to hurt anyone and just wants to get Jigar’s love. Gopi says love is gained without lies and Jigar loves Rashi, not here. Pari says she must have gained her husband’s love with her acting and says she knows Ahem was not loving her when she was married and took Kokila’s help. Gopi asks her not to compare herself to her and says though whole family helped in gaining Ahem’s love, she did not use lies. Pari says it is 12 years now and time has changed and asks her not to interfere in her matters. Gopi says she will interfere whenever someone harms her family. Pari says she is jealous of her as everyone is believing her now. Gopi says she is insecure and is telling all this. Pari says Kokila called her Paridhi bahu which she did not address even Rashi and says before Navratri she will get place in everyone’s heart and even gain Jigar’s confidence. Gopi says with her wrong ways, she cannot gain anyone’s confidence and also challenges to bring her identity out in front of everyone before Navratri. Pari then sees Kokila coming and changes her track and asks Gopi to forget everything and hug her. Kokila says she knows her mental condition, but she should forget everything and forgive Pari and hug her. Pari says she will not hug me, so I myself will hug her. Once Kokila leaves Pari smirks and leaves from there, leaving Gopi irked.

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Pari gets Urmila’s call. Pari asks how dare she is to try to slap her and blame everything on her. Urmila says she has to act situationally, else Kokila would have kicked her out. Pari says Gopi is behind her and has challenged to get her identity out. Urmila says she is illiterate and not very intelligent. Pari says she is very intelligent and is following Kokila. Urmila says she will change Gopi’s name. Pari says whatever it is we have to do something.

Urmila’s chawl neighbour ask her to participate in navratri pooja. She says she will not permit them to do dandiya and will stop them if she disobey her.

Pari is busy doing online ghagra choli shopping. Molu comes and asks what is she doing. She says she is doing online shopping. He asks if he can buy toys. She says yes. He asks how to pay. She shows her credit card. He asks her to give it to him. She does not agree and leaves.

Urmila during safeguarding temple at night goes asleep. She hurriedly wakes up to add oil in lamp and sees it is full already. She turns back and sees Kinjal sleeping there and asks why did not she wake her up to add oil. Kinjal says she saw her sleeping soundly, so she didn’t want to wake her up.

Pari gets ready in ghagra choli and this she will lure Jigar with her beauty today.

Precap: Jigar scolds Pari for teaching molu online shopping via credit and says molu used my credit card. Kokila also scolds Pari and says she cannot be like her Gopi bahu.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This serial is getting dumb day by day….this kokila is a big idiot n hate pari ghost.where is Lokeshwari gone…….

  2. Dont always post bad comments.if u don’t like it then don’t read the updates. Thank you

    1. Who made you the head of this and who are you to give orders to others? People can post whatever they want about the serial/episode. Use your brain a little bit and think before you say useless things about what others should do.

  3. Paridhi’s intention is to get jigar’s wealth by showing fake love. Now even kokila starts disliking her and pari plans to marry jigar legally infrontof everyoneduring navratri days

  4. Hi henna

  5. Dear paridhi r u trying to lure jidar with ur beauty then u never could as u r awkward

  6. Anyone pls tell me…dis paridhi b*t*h really loves jigar…or she is doing all dis for property…??

  7. Rashi was so nice…still kokila never admired her…n now calling dis paridhi her bahu

  8. Hi tanya

  9. Rashmi pari is trying to lure a rich guy and get the property

  10. Rashmi I stuck up for you yesterday look at the comments on yesterday’s update and there’s no thank you

  11. Bye everyone

  12. Hey Henna m really thankful to u for yesterday….sorry for late reply ….jus now I read ur yesterdays comments…

  13. Luv u henna..

  14. Henna how where did u read about Paris intentions.,..,I thought she loves jigar….dats y creating a drama

  15. Rashmi y dont u ask me i was de one who time updated a comment based on this for de 1st

  16. Tanya ..u pls tell me…how did u get to know,….coz in show…it seems dat she is doing everything for jigars love

  17. I got to know by her plan on telly and there’s next week updates and it tells u there rashmi

  18. Sorry for the late reply rashmi

  19. Bye rashmi and Tanya

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