Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th September 2013 Written Update

Kinjal is listening to music when Madhu comes and starts shouting at her saying the food was made. She takes her ipod and leaves. Kinjal and Urmila thinks if one day she’d let them out of the house. Hetal praises Rashi telling how well she did it pooja, she then requests her to come and sit when she says she has a headache and wants to rest . Ba tells to leave Tolu-Molu but she refuses saying to let them be with her. Radha thinks what would the family think if her truth comes out . She makes out a story and indirectly tells how a sister made another sister’s life hell. Baa says the sister would be forgiven if she apologizes whole heartedly . Kokila listens and says both the sisters would be told to leave the house. Radha is tensed.

Urmila makes a special tea for Jitu and gives him . She tells how Madhu is annoying them nowadays and the house is theirs only. Jitu says Madhu is his sister and she too has her rights . Madhu hears this and is pleased.

Rashi thinks what she’d do. Just when Urmila sees the phone . She hides and calls to Rashi. Rashi tells about how misunderstandings are getting more between her and Jigar. Urmila says not to worry and keep calling him every now and then. Urmila hears the footsteps of Madhu and hangs the call.

Radha sees a dream in which Kokila starting shouting on her blaming that RaJi are going to divorce only due to her. Gopi says to forgive Radha when Kokila says inspite of knowing the truth how she can support Radha . Kokila tells both the sisters should leave. She pushes both the sisters out. Radha screams Gopi and wishes that the dream may never be true.

The Modi gents come . Kokila sees a tensed Jigar and tells Hetal that the past few days he look upset. In RaJi’s room Jigar tells Rashi not to touch the kids. Rashi says they are her kids too. Jigar says she has no right on this kids and family . Rashi says then look after his kids on his own. Jigar says her to get lost. Jigar takes Tolu and is making milk for him in kitchen. Gopi asks what he’s doing and where Rashi is . Jigar says she’s in her room as she’s sick. Gopi offers some help.
Jigar thanks her. Gopi thinks to go and see Rashi.Jigar comes to room and sees Molu crying and Rashi sitting there without even caring. Rashi tries to help but stops herself. RaJi see Gopi coming and Rashi acts like checking her messages. Gopi asks why the kids are crying and Jigar asks for help. Gopi makes Molu sleep and wonders why Rashi has put on her blankets and is not even caring.

Gopi is wondering why Rashi did it when she loves the kids most. Gopi is searching for thermometer. Radha comes and tells leave it as during night fever goes away. Gopi finds the thermometer and rushes to Rashi’s room without listening to Radha. Gopi tells Rashi to stand so she can check. Rashi says she has allergy and stay away. Gopi checks and say she ‘s lying that she’s having fever. She asks why she didn’t come to eat and stayed in room whole day. Gopi says they can do the house work but she should care of her kids. Gopi asks how she can do that to her kids. Rashi says her to keep quiet and she cares for her kids and which situation she is in now. Radha sees and is tensed.

Precap= Rashi tells Gopi that Jigar hates her and has told to stay away from kids and he wants divorce. Gopi is SHOCKED.

Update Credit to: Muskii

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