Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila says she does not want to stay in this house as Hetal tries to command her always. Rashi says it is not like that. Radha brings tea for Kokila. Rashi asks her to go out as it is family member’s meeting. Kokila says that means Gopi is also an outside and should not stay in family member’s meeting. Gopi sadly leaves from there. Kokila asks Baa’s permission to go to temple. Baa says ok. Hetal comes there and says she can take Gopi with her. Kokila says she will go alone and does not like Hetal’s interference. She goes to batrhoom to get ready. Gopi says we cannot send Kokila alone to go to a temple. Rashi says we will send Jigar with her.

Dhaval sees a card and asks whose card is it. Kinjal says it is the lady’s card whom he rescued. He asks how did she get it. Kinjal says lady came to apologize you, but I scolded her and sent. She says lady is a business woman and may help him. Dhaval says he does not need anybody’s help and goes from there. Urmila hears their conversation and asks Kinjal what was she talking about. Kinjal says that lady can help Dhaval in business. Urmila says she will not help.

He says she will feel good in her aunty’s house and when Kokila’s memory returns, she can come back. Gopi agrees.

Urmila is happy that nobody is in her house and she can enjoy laddoos alone. She hears Prateek and Kinjal’s voice and hides ladoo box. She asks them why did they come so early. Kinjal says shops were closed, so they came early. Prateek says Urmila that he smells ladoo. Urmila hides box between her saree. Samar/sahir, Vidya, Meera come with Madhuben and hug Urmila. Urmila asks how did they come here. Madhuben says Ahem had called her and asked her to let children stay in her house today. Prateek gets happy and takes kids with him.

Rashi says Jigar that Kokila wants to go to temple. Jigar says he will take her. She holds his hand but leaves it hearing Kokila coming there. Kokila calls Mani/Radha. Radha comes and asks if she calledf her. Kokila forgets and says she did not.

Urmila thinks of hiding ladoo box in cupboard so that the kids do not see them. She then thinks to feed ladoos to only Samar/Sahir and calls them in to give ladoos. Other kids watch from behind. Vidya says even she needs ladoos.

Jigar says Kokila that he will take her out. Kokila asks how does he know that she wants to go out.

Ahem asks Gopi to stay in her aunt’s house for some time. Jigar says she called him and said she wants to go to temple. Kokila says ok and asks him to drive the car safely.

Kids knock the door. Urmila opens the door and lets the kids in. Vidya asks Samar/Sahir why are they here. Samar/sahir say they just came in and says lets go out and play. Vidya says we will play a game where we will have to find ladoos. They all start searching laddoos, but Samar/Sahir just watch them without participating. Vidya finds ladoo box and runs taking the box. Vidya gives ladoos to Prateek and does not give them to Samar/Sahir saying they break the team rule. Urmila comes there and tries to snatch box from Vidya with Samar/Sair helping her, but Vidya runs from there. She asks Samar/Sahir to be in her team if they need ladoo. They agree and all kids enjoy laddoo with Urmila getting angry on them.

Jigar brings Kokila to temple. Kokila asks Jigar to be out until she prays and come back.

Meera wipes the floor. Urmila asks her to wipe the whole house. Gopi sees Meera wiping flood and gets angry. She asks Meer who asked her to wipe the floor. Urmila says she was just wiping the floor. Gopi says Meera will not work. Urmila says girls haver to learn all this. Gopi says Meera is a kid and has to study than working, she asks her to tell her if she needs any, but she will not let Meer to work. Urmila says it is because of her work thas she is in Modi Bhavan. Madhuben hears that and gets angry on Urmila.

Hetal says Baa that she will compromise with Kokila when she comes back as she does not like Kokila hating her. Baa says her both bahus are mature.

Madhuben says Urmila that she is her grandmother and should treat her like her other grandkids. Urmila says she did not say Meera to work. Kinjal says it is Urmila’s habit to take work from kids like she used to do it to Gopi. Madhuben asks Urmila to mend her ways and goes from there angrily.

Jigar gets a call from Rashi who asks if everything is alright. Jigar says everything is alright and Kokila is talking to panditji. Rashi says she felt bad about today’s incident. Jigar says even he felt bad but they both cannot do anything. He turns back and does not see Kokila there. He gets tensed and starts searching Kokila around the mandir. He calls Ahem and informs about Kokila missing from the temple. Ahem gets tensed and says he will reach temple soon. He informs Hetal and other family members about it. They all get tensed.

Precap: Ahem calls Gopi and informs that Kokila is missing from temple. Gopi gets tensed and informs about it to Kinjal. She says she will also go to temple and search Kokila.

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