Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha does not find Modi family around and and thinks to elope from Modi bhavan. Pappu’s dog starts barking at her. Kokila comes and stops dog and says Radha that she knows she would elope from here, so she has kept Bunty/dog to spy on her and if she tries, dog will bring her bag. Radha gets frightens seeing dog barking on her and runs back to her room.

Hetal asks Kokila if dog will not harm Radha? Kokila says Bunty/dog is trained to safeguard her and will not harm her, let Radha think that it will harm her and be inside house. She says she is worried about Gopi and Ahem’s developing distance and will make them unite again.

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Hetal gets ATM withdrawal SMS of 5000 rs and thinks of asking Dhaval why he is withdrawing money repeatedly. She sees Pappu sad, realizes that he is missing dog and asks him to go and meet dog at Modi bhavan whenever he likes.

At breakfast, Jigar asks about Ahem. Gopi says he went out earl in the morning. Radha comes down and asks Jigar why was he sleeping in children’s room. She starts purposefully praising Rashi to make Jigar feel guilty. Ahem comes home late and just then he receives a courier. Kokila and Gopi ask where was he and why is he tensed. He says he could not finish client’s job on time, so he was scolded. Kokila asks Gopi to go and ask if he had lunch. Gopi goes with water and apologizes Ahem for the mistake she did in the morning, thinking he is angry on her for that. Ahem says he is tensed for some other reason and shows papers of his new project in US and says he has to live in US with her and children to complete this project. She asks if he accepted the project. He says he cannot live without mom. She says even she cannot and says until Radha is here, she cannot leave her family in her clutch. Ahem says he will reject this offer then.

Radha starts praising Rashi to make Jigar feel guilty. Pari says she is right as Rashi was a perfect mother, perfect wife and perfect bahu. She also wants to become like her. Hetal gets happy hearing that. She does not see Kokila around and asks about her. Kokila on the other side thinks she always wanted Ahem to become rich and famous and now he has got a big US project and for that, he has to go with family away from her. She thinks whether to let ahem go away from her and become rich or hold him with her, prays god to show her a right path. Pari scolds Radha that whole family loves Rashi and know how she was, so they don’t need her praise. Radha tries to speak again. Jigar asks her to shut up and walks out of house, Pari follows her.

Kinjal sees Urmila coming from beautiful parlour and asks why is she looking changed today. Urmila taunts her that she can also be more beautiful than her. Kinjal asks Dhaval about 5000 rs withdrawal from his credit card. Dhaval says he did not. She asks to check his wallet. He does not find his wallet and start searching whole house. Urmila silently takes card from her purse and keeps it in Dhaval’s wallet. She asks Dhaval to check his wallet again. He checks and finds credit card in it. Pappu says he saw Urmila taking card from her purse and keeping in Dhaval’s wallet. Kinjal asks Urmila why did she steal money for her beauty parlour bill. Urmila says she has right on her nephew’s money. Kinjal says she cannot steal money and has to ask for it instead. Urmila continues to yell at her. Kinjal says if she does not change, she will send her to jail or old age home.

Jigar sadly tells Pari that he cannot fulfill his responsibility as husband towards her. She says she is okay with the way he is.

Precap: Kokila prays god to show her a way to unite Gopi and Ahem again. She sees children making a mud house and gets a plan.

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  3. Mr.Writer, i really love this serial, but instead of focusing on Ahem and Gopi can u focus on Pari and Jigar and also give a whole bunch of dialogues to Radha.

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