Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari and Jigar’s engagement ceremony starts with both of them exchanging rings. Urmila thinks when she kept ring in her purse, then who tied it in Gopi’s pallu. Radha/Roopmati thinks until she is in Gopi’s house, she will not let her be in peace and reminisces how she stole ring from Urmila’s purse and tied it in Gopi’s pallu.

Kokila takes Gopi to a room and asks why don’t she accept Pari as her devrani when whole house has accepted it. Gopi says she has accepted her already. Kokila says she has to behave well in tomorrow’s function as she has called special guests tomorrow. Gopi agrees.

Jigar cries looking at Rashi’s pic and says he only loves her and then how did he make such a big mistake of sleeping with Pari, he starts slapping himself. Hetal comes there and stops him, she consoles him and says she can understand how much pain he is going through and says sometimes we should live decisions to destiny and says maybe this is best for him, asks him to control himself and leaves. Jigar thinks how did he make such a big mistake, why don’t he remember anything. He goes into flashback where he hugs Pari thinking her as Rashi.

Jigar angrily enters Pari’s room in the morning and slaps her. He says she mixed something in his milk and planned to marry him, says he knows he cannot do such a big mistake. She says let me explain. He says he will not, says she betrayed him and walks out of her room. It is just her bad dream. Her dad wakes her up and says it is just a bad dream and asks what happened. Pari says she feels something wrong will happen. Dad says only good will happen in her life from hereon. Kokila comes and asks Pari to get ready for mehandi ceremony.

Gopi mixes haldi/turmeri to apply on Pari during her haldi ceremony. Roopmati asks if she can help her. Gopi says no. Vidya comes there with paint box and asks her to help her in painting. Gopi says she is busy and sends her out. Vidya leaves, leaving her paint bottles there. Gopi gets Urmila’s call who asks her how can she let Jigar marry Pari, etc. Gopi tries to confront her. Urmila says she does not want to listen to her now as she does not blieve her now. While she is busy talking, Roopmati/ugly Radha mixes paint in haldi and even pours some drops on floor. Kokila asks Gopi to bring haldi and she leaves with haldi bowl.

Kinjal asks Urmila to get ready for Jigar’s haldi ceremony. Urmila says she will not. Kinjal says everyone wants to move forward in life and even Jigar wants to. Urmila walks out angrily saying she will not attend.

Pari gets ready for haldi ceremony. Savita sees Pari’s minimal mehandi and asks why about it. Pari says she likes simple designs. Savita says she proveed her wrong by becoming Modi family bahu. Kokila says she called her for haldi ceremony and not for taunting. Savita continues taunting and says Jigar is lucky to have an unmarried young girl in second marriage. Kokila asks her to either stop taunting or go from there. Savita sits silently. Hetal applies haldi on Pari. Pari says her face is burning and asks what did she mix in it, asks why is she always behind it. Kokila smells haldi bowl and says it smells pain. Gopi also smells it. Ugly Radha smirks in her veil. Gopi says she does not know about this. Pari says she did not she will stoop to this level. Gopi says she did not do anything and asks how can she think she will mix pain in her haldi. Kokila thinks she knows Gopi cannot do any mistake, but some mistake has happen and she will check in kitchen. Ugly Radha smirks and thinks now the real drama will start. Kokila sees paint box in kitchen and asks Gopi why is this bottle in kitchen. Gopi says when she was mixing haldi, Vidya came with this bottle, but she does not know what happened, paint must have fallen by mistake. Kokila says she believes her and asks why did not she check once. Pari says you always do things by mistake. Gopi says she is telling repeatedly that she did not mix paint. Pari says everyone say that Gopi does not lie, but according to her, she always in her case.

Precap: Gopi says Pari if she thinks she is doing mistake purposefully, then she will not attend in any of her marriage functions.

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  1. Noo, Radha please don’t stop the marriage. I know that u r a good actress and please keep on posting updates. This serial is getting better. And pari as always u r looking good.

  2. Please Radha stop this marriage, i can’t watch paridhi’s ugly expressions.

  3. Pari, your expressions are amazing and so r u.

  4. Gopi ji app pari ki saadi ki kisivi function attend mat krna, brna firse app, ugly radha ki bjhse noi mushibtme phas jayengi.

  5. This is the best serial.

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