Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the morning, girl who tresspassed Modi bhavan wakes up and tries to leave, but gets afraid seeing goons outside gate. She thinks to stay in Modi havan itself for sometime. She looks at Modi bhavan carefully and walks in. She stops hearing Sona calling Jai and Veeru to wake up and get ready for school.

Gaura enters Chanda’s room and praises that she did the work which she had brought her in for in this house. She is making her mahrani back and tries to hug. Chanda pushes her and says she gave birth to children and suffered pain, this property is hers now. Gaura shouts. Chanda warns that she will become rani of this house and Gaura will serve her, she did not see fool like Gaura in life. Gaura blindly trusted her and is a big fool. Gaura tries to slap her, but Chanda holds her hand and warns never to hit her, else she will cut her hands. She will not give her a single penny, she should go and beg now.

Jai and Veeru get ready for school. Sona gives them paranthas and they say they will not eat paranthas. Sahir checks their homework book and says they have not done home work. Sona says she told them many times to do their home work. They say only 2 times. Sahir says Sona that she should have checked. Gopi and Urmila walk in. Sona complains that these kids pester her a lot. Gopi gives moral gyaan and makes them eat paranthas. Sona says each day Gopi has to give them gyaan. School bus horns and they both leave for school.

Girl sees everyone busy in living room and walks into kitchen. She picks bottle and takes biscuit and then sees dirty utensils. She cleans them all. Sona from outside says she will prepare dhokla today. Urvashi says khaman dhokla. Girl then runs up into Mona’s room while Mona gets into washroom. Girl thinks palace like house, but not properly cleaned. She thinks she cannot see dirtiness like this, folds Mona’s sari and cleans bed, then walks out. Mona comes out of washroom and sees whole room neat and clean, thinks who did it.

In the evening, Sahir brings Jai and Veeru home. Sona receives them. Jai and Veeru see shadow and points it to Sona. Girl is hiding behind sofa. Sona shows it to Sahir. Sahir asks who is it. They all walk towards shadow and see Urmila eating ice cream silently. Sona scolds her. Girl relaxes. Urmila gives ice cream to Jai and Veeru. Sona scolds them not to take and even scolds Sona. Urmila then asks Jai and Veeru to clean their room as Sona is asking them since many days. Gopi tells Jaggi that he can go to hospital to meet Urvashi and she will go to police station to meet inspector.

Gaura comes to police station to meet Kokila. She says her blood pressure normalizes seeing her. Kokila asks to go away. Gaura laughs that she is a good friend than her, when she was in jail, Kokila never came to meet her, but she is coming regularly. If Kokila rottens in jail whole life, she will come to meet her daily. If she wants to get out of jail, she can tell truth and walk away, but she will not do anything as bombs will explode if she makes this mistake.

Precap: Girl drops turns in kitchen and drops utensils by mistake. Gopi hears it and walks into kitchen. Girl gets tensed seeing Gopi.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Happy Republic day to all Indians.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Same to you Rose?

  2. Mohini Johns Mom

    oh mera nalayak Beta premlal aka John tu kab suderega dadaji ban gaya hai tu ab kamse kam ab to ye saab chod de toda zilmadar ban jaa . ek baae muje aur tera papa ko aane de bachpan me jaise tumhe dade se marte te abhi bhi aise hi marega ruk nalayak.

    1. dadiji bhi aa gyi

  3. Motilal Johns Dad

    Bacho tum ab chinta mat karo tum sab muje Dadaji bula sakte ho . main aur meri biwi mohini ab hamare Beta john ko sahi raste pe leke aayenge .

    1. dadaji ab tk kaha the?

  4. ohoooooo john ki puri family aa gyi pr uski wife ni aayi abhi tk

  5. bs ab to john k son n grandson aane baki h. too much entertainment

  6. Mrs. john bhi aa jaye kash!!!!!!

  7. sowmya ( huge fan of dipika kakar )

    guys after 5 days today i gathered all my courage to open up this page because i was afraid if i will get to read a comment where sunshine group is ended but with god’s grace that did not happen

    and i am extremely sorry that even i thought that it is time to end sunshine group
    and welcome back akshay and mahi
    guys anyways i am busy with my exams praticals entrance tests vivas projects and all so i cannot make lot of comments but i will try to make sure that atleast i comment regularly

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi Soumya our Sunshine group wl never end k ?.

  8. Chithu

    Yeah Akshay our sns forum is becoming entertainment forum. Now John’s wife and son are left to comment here lol

  9. I can Find the New Girl name who will Enter the Modi… If u don’t mind guys can u Tell me The New Girl name…

  10. becoming so boring please end the serial with good finishing

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