Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi says Kokila that Pari is not a bad girl. Kokila says she is wrong. Gopi says she is telling this in front of god again that Pari is a good girl. Kokila says even she used to believe the same, but her eyes have opened now and she sees Pari’s true colours, says soon she will also see Pari’s true colours and will repent.

Pari comes to her room and locks door from inside, thinking what to do to erase her past. She is shocked to see her and Vivan’s intimate pics on wall. Vivan comes from washroom and says they are amazing pics. Pari asks what the hell he is doing and asks him to get out. He says she has not changed and even her perfume and dressing sense are same like before. She asks him again to get out. He says her face revolves around his face always. She says she hates him. He says he loves her so much that she cannot even think of, says he came here only for her and she can imagine what he can do. She pushes him and says he can do whatever he likes, it will not bother her. She tears pics and says everyone knows how much I love Jigar and this is the truth.

Kokila says Pari knows well to manipulate and asks Gopi to stop believing blindly. Gopi thinks when will Kokila believe her. She prays god to help Pari as she helps her.

Pari says Vivan whatever he does, he cannot get her as she loves only Jigar. He says nobody in this house loves her and here value is nil here. He says he left everything and came here from Delhi just for her, but she is behind Jigar whose first wife is already dead and he has 2 wives and 2 kids, so she should leave everything and come with him. She says never. He says then he will tell everyone that she used boys for her entertainment. She says Jigar will soon accept her and asks him not to enter her room even by mistake. He says Jigar does not love you at all and I can tel in front of everyone that I love you so much. He starts shouting. She asks him to stop shouting. He pushes her and vase falls down. Kokila hears sound and knocks door to check. Pari gets tensed. Vivan says if he wants, he can ruin her life now and asks her to think of a good reason to tell it to Kokila. Kokila continues knocking and asks if she is fine. Pari opens door worriedly and turns back, but does not see Vivan. Kokila asks what is happening, why did she shout. She says she is afraid of lizard. Kokila says you are afraid of lizard at least. Pari gets tensed seeing torn pics on floor next to broken vase. Kokila says if she was afraid, she would have called Meethi and asks her to ask Meethi to clean floor. Once Kokila leaves, Vivan comes out and says she is afraid and if he wanted, he would have taken her from here easily, but he wants her to accept him first. He asks her to sleep now, else she will get dark circles and says his name is engrossed in her brain now.

Pari burns torn pics and thinks she loves only Jigar and will not let Vivan snatch Jigar from her. Someone knocks door. Pari throws papers ash in flush and opens door. Kids come and say she was about to make christmas party dresses for them. Pari says tonight she will prepare their constumes. Gopi says Jigar and she will help Pari. Pari, Jigar and Gopi start preparing santa clause costume. Jigar asks her to give an item, but she is engrasped in thoughts. He thinks something is wrong. Gopi takes Meera and Vidya from there to make them sleep. Tolu/molu sleep there itself, and Pari/Jigar carry them to their room. While walking back, Jigar asks Pari if she is okay and says she can share her problems with him, if she is tensed due to Kokila and Ahem, then she should wait until their anger calms down. He holds her hand, wipes her tears and says she does not look good crying. She smiles. Vivan gets angry seeing them.

Precap: Vivan asks Pari to stay away from Jigar, else it will not be good for her.

Update Credit to: MA

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