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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila calls Urmila and asks her to take Paridhi from there. Urmila says she Paridhi is Rashi’s sister and will stay there. She says in this time, when it is difficult to take care of one’s own daughter, it is more difficult to care of other’s daughter. Urmila says when Gopi’s sister Radha can stay there, why can’t Rashi’s sister Pari stay there and cuts call.

Hetal says Gopi she is worried about Jigar as he is going abroad and Pari is behind him. Gopi asks him not to worry and calls jigar. Jigar says he is with Pari. Kokila hears that, takes phone from Gopi and asks why did he take Pari with him. He asks her not to worry and cuts calling saying he is driving.

Jigar and Pari reach temple. Pari excitedly asks if it is the same temple Rashi and he came after their marriage. He says yes. They both sit in front of havan for pooja. Pari then brings garlands and says it is for god. Jigar dorns garld to god.

Urmila comes to Modi Bhavan and greets Kokila. Kokila asks why did she come here. Urmila says she has come to take tolu/molu with her and says she has come with lawyer now. Lawyer comes and says Urmila has claimed Samar and Sahir’s custody legally. He says according to Urmila, Jigar is incapable of taking care of kids, so she needs kid’s custody. Urmila says nobody in the world can stop her from take kids with her. Ahem says she cannot take kids with her and she should take kid’s opinion first. Urmila asks to call Jigar first as she wants to ask his opinion first.

Jigar takes Pari to a roadside panipuri stall. Pari says asks why did he bring her to such unhealthy place. Jigar says he and Rashi used to eat pani puri here and used to compete. Pari says even we will compete now and asks panipuri wala to give her pani puri. She starts coughing due to more chillies in panpuri. Jigar gives her water. She says how Rashi could eat such hot panipuri. Jigar says we used to have panipuri in a nearby park. She says let us go there and enjoy pani puri.

Ahem says Urmila she does not have much income to take care of kids and says she may get 50-60,000 max rent and much of it goes towards maintenance, kids have lived here lavishly and will not adjust to her poor environment. Gopi says tolu/molu stay with their cousin sisters and are habituated to them, so it will be difficult for them stay without them. Kids reach home just then. Hetal says Urmila has come to take them and asks if they want to go. They say the will not go. Urmila says they have brainwashed kids and will get kids with her at any cost.

Jigar and Pari are in a park and Jigar says they have to leave now. Pari says she has made a book of his and Rashi and wants his autograph. Jigar signs on the book. She clashes with a kid and her chain falls in his water glass.

Lawyer scolds Urmila for taking her to modi bhavan without speaking to Modi’s beforehand and asks her 2000 rs as fees. Urmila asks she cannot give so much of fees. He says she will have to go 50,000 rs as his fees if she wants to win the case.

Pari starts acting and calls Jigar worriedly. Jigar reaches her room and she hugs her worriedly and says she saw cockroaches in bathroom. Jigar says she is just like Rashi, goes and checks bathroom and says there is nothing there and to change her clothes. Pari goes to change her clothes.

Gopi says Ahem that Pari and Jigar are together. Hetal comes with Kokila and says she is worried that Jigar is going abroad. Gopi says even Pari is going back home. Jigar and Pari come down and Hetal asks him to change his mind. Pari asks she did not ask him to stay back and jokes she will change things tomorrow. Jigar gets ready to go abroad and comes down.

Precap: Inspector stops Jigar from going abroad and says Pari, whom he married, has filed a complaint against him.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Bakwaas…idiotic…stupid…i had’nt seen this type of things this paridhi got jigars sign on marriage papers without his knowledge …..iss tharake things toh iss idiotic serial may he hothe hai….Writerji……what is this in this serial there will be no progress everyday urmila comes n asks for her grandsons n they will say they won’t give same story it won’t move even a bit….writerji do u want any help from us if so we will come n push it just like we’ll push a car which has a starting problem….. I am losing my patience….. Bhagwan….yeh kya Hai it is not even more than ten days since Rashi’s death this jigar has gone for date with that “OVER ACTION QUEEN”……..I can’t bear her over action kokila plz kick her…..anyone plz kick her out…plz…..the precap is looking horrible man……

  2. Telly Updates✏️

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    Reason: Using site name without permission.

    1. Thank you telly for the quick response….

  3. I Dont like paridhi

    Yes u r absolutely right Lokeshwari…. This precap is looking very horrible…. This paridhi is very disgusting…. Idiot…as u said Over action Queen…..

  4. these writers are killing the story. They dont have a story we are ready to help. If they read even one comment of ours they will get more good ideas but they dont read it. Is Jigar going to be the scapegoat in getting cheated in marriages. First Rashi now Pari. This story is like. Gopi is crying always, Urmila’s is troubling, Hetal is Madam cool come what may, nowadays have a crying look nothing beyond that. Kokila Shouting match, Ahem is mostly angry very rarely he has some expression, Jigar is harrassed and cheated into marriage by women, Parag and Chirag dont have dialogues they are mute spectators in the family. This is what Saath Nibhana Saathiya is and we dont expect more from writers who dont know to write a proper story. If you knew to write a story you would know the start and would give a proper ending instead of this rubber band streching which is going to brk.

  5. Why does the writer present jigar as a dumb character. They could have started a new plot instead of trying to replace Rashi. Y can’t they end this serial….its become so boring…

  6. I truly agree wid ol des ppl itz bcm stupid!!

  7. Telly Updates

    Sorry people I had to remove that comment becaz that was about many bad things…I want to apologise. .Please forgive me…else I will kill myself

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