Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari says Jigar that one day he will accept her for sure. He gets irked and asks why did she come to his room. She says she wanted to know about navratri festival, hugs and kisses him and leaves. Jigar thinks this girl has ruined my life.

Urmila remembers Rashi and cries holding her pic. She hears sound outside, goes to check and is shocked to see Kinjal and Dhaval bringing god’s idol for navratri pooja with chawl neighbours. She stops them and asks Kinjal how dare she is to bring god’s idol for navratri festival and asks her to take it from there. Kinjal says she does not need her permission and she will celebrate festival. Urmila asks how can she forget Rashi so easily who was her nanad and bhabhi both. Kinjal says she wants to celebrate festival for Rashi’s sake as she would not like us being sad.

Urmila refuses to go anywhere and says she can’t attend the function. Dhaval says, all the chawl people want to celebrate the festival. Madhuben asks Urmila to do the darshan and her anger will be lowered. Urmila gets angry. Kinjal says, we didn’t come here to hear your taunts. We came here to invite you for the darshan. Urmila says, tomorrow you will do the garba too. Kinjal says, no. She asks Madhu and Kinjal to come with her.

Paridhi is following Gopi. Gopi comes to the shop and thinks she is taking it home to make kids’ happy. She thinks she didn’t inform Kokila and Hetal. Pari thinks she has to do something to stop Gopi. She asks some woman to do her work and pays money. Gopi sits in her car. That woman asks Gopi to buy her stuff and purposely slips her stuffs. She engages Gopi in her talks while Paridhi changes the Garbo cleverly. That woman leaves.

Madhuben does the aarti of the goddess. Urmila hears the bhagan. All the chawl members sing with Madhuben. Urmila comes down. Kinjal is happy to see her. Urmila’s husband too comes there. Urmila folds her hands and is teary eyed. She apologizes to the goddess.
Kids asks Kokila if they don’t bring Garbo home. Kokila tells them that she can understand that they want to celebrate Navrati Puja and says we will not celebrate Navratri. Gopi comes and syas we will celebrate Navratri for sure. Kokila is shocked. Gopi apologizes to everyone and says she did this in memory of Rashi and for kids’ happiness. She uncovers the garbo and sees ball instead. She gets shocked.

Hetal and Kokila appreciate her efforts. Gopi is about to say when Paridhi comes with the Garbo. Paridhi tells them that she brought the Garbo. Kids get happy and recall Rashi. Kokila gets angry on Paridhi. Kids say they want to see Garbo. Hetal asks them to go inside. Kokila shouts at Paridhi and says you did a mistake. Paridhi asks, what did I do? She says, I didn’t do any mistake and tries to prove that she is right. Hetal tells her that if someone dies in the house then they don’t celebrate the festival for one year. Paridhi says, customs can be changed. Kokila asks her to stop. Gopi tells Kokila that she wants to say something. She says, I think Paridhi is right. Paridhi smiles. Gopi says, Rashi behen liked this festival very. Baa agrees with Gopi. Kokila and Hetal agree. Paridhi smiles. Gopi looks at her. Paridhi goes to place it in the inhouse temple, but Gopi stops her. She asks her to keep the garbo there.

Paridhi asks Urmila not to forget their real plan. She says, I will get your grand sons to you.

Update Credit to: MA

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