Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th June 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th June 2013 Written Update

Koki stops the workers from leaving and asks them if they know anything about Rashi..they shake their head. Koki warns that if they come to know that they are responsible for Rashi’s disappearance then she will not forgive them and adds that they cannot leave the house till Rashi is found. The first carpenter’s wife tries to interrupt but Koki tells them to do as she says. Jigar tells Ahem that they should inform the police as it’s too late and Hetal agrees. Ahem is about to call but Meethi runs in telling Koki that there are weird noises coming from outside..she cries that there is a ghost. Ahem asks from where and Meethi answers from behind the new wall. Koki says “Rashi” in shock and all run out. Rashi is trying to break the wall with the coconut and bricks start coming out. Rashi breaks open and all watch in shock as she emerges from behind the wall. The carpenter panics and asks the mason. But he whispers that he does not know anything. Rashi runs out and kisses her baby. Koki asks her what happened and Gopi asks how she landed up there. Rashi goes and searches for her phone from the bricks. She finds it and Koki asks her again. Rashi says she was right and shows her the video. The carpenters look scared and the others are shocked. Rashi repeats that she was right and these carpenters are thieves and nobody was ready to believe her so she made this recording. But she slipped there and these people trapped her behind the wall to save themselves. Koki is about to shout at them but they fall at her feet and started begging for forgiveness. Koki shouts at them to stop shedding crocodile tears and blame them for trying to kill Rashi. But the carpenters say they did not do it. Ahem shouts at them to shut up and refuses to believe them and is about to call the cops. Urmi blames them too but the carpenters apologize again. Koki tells them that if they are truly sorry she will give them another chance. But if they steal they will land up in jail. She tells them to promise they will not steal again and return whatever they have stolen. She warns them to finish all the work the same day. They agree and leave. Hetal jokes that the way Rashi has investigated and proved the carpenters’ guilt, it is proved that she is more like Koki’s DIL than hers. Koki smiles and Rashi is pleased.

RaJi room
Jigar tells Rashi that he was very scared and hugs her. But then she broke the wall and came out and Rashi laughs. Rashi asks what if she died then he would have married again? Jigar is about to say that after tolerating her but then changes the topic as Rashi gives him a threatening look. He starts praising the room decor. Rashi says that they will put up their babies photograph on the wall. Hetal comes with milk for her and Rashi thanks her. Gopi walks in with Meera holding a cell phone and gives Rashi medicine. Meera gives Rashi the phone and starts clapping. Rashi cribs that Meera has given her a new work of recording and Jigar says that she knows her maasi has done such a good job with recording. Rashi sees the video Meera recorded of the carpenters and shows it to Gopi. Gopi remembers that she was about to see the video. Hetal says happily that it means that Meera got the proof first. Rashi takes Meera in her arms, praises her and calls her a good detective. She mock scolds her that she should have shown it before only and she would not have had to go through so much trouble. Meera says sorry (hate that dubbed voice!).

KinWal and Urmi get of the car in RN and Dhawal thanks Koki for dropping them home. Koki leaves and Kinjal tells Urmi that they are going for movie as they cannot stay at home without electricity. She warns Urmi to resolve the issue or she will tell the truth to all the chawl residents.

Koki is on her way in the car and notices Urmi’s purse in the car. She tells the driver to take her back to RN as Urmi forgot her purse. Urmi enters the chawl and says she is not scared of Kinjal. The chawl residents complain about the seepage as Koki walks in and she overhears. She asks them what happened and the chawl ladies tell her everything. They ask her to find a way. Koki tells them that she cannot interfere but advises them to find out which house kitchen is linked to electricity wires and put paint of different colours on each link. Whichever colour water starts seeping, it will show whose house seepage it is. The ladies appreciate her help and thank her. Urmi overhears and is angry with Koki.

MM – next day
The carpenters return the stolen things to Modis in the hall area. They tell Koki that they have finished all the work and thank her for not giving them away to cops. Koki stops them and pays them and they leave. Koki thanks God that the work is over and Hetal says that atleast their house looks better. Rashi agrees but brags that her room looks the best. She stops when she notices Koki’s glare and covers up by saying that her room looks good too. Koki asks Ahem if he liked his room furniture and Baa says that Ahem always wants the best for his room. Ahem smiles and Koki tells him that they had to change his room furniture as Meera got hurt and Meera nods cutely. Gopi tells Meera to return Rashi’s phone but she shakes her head. Koki says that she will return it. Meera spills food while eating and Gopi takes her to their room to change her frock. Gopi puts Meera’s frock for washing in bathroom as Meera watches. She tells Meera that it’s her new frock and she will have to wash it immediately or the stain will not go. She tells her to come out of the bathroom but Meera does not want to go. Gopi laughs that they cannot stay in the bathroom and brings her out. Gopi goes to get a frock for Meera from the cupboard and Meera goes back to the bathroom and dumps the phone in soap water. Ahem comes and asks Gopi where is Meera. Gopi replies she must be in the bathroom and adds that she is very naughty. Ahem comes to the bathroom and asks Meera sweetly if she is playing in water. He sees that she has dumped a cell phone in soap water. He laughs and tells Meera that she dumped Rashi’s phone in water. He picks Meera and she starts crying. He brings her out and Gopi asks what happened. Ahem jokes that Meera is her daughter only; she had washed his laptop and Meera washed a phone. Gopi looks worried but Ahem smiles. He takes the frock from Gopi and tells her he will make Meera wear it. He leaves the room and Gopi remembers how she washed Ahem’s laptop. She also remembers how Ahem had shouted at her and declared that she washed away all his hard work along with the laptop. Gopi decides that Meera will not be like her mother and she will not allow it.

Koki comes out to the main hall from the kitchen and hears Meethi checking the laundry. Baa tells Meera to tell Gopi to get tea for her. Hetal tells Koki that Gopi went out and Koki complains how could she go when there is so much work. Rashi joins them and complains about some work she gave to Gopi. Koki scolds her to do her work herself. Gopi returns and tells Koki that she got books and colours for Meera. Koki praises her but then asks Hetal if Meera is too young for this. Hetal agrees that she is just one year old. Gopi agrees but says that she took years to start studying but does not want Meera to lag behind like her. Koki looks at her proudly and says that she did the right thing. Meera is very young so she can learn while playing.

SB is in MM with her grand-daughter having tea with Koki. She brags that her DIL knows English so her grand-daughter will also know. Her grand-daughter says something but SB tells her to repeat in Hindi as Meera did not understand anything. Koki looks annoyed. Gopi overhears and looks worried.

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