Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi asks Jaggi if he thinks Kokila is doing all this. He says he is sure Kokila will not and there is some reason behind it. A woman is seen running with gons following her. She hides behind tree. Gooons search her around. Gopi tells Jaggi that she is worried and thinks Kokila is in big trouble. Jaggi asks her to pray god for Kokila’s safety and goes to bring water. Girll runs and clashes with Gopi. Gopi falls and scolds if she cannot walk properly. RGirl runs away. Jaggi returns and Gopi tells a girl was running in bridal dress and she seems to be in trouble. Girl hides under truck and truck moves. Goons start following her again. Jaggi tells Gopi that girl must have been jogging, else she would have gone into police station. They both get into car. Girl hides in dickie. Jaggi drives car. Goons see her dupatta outside dickie and discuss to find out where the car left, else they will be ashamed.

Jaggi and Gopi reach home. Jaggi says he heard some sound from dickie, something must have broken. He checks dickie and finds nothing. They both walk inside. Girl is seen hiding near car and entering Modi bhavan. Jaggi asks Gopi to go and pray and himself goes in. Gopi does aarti with Urmila standing behind. Sona hears sound and checks near door and does not find anyone. Gopi’s hand slips and Jaggi holds aarti thali on time. They both perform aarti. Girl watches hiding near door. Jaggi asks Sona to take her maaji/Gopi and feed her food as she is very weak. Sona takes Gopi in. Urmila says Gopi is very tensed and she will get more weak. Jaggi asks not to worry, god will protect his disciple Gopi. Girl continues watching hiding near door.

Gaura asks Dharam why did he sign property papers in Chanda’s name, they will come on road. Vidya says papaji did right, property is not important than Meera, once they get back Meera, they can tackle Chanda. Gaura says she will pray god.

Girl adds oil in temple lamp. Hey Mohan girdhari…song…plays in the background. Girl’s face is shown. She cleans temple steps with her dupatta and bomb is on the other side of stair.

Gaura gets into her room on wheelchair, locks door and starts dancing and singing. She laughs that whole property will be in her name again she will rule everything again. She imagines Dharam feeding her grapes. Meera as maid sweeps floor and Vidya presses Gaura’s feet. Gaura scolds Meera to sweep floor properly and scolds Vidya to press legs properly. She throws grape on Shravan and orders to swing fan properly. She laughs that everyone is her servant now. She comes out of flashback and laughs that there is not much time left to become Rani saheba from Baaji. She calls jeweler and orders diamond set and to get precious diamond sets around the world every week, etc.. and continues laughing.

Girl prays god and sleeps on temple steps.

Precap: Girl wakes up and silently tries to leave. She opens door, gets tensed seeing goons outside gate, and returns back.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Who is that girl?

  2. Saat Nibana Satiya is having twist after twist. Hoping for Guara to be caught andsent to the gallows instead her evil deeds are progressing serial after serial.

    now new girl is brought in to the serial and dragging it further. guess this story will never end fast.

    please get rid of Chanda and guara the evil greedy woman from this serial and show a happy ending for Meera, Dharam. kids, Modi family, vidya and shavan etc.

    dont drag this serial for long. getting bored

  3. Hey Sunshine group don’t underestimate the power of a Servant I am not a young man and not a old man i am middle aged man I come here to talk to my love Leila criticise serial&sunshine Group

    1. Isaaq

      Not trying to defend you or anything but all servants are gawars and they can’t afford to have internet. Therefore I will not believe that you are a servant.

    2. Isaaq,

      What a 19th century idea?

      No work is bad as it helps someone take care of family. An educated person may not be able to get n end up working as a servant. An immigrant has to restart from scratch as his / her degree is not recognized in new country and he does not have time or resources to take care of it. People can work as servant as fortune chages.

      At times people’s situation change and

    3. Jasminerahul

      I live in Bahrain.I have an Indian servant and she has internet in her phone

    4. Isaaq

      And you don’t even know Leila and you claim you love her??? Don’t use the word ‘love’ if you don’t know the meaning. Love is compassion and sacrifice. All you are doing is being a disgusting pig and going after girls online.

    5. Hey sunshine group don’t underestimate the power of a Servant I am not a young man and not a old man I am middle aged man I come here to talk to my love Leila criticise serial&sunshine Group

    6. how many accounts u have? is she ur mom king john?

    7. king john leila is not taking ur name i guess it is oneside love. m i right?

    8. Chithu

      Yes and I don’t understand y Leila is not complaining. He talks all nonsense about her. May be leila is also another account John Is operating

  4. Isaaq

    I know guys that I’ve said that the love story has ended but it hasn’t. I was being stupid listening to others. I have full faith in him and I know he will never do anything bad at all. If God can protect him on my request, then I fully believe that he is innocent

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      I think others are misguiding you about ur lover . Its better u meet him personally and clear misunderstanding.

    2. Isaaq

      Yh I share a very special relationship with him. I share a soul connection that goes beyond physical connection. I know him fully well and I know he is innocent. My heart tells me he is a very good person.

      You know how special our bond is? I can sense him when he’s nearby and he can also sense me. He can feel my presence when I’m near him and I can also feel his presence. Our bond is spiritual which is why I love him. We can’t stop loving each other because we have been one soul since we were born. I was born exactly a month after him. Our rishta is something special that rare people experience.

      I’m trusting my heart and I believe he is innocent?

    3. Isaaq i want ur love story should be complete otherwise my faith on love will be end.

  5. Hi all Sunshine friends.Episode is OK.Gaura’s dream sequence is hilarious.

  6. Because of long dragging, this serial is pretty messed up. illogical ideas.

    1. but u will not leave to watch to sns. it is proved ur affection toward serial. u r true fan john uncle.

  7. Boss(Siddarth)

    Gaura’s return has made this family drama much more interesting and spicy.

    In the upcoming story it will be seen that Chanda has gone against Gaura.

    She has decided that she will expose Gaura’s evilness before Vidya.

    Vdya-Dharam shocked as Gaura gets up from her wheelchair

    So she attempts to tell Gaura’s truth to Vidya but she refuses to believe her.

    Chanda holds her hand and requests to believe her but she does not believes her, she asks Chanda to leave her hand.

    Just then Dharam comes there, he asks Chanda to leave Vidya’s hand but she does not leaves and pushes Dharam.

    Gaura gets up from the wheelchair to save Dharam from falling, everyone gets shocked seeing this.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

    1. thnk u sid for update

    2. Chithu

      Thanks for updates Sid. It will be interesting to c how Gaura will respond to this. Her next target will be Chanda. Chanda has already taken sign from Dharam on property papers. Surely Gaura is not going to spare Chanda

  8. Riana

    OMG!!…Even Gaura’s re entry didnt took so much time…These episode was lovely…The girl’s entry was Superb!!!…

  9. Yes gaura does dream werid things!

  10. Hi sunshiners gaura dreams are always funny

    1. hi rani gaura dream is as same as mugerilal k haseen sapne

  11. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends, first of all, I’m really sorry, because of net problem i couldn’t comment. I was very hurt by reading previous updates comments. Welcome back, akshay Bhai. So guys, We should face evil. We should defeat evil. Because of Aisha and swastika, we were going to break group, sorry, its not our group, infect, its our family, lovely family of sun shiners. Episode was so interesting today. I guess, CVS are going to take leap. Thank god. Isaaq di, I’ve question, I read in previous update comments, that your lover’s name is Adam. And I saw in Gopi destiny season 1, The man who played role of Rashi jr’s husband, his name was also Adam, please tell me, either its somehow related to each other, I’m attractive to know it, please…. OK guys, Have a nice sleep. Take care.

    1. Isaaq

      Yh when I was thinking of Rashi jr husband name, Adam was the first name that came up in my head. Both are related yep.

    2. thank u shakaib. again leap???

  12. Hi sunshiners

    Your group rocks! Can I join?

    1. Isaaq

      Sure welcome

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Welcome to Sunshine group ?.

    3. Welcome guru

    4. Welcome guru

    5. Chanu how r u maa remember me??

    6. Chithu

      Welcome Guru

  13. Who is this n Wat she want with modi family n I think Chanda will turn on gaura once she get the property rights n her name

    1. i guess girl will be girlfriend of gopi’s son

    2. hey Leila darling plz reply me my love . Roop tera mastana aur mei deewana pyar kahi tumse na ho jaye.

  14. Debasmita Sinha

    Guys please go to the wiki page.

    1. kis liye?

  15. Episode went good but who is this girl and the bomb timer was shown 12 hrs wat are hoping and jaggi upto they somehow have to find the bomb. What do u say guys. Good morning Sid Bhai isaaq rose sowmya chithu Priyanka Leila shakaib riana and rani Akshay Bhai no comment??

    1. good afternoon mahi. actually i slep early so couldn’t reply. take care of ur health dear

    2. Sure Bhai and thanks for ur concern

    3. Boss(Siddarth)

      Good afternoon Mahi hw is ur health now.

    4. Chithu

      Hi Mahi. I think she will find the bomb and alert family members

  16. Episode was good guys..I think gopi finds her in the morning

  17. Hi Good morning Sunshine friends.

  18. Hi Mahi .How are you?I am also from Andhra Pradesh.

    1. From which place rose???

  19. Welcome to our Sunshine group Guru.

  20. hey sid chithu i guess grey john n pink john r not same. grey john is original

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi Akshay it might b same john coz he always used to comment in different ID’s .

    2. Chithu

      I also think original is grey one. Original one criticise sns and our group and appreciate all vamps. Pink one is only talking nonsense

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