Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi informs Kokila about Pari hiding cat and then getting a new one. Kokila gets annoyed hearing that and says Pari broke her belief and will be punished. Pari finds cat in balcony and gets it, thinks of getting it in via kitchen window. Kokila thinks of telling truth to Savita. Just then Savita comes with her cat. Kokila says maybe this is not her cat. Savita says she was telling this from such a long time and starts alleging Kokila. Pari hides real cat in kitchen and gives it milk to drink, then shows milk to fake cat and exchanges it with real one, and then takes it back in front of everyone.

Pari says Kokila that she should not tell sorry to Savita. Kokila says she made a mistake, so she is apologizing Savita. Pari asks what did she do. Kokila says Gopi told you exchanged Savita’s cat. Pari says she did not and asks Savita to call shop owner, says Gopi is lying. Kokila asks her dare not to allege her Gopi bahu as she does not tell lie. Pari says gopi is jealous of me as you like me more than her. Shop owner comes, checks cat and says Savita it is same cat which he sold to her. Pari gets happy while everyone are shocked. She asks Savita to take her cat and go from there and says Kokila that she proved that she was not lying. Kokila gets angry on Gopi thinking she lied instead. Pari laughs seeing that.

Neighbours ask Kinjal to convince Urmila to perform navratri pooja. Kinjal asks them to prepare for the pooja while she will convince Urmila. Urmila sees neighbours with Kinjal and gets back into her home angrily. Dhaval says he will speak to Urmila as he promised chawl neighbours. Kinjal says she will handle it and says this is the best time to get Urmila out of her shock.

Kids say Pari that tomorrow is Navratri festival holiday for them and says Rashi mamma used to love this festival and get sad. Gopi also gets sad hearing kid’s words. Madhuben calls her and informs about Urmila not allowing chawl people to perform Navratri pooja in her chawl. Gopi says even she is sad, but will perform pooja. Pari hears her conversation and says she wants to ask her something. Gopi says if she wants to tell lie again and says with today’s drama, she is tired of her. Pari thinks of finding herself about the pooja.

Hetal shows Kokila that though we are not performing Navratri pooja, we can at least pray god. Kokila says she is remembering Rashi a lot. Hetal sees Pari dancing and says she is a specimen. Kokila says that is the reason she wants to associate her with Jigar so that Jigar can life normal and happy life. Gopi says kids they can enjoy today and play whatever they like. Vidya says let us prank Pari. Gopi asks her not to think of that. Pari asks kids if they want to exercise with her in garden. Kids happily agree. Pot seller comes with a pooja pot and asks where is Rashi. Gopi gets sad and leaves with Kokila and Hetal following her. Meethi informs pot seller about Rashi’s demise and asks her to take back pooja pot.

Urmila looks at Rashi’s pic and says she used to celebrate navratri for 9 days and cries remembering her. Pari sees Jigar busy looking at Rashi’s garba video and asks if she can dance like Rashi. Jigar says she is not even closer to rashi’s nails and asks her to walk off. Pari says she can cross Rashi and says she wants him. Jigar gets irked hearing that and asks her to come out of her dreams, says he loves his Rashi and will love her forever.

Precap: Kids ask Urmila if they will not celebrate navratri. She says no, but Gopi says they will celebrate.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Paridhi….u b*t*h….dont try to become rashi……

  2. I totally agree with you rashmi because rashi was a better person miles away than you

  3. Pari, you are miles away from Rashi. Can never become one. Urmila can pretend she’s sad but more hard up for jewellery and money which she will get from supporting The Paridhi the trouble maker… still reading the updates, not Ever watching IF Pari gonna be there with this families.

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