Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi sees Meera’s dupatta on wall and thinks she is very near to Meera. She prays god to let her meet her daughter soon. Meera on the other side hears Radha’s pleas and goes to help her. Radha thinks Tripti is helping her and thanks her while Meera pulls her up from cliff with a rope. Tripti sees Kokila sitting on the ground subconscious and thinks she should kill Kokila first and then kill Meera. She sees an electric pole and thinks of electrocuting Kokila, so that nobody should think it is a murder.

Gopi, Ahem, Jigar, Rashi go in search of Meera and Kokila calling their names.

Meera pulls Radha up from a cliff with a rope. Tripti pushes the electric pole on Kokila and electric wire falls on Kokila electocuting her while Tripti laughs seeing that. Kokila calls maa/god and falls unconscious. Meera sees that and calls daadi. Radha sees it was Meera who helped her and hides her face while Meera runs towards Kokila. Rashi and Gopi hear Meera’s voice and run toward hear. Tripti holds Meera’s hair and says she killed Kokila and now she will kill her also. Radha thinks it is good Tripti is killing Meera as she must have seen her. She hears Gopi’s voice and runs from there with Tripti. Meera sees Radha running.

Gopi and Rashi reach Meera and ask if she is fine hugging her. Meera says Kokila got an electric shock. Gopi and Rashi are shocked to see Kokila on ground unconscious. Gopi runs towards Kokila when Rashi stops her and removes wire from Kokila with a stick. She gets a call from Jigar and informs him about her location and finding Meera and Kokila. Jigar gets happy and says he will come there soon. Gopi starts crying and says god that she brought Kokila to her alive and wants to take back alive, so she will bring Kokila to her. She and Rashi carry Kokila towards the temple and asks Meera to inform Ahem and Jigar to come there. Ahem and Jigar reach there and get worried hearing that Kokila got an electric shock. Ahem pleads nearby people to call the doctor. People there say they don’t know where doctor is but sugget to take Kokila to a temple.

Jigar gets Hetal’s call who asks about Kokila and Meera. Jigar cuts the call saying he will talk to her later. They all take her to temple. Gopi prays god to get Kokila well. Kokila wakes up and sees god’s idol in front of her. She remembers the incident before her accident, Tripti trying to kill her and she hitting her head on stone and falling unconsious. She calls Meera loudly.

Precap: Kokila gets back memory and recognizes Gopi, Rashi, Jigar, Ahem. She says she wanted to protect Meera from 2 cruel women.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Yaaa finally lokeshwariji comments gt true n koki gt memory,I think so bcs of ur comments n scoldngs writer gave her memory back

  2. please end this serial and start part 2 with new team and new faces.

  3. jai mata di, a 11 year old can pull a women . any how i think now atleast koki’s memory is back . Now what will this gajni do to others let us see.

  4. i feel guilty after insulting them so bad im sorry SNS
    but i love Anju as i’m a lesbian

  5. What a relief now since koki get her memory back stop this stupid drama n those people r also out of mind who they r giving kokila award what the hell

  6. Omg finally sooo happy cant cant tmrz episode yayyy

  7. Yes right. Poor script.story only for gobi and rahi. All men have bangles in their hands

  8. oh….finaly,kokila is getting her memory…hurey….!!!!

  9. Koko moti kahin ki koi tu acha kam karo…gopi over actor….meera u stupid…say the truth meera what you saw and meera when u were near to see radha then u ran away…stupid,,,idiot…weeping beauties

  10. Radha doesnot think that meera has saved her….instead of thanking or hugging to meera she is trying to kill her…writers are helping villains

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