Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd July 2017 Written Episode Update Episode Analysis

The Episode starts with Ricky walking at the corridor. Sona stops him and gives him a smile. Rickt thinks why sona bhabhi is smiling at me. Later Sahir comes to him and they both takes Ricky Downstairs. Gopi and Jaggi are shown trying to hide something with a red cloth. Ricky looks on. Later they unveils the red cloth and 8 girls are shown wearing bridal attire. Ricky stuns seeing this. Gopi says to Ricky that if your love is true then you can easily find Sita from 80 girls instead of 8 girls. Ricky tries his best to find sita. Atlast he catches a girl and says Sita always wears mogra. Family tenses. Ricky says but you are not Sita. Suddenly he unveils a girl turns to be Sita. Modis gets glad. Sita asks shying how did he catched her. Ricky says for identifying you i dont have to see your jewellery. Sita smiles. He sits on his knees and gives her the marriage proposal. Sita happily accepts his proposal and hugs him tightly. Deewangi awaargii plays…Family gets glad seeing them and pours rose petals on them.


The Modi Mansion is shown beautifully decorated with Red Flowers and blue decors. Family brings Ricky and Sita downstairs. At stairs, Ricky was mesmerised seeing Sita’s beauty and he was about to slip but sita holds her. Gopi says both of your married life started with a good sign one falling and one holding. They finally comes downstairs and stands at the mandap.

Gopi says Jaggi that she had booked two tickets for honeymoon of Ricky and Sita and the destination is Maldives. Jaggi jokes if siblings are going then parents should also go fior Mathura trip. Gopi says first let get there children married. Jaggi murmurs. They both comes near the mandap. Modis and Suryavanshis are shown pouring flowers on Ricky and Sita. Saath Nibhana Saathiya title track plays…

Later they takes seven oaths, he applies vermillion on her hairline and wores her mangulsutra. Finally they gets married and takes elder’s blessings and hugs youngsters. Later Ricky says that he is very thankful to god that he got such a large family. Urmilla says this is not large at all there rest of the family members are absent. Ricky says ofcourse i know nani and says about Baa…Hetal…Chirag…Jigar…Paridhi…Mona..Samar…Kinjal…Dhaval…

Kokila says about each of the family of the members who are absent. Parag says that he missed baa in this wedding. Kokila says baa would be very to see her 3rd generation. Urmilla suddenly recalls Rashi’s face and weeps. Kokila ask her what happened ??. Urmilla says that she is missing Rashi. Gopi emotionally says that if Rashi ben was here she would run after each and every family member to look after generation. Kokila says in this Modi Bhavan there are lots of moments hidden inside each and every part of this house and she thanks Lord Krishna. Gopi and kokila recalls the Golden moments if their life. Kokila says Gopi after so many time i want to call you as “Gopi Bahu”. Gopi eagers to hear this word from kokila. She calls her “Gopi Bahu” finally we are able to keep our family happy and united. Gopi says i actually learnt all these from you and i thanks kanhaji to give me such a mother in law who is more than mother for her. Kokila too thanks god to give such a daughter in law like Gopi. Cameraman says so kokila ji you all should take a family photo. Kokila nods yes. Later Entire family gathers for a photo. Sita and Ricky are shown at middle and everyone smiling looking at the camera. Meera says to cameraman that you should take the family pic in a wide angle lens else it will not come in a single photoframe. Dharam says to carry baby also. Meera says to sita soon you will also carry this sita bhabhi. Sita smiles. Title track plays. Family pic is taken.

Finally Our Saath Nibhana Saathiya Ends on a Happy Note after a long journey of approximately 8 years.

  1. Will miss u saathiya…?Even missing JigRa

    1. VINAL

      same here

  2. Will miss it……but happy that it ended finally……..happy that they remembered Rashi and other family members though……i thought they just kid of disappeared….though i would have been happy if they came in this epi……happy with the ending……though i wished to see a meera-ricky-vidya moment……but happy……..another wish was that thry should have shown rashi in the end concluding the show (like nana ji in pkdh)……gonna miss u SNS ❤❤❤

    1. Riana

      Yah true Dia…I am also happy that it ended else cvs would ruin it more…but still cant believe that saathiya ended !…???

    2. Siddharth

      Ya dia they never showed ricky meera Vidya bro sis moments

  3. Siddharth

    Very nice update Raina??. Our favourite serial ended today??. Finally happy ending Ricky and Sita got married ?. But I don’t know why maker’s ended the serial so hurriedly bcoz they don’t even bring old actors back for last episode also Baa hetal chirag Jigar paridhi Mona Dhaval kinjal.

    1. Riana

      Thnkuu Sid…actually TU said me that it will take a bit long time to give episodic written updtes thats why i got the idea to write the written updt analysis…??

    2. Good job….thanks

    3. KAN

      Good job…..u did it very nicely…

  4. Maldives❤ my country

  5. Siddharth

    Friends u remember in zee tv’s pavitra rishta serial was also famous like SNS and it had 2 generation leaps but when it ended in 2014 in last episode they brought all characters back and last episode was 2 hours.
    But in SNS last episode also was not of 2 hours even from 7 years being in top 10 position.

    1. Riana

      Actually Sid Star plus has became in showing all these campaigns (though its defintely good)…but i thought that today episode will be of 1 hr. But no that bizarre show yhm came between…????

    2. Riana

      One thing is They actually wanted to bring to entire cast but bcoz of star plus’s tantrums they ended it !…And I saw an interview were the whole saathiya cast Hetal…Radha…Rashi n gaura n most of the absent cast were present…??????

    3. Siddharth

      Ya riana I also saw gaura rashi hetal ?and their photos

    4. Chithu

      It would have been nice if they appeared for last episode but no such luck.

  6. Riana

    I got tearry eyed seeing today’s episode…Still cant believe that Saathiya has ended.

    1. Siddharth

      Ya wen I got the news that SNS is ending I thought its fake news I expected that at least next 1 year SNS wl run but today it ended I am very sad. No kokila’s baas dialogue no gopi’s Gyan Jaggi’ urmila comedy parag and chirag’s silence and their expressions ??

  7. I will miss saathiya so much, i was regular viewers of saathiya, the end part of saathiya made me cry when everyone remember rashi, saath nibbhana saathiya will be the best show for me always, i will miss every cast of the show , saathiya family ios awesome family.saath nibbhana saathiya will be always in my heart, hope they bring saathiya season 2 with the same cast, will miss jaggi, gopi, jigar, rashi, pari, meera, dharam,vidya, shravan, sona, sahir, samar, mona, kinjal, dhaval, pappu, jai, veeru, priyal, ahem, medha. will miss the whole entire cast very badly.

  8. Riana

    ??????????????????Finally My Modi n Suryavanshi family???? got rid of vamps n villains ???????….Now comes to episode it just THE BESTEST EPISODE OF SAATHIYA …

    Ricita scene was trully trully sooo amazing that i cant say…????…

    Kokila n Gopi’s bonding was defined well !…

    Gogi scene ??…Tooooo hilarioussss…????…

    Wedding n dheera scenes at last…????????…

    Urmilla’s funny words will still poke me….?????….

    Parag’s silence was just ???????..

    Finally all members r in just peace…

    Oh Honeymoon shoneymoon in MALDIVES …it proves that Modis r epic Rich !…loool…???????…

    Still Saathiya will remain in saathiya…????????????❤️???…



    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Riana… love vamps!!! lol girl.
      Love Camera man, script writer, designer, spot boys, director, producer and entire cast. Say it loud..yaar.

    2. Riana

      Loool…i felt vamps should also get some credits ??…

  9. Aastha_Reddy

    Finally… it ended happily. Hey team give us marriage feast yaar. I never watched it but today I saw for its happy ending in storyline.

    1. Riana

      Yah already they packed up…no marriage feast for us ???

  10. Riana

    Plus i will too thanx writers…producers…director….n all cast n crew…

    That they brought such an amazing show which changed many of our lives !…(no words to say but still)…Hats off to writter…

    Also unhappy with some sequences which were stupid…useless…brutal but one thing brilliant n that is they showed SO MUCH UNITY IN THIS SHOW…I had saw so many shows were family were ruined like out ekta kapoor’s shows Matsh…Yhm..Kb…pardes (which was really my favourite)…hmmmkkk thnx to ekta for destroying that show…

    But for one thing i will defintely miss saathiya bcoz of its thrilling cum hard bonded plots…????

    1. Nandhini

      Woww sooperbb description Riana dear????

    2. Riana

      Nandi finally u r backkk…pls comment ??

  11. Very much miss this show….
    Rashi urmila ki kalakari..
    Gopi ka bholapan..
    Kokila ki bhari jwellry..& bhari avaj
    Ahem jigar ka pyar…
    Rashi ka music dhin dhin tana dhin dhin…..
    Gopi ki progress ….& till the end……

  12. Isaaq

    I can’t believe it’s ended???

    I’m going to miss Saathiya so much. Gopi reminded me of so much of my story. I grew up during my teenage years watching Gopi struggle against these evil people. But she always won. I’m going to miss Gopi most of all In my opinion. She’s the best character on Indian tv currently. I’m going to miss Gopi.

    I miss Ahem and Rashi who are dead. I really wish Rashi stayed alive till this last episode. Ahem and Gopi love story was the main story in SNS and since there was a leap last year, was there any point of Ahem dying?

    I wish the rest of the family members were there.

    I might write a new ff where Gopi is woken up by Panna and finds herself back in the chawl. Her life in the Modis was a dream…

    1. Isaaq

      I’ve decided to write a new ff which will be season 2- restarting the whole series where Gopi will realise it was all a dream…

      Rashi, Radha and Ahem will be still alive. I want to bring back the old SNS

    2. I.also missed them …they both are soul of this show….

    3. KAN

      They both are close to my heart …will miss them

      Plz when u write new ff sent its link to me as well…

    4. Riana

      Yah isqu…finally our sns ended…now no kokila’s hey bhagwan…no gopi’s hey kanhaji…no dharam & jaggi’s jokes…no urmilla’s funny taunts n many morrrrr…

    5. Riana

      Wow waiting for ur ff…?

  13. Love u and miss u sathiya..

  14. Siddharth

    Hi Sunshine I think some other people is commenting in KAN’s name bcoz KAN was registered member.

    1. No ….. I m kan only but i didnot login in my id so they my icon is changed …i still a registered mamber…

    2. KAN

      No brother… I m kan only but i didnot login in my id so my icon changed……

    3. Siddharth

      Hi KAN sorry ?u were registered member na so I thought its not

  15. Happy ending with good note…missing u sns …but i cant belive it has ended…….will miss u always…….
    But its deserve some more better ending …….. I m full of tears……thnxs to all crow member of sns ….

    congrat to u all for successful running its more than 8 year …… Its close to my heart bcoz of its family bond nd heart touching story ….

  16. Siddharth

    Hi Sunshine friends were are you all
    Akshay, Shakaib, Raven, Nandhini,
    Nisha, Isaaq, Chithu, Raina, Priyanka,
    Mahi, Neha, Mansi, Rani, Fiza, Pratheek,
    Pranav, Bins, comment friends ???

    1. Riana

      Hey sid i will comment again at morning…till then good night n saathiya dreams…

    2. Siddharth

      U too Raina good ???night hav a saathiya dreams. Hope TMW all over friends comment

    3. Riana

      Sid u didnt wrote the name of saba di…pls write…??

    4. KAN

      U forget my name again

    5. Siddharth

      Hi sorry KAN I missed ur name

    6. Siddharth

      Saba di sorry I missed ur name

    7. KAN

      What about meu also forget my name …. Ok its ur wish


  17. Great, It was so fast paced. If the show has got extended till a week, they would have shown that Bhavani, Pinku and Sameera have escaped and came to destroy the whole Modi family. I was astonished by one day wedding. It could be done for atleast 5 days with all rituals. Thanq Riana. Wish u may not miss Arjun bijlani in Naagin 3 and Drashti dhami in any other show.

    1. Riana

      Hehe…Thankq arjit ??

  18. Well done, Riana. U have written it greatly. U have written the episode very explainable.

  19. And it’s all over.. will miss Saathiya.. especially Dheera

  20. KAN

    But how can they forget urvashi masi…..she is mother of jaggi nd is alive ….atlest they can show a scene of son – mother …but they completly forget her….

    1. Siddharth

      Ya KAN they never showed urvashi after she went to coma

  21. KAN

    Hii saba sis ……i m alredy a rigesterd member…

  22. Finally this stupid show has ended??

  23. Saath nibbhana saathiya will be in my heart always, i watched saathiya sunce the show started and no other show can take it place, especially that tu suraj mein saanjh piyaji, because saathiya is best and will be best for me forever.

  24. Sorry for the mistake mistakely type sunce it,s since., east or west saath nibbhana saathiya is best.

  25. Bins

    Will miss you sns and u also sunshine friends ? ??

    1. Riana

      We will miss u too…??…we can be in touch through pm…

    2. Siddharth

      Hi bins we all wl move to YHM forum

    3. Kohli nahi hoga tujh sy chase..

  26. really miss this u Gopi Raashi and the other actors..I have learned Hindi only by watching this show..I used to see ipkknd-1 and jndsd along with saathiya..but in saatiya I loved all the characters including the vamps too..mainly gaura..I wil never forget Gopi’s character from innocent to a bold and confident lady..her character will be my inspiration always..finally last episode was awesome..I wish they had show ricita love scenes..

  27. Thanks Riana for update ?? sns is long journey. Many time we like it n irritate. I like Only character is urmila’s role before rashi’s death. Samar is completely ignored. Sahir n Mona chemistry should be seen.

    1. Riana

      Thankuu akshay ??…But Sahir n Monaaa ????…i think u said Sona right !…Yah thats tru samar is totally ignored !

  28. Sid nandi Raina chithu pranav Saba our group has completed 11 months journey. Cheers!!!!!!!

    1. Siddharth

      Yes Akshay our group completed 11 months if SNS has run till end of the year our group might hav completed 1 year

    2. Riana

      Reallllllyy….Cheeerrrss ?????

    3. Chithu

      Yeah Akshay. But sad that sns ended. Our group should never end

  29. Riana

    Where is Chithu…Nandi…Shakaib…todau also busy ??…??…Okay just joking whenever get time plsss comment ?

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