Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari and Jigar hug each other. Kokila, Hetal, and Gopi come there; and they both separate. Kokila says Pari that she was like a tigress before, then how can she allow ladies to smear her face black. Gopi says tomorrow with Vivan’s statement, Radha’s drama will be finished. Jigar says Gopi is telling right.

Urmila thinks how to earn money from dog. She shoos dog on a man and man gets afraid and starts running. Urmila stops dog and asks man to give her 1000 to rescue him. Municipal dog van comes and dog catcher asks who called them to catch a stray dog. Someone among public says he called. Urmila asks catcher to take dog with him. Pappu and Kinjal come there and say that Urmila is misusing their dog to earn money and apologize dog catcher for troubling them. Van leaves.

Radha comes to police station and asks Modi’s why did they call her. Gopi asks Vivan to tell the truth that Radha kidnapped Pari with his help. Vivan says he does not have any connection with Radha. Everyone are shocked to hear his changed statement and Radha smirks. Pari asks why is he lying. Vivan says she came in the morning and asked to lie, but he cannot. Inspector says Pari she cannot force anyone to change their statement.

Radha asks inspector if she can get her husband arrested. Inspector says she can after filing complaint. Kokila warns her that she will kick her out if she complains against Jigar. Hetal says she troubles her son, she will forget about their relationship. Pari says she will not let Jigar arrested. Radha says she is second woman and should not be concerned about him and says she will not complain against Jigar. Modi family walks out of police station. Radha stops them and tells how she blackmailed Vivan to change his statement. Pari tries to hit Radha, but Gopi stops Pari and says Radha is pregnant and should not be harmed physically. Radha says her child must be important for them, but not for her, she is just using it in her favour. She says she will watch movie and come back home after relaxation and asks them to go.

Urmila asks Kinjal either she will stay in this house or dog. Hetal says dog and then says both. Urmila says she cannot afford dog’s food and asks Kinjal to bear its expenses then. Kinjal asks how can she be so heartless. Urmila says she is heartless to burden dog’s expenses on her. Kinjal says if she is heartless, she would not have tolerated her for 10 years. Dhaval asks them to stop shouting and says he knows what to do with this dog.

Modi’s call roller coaster driver home. Radha comes after watching movie. Gopi asks driver if Radha is the one who pushed Pari from rollercoaster. Driver says yes, she is the one who removed screws. Jigar asks if he will give statement in court. He says yes. Gopi sends him out and tells Radha that she will go to jail now. Radha takes knife and says she will kill her child. Modi’s ask her not to harm child. Radha says she already told this child is just a weapon for her. Modi’s say they will do whatever she says and asks her to stop stabbing herself. Radha asks if they will let her stay here. They say yes. Radha asks them to send tea to her room and walks in. Gopi comes to her with a legal notice and asks her to sign it. Radha asks what is it. Gopi says it is a statement that she is mad and will not harm her child and will give its custody to Pari, it is prepared by a judge. She calls Kokila to come. Kokila comes with inspector, judge, and doctor. Inspector says she cannot harm her child and if she does, her in-laws will get her arrested. Gopi thanks them and sends out. Kokila says she is udner house arrest and will be here until she delivers her child.

Precap: Kokila says Radha that she has fixed CCTV camera in her room and if she tries to elope or harm her child, she will get her arrested.

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  1. It dnt make a sense at all

  2. Just love this show. Mr.Writer can u please keep dragging this story. Radha makes it more fun.

  3. Hate ds bakwaas show

  4. Rashi marriage is on Sunday 25 jan

  5. what a lame and dumb serial!!!!!!!!!!!

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