Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem brings his client Mr. Khanna to home and introduces him to Pari. Pari gets tensed and hesitantly shakes hands with him. Khanna smirks seeing her and asks Ahem if Pari is his sister. Jigar says she is his wife. Khanna gets angry hearing that but hides it. Radha comes and asks Jigar if he will not introduce her. Gopi says she is her sister. Ahem says Pari gave suggestions to the designs he made for Khanna. Khanna says he should involve Pari also in his project. Pari says she does not want to join. Gopi says this is the best opportunity to get closer to Jigar. She says she wants to stay at home and take care of household chores. Kids come and ask Pari how many states are there in India and how many alphabets are there English. Pari gives right answer. Kokila comes there and Jigar says Khanna will stay with them until his project is complete.

Kokila says Ahem that he did right by bring Vivan Khanna home. Ahem says Pari gave him idea to bring client home. Khanna thanks Pari and says he would not have felt homely at hotel. Hetal says they all will take care of him. Ahem says he will personally take care of him. Khanna asks Pari to tell that she will take care of him, else he will tell them about their relationship. Pari says Ahem that she will take care of Vivan. Gopi takes Vivan to show his room.

Dhaval comes home and sees chawl tenants dividing open space. He asks what are they doing. Tenants say after redevelopment issue is raised, they don’t believe Urmila and want their safety. Dhaval says when he has promised, nothing will happen, then why are they worried. They say they don’t believe Urmila as she does what she wants to and says he is Urmila’s relative, so they can’t believe him also.

Pari calls her papa, informs about Vivan reaching her home and asks him to do something. He says he will come there soon. Vivan comes there and holds Pari’s hand. She asks him to leave her hand, else she will shout. He says if she shouts, whole family will know her truth. Kokila comes there with Gopi and Hetal, sees them together and asks Pari what is she doing here. Khanna says he brought her here to convince her to work on his project. Pari says she cannot and says she has to go and prepare dinner and leaves. Gopi says Pari takes care of house well and he should not mind if she does not want to work on his project. He says it is okay.

Dhaval says Urmila that chawl tentants don’t believe her and she should apologize them. Urmila starts fighting with Kinjal that her bad days came when she married her to Dhaval, etc. They both start fighting and Dhaval asks them sto stop fighting. He says Kinjal if he does not stop chawl tentants, they will be in big problem,.

Vivan sees Pari alone and holds her hand. She gets tensed and asks him to leave her hand. Tolu/molu come there and he leaves her hand. Kids ask her to see their drawing and call her Pari didi. Pari checks and says they are very nice. Vivan asks who are these kids. Radha comes and says they are his kids. Vivan asks Gopi told you are her sister. Radha says yes and I am also Jigar’s wife and these kid’s wife. Kids say she is not their mother. Radha says she is Jigar’s wife and family does not like her, so they don’t introduce her to anybody. Gopi comes there and says Radha is a mental patient and shows him mental hospital papers. She says they are taking care of her at house. Kokila comes and says Radha tells lies and she married Jigar forcefully and forcing herself on everyone. She says they don’t like their personal issues to discuss with everyone. Gopi takes Radha from there saying she is pregnant and has to take rest. Radha asks why did Ahem not introduce her as Jigar’s wife and she introduce her as her sister. Gopi says she does not want her to trouble her family, else she will punish her more. She says she knows she is the one who spoilt Kokila’s dad’s muffler and blamed it on Pari and is just keeping quiet to not create any problem in house. Radha asks he to stop acting as being good as she knows she does not like her. Gopi says nobody likes her and whenever she tries to harm her family, she will punish her. Radha says she will see till when she will protect her family.

Precap: Vivan shows Pari engagement ring and says she left it in Delhi. Ahem sees that.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. First one again and just “wow” with this serial.

  2. now let’s see how this new twist goes…hopefully no more dragging.

  3. Stupid show. High time it ended.


  5. Dumb show!!

  6. whats the heck happening? Radhaaaa get lost you b**ch

  7. What the heck who is mr khanna I think he is paridhis ex fiancΓ© wife and rhada is a b*t*h she tried to kill meera when she was little and rhada put chili in meeras mouth I can’t believe that

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