Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd January 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Gopi telling radha to move on and apply mehendi. She refuses saying if everyone apply who would work. Hetal and koki force her and she agrees. In shah house, urmi goes to KinWal room and wonders what to do. She then removes the screws of their bed and thinks they would never sleep together again. She runs into madhuben and the screws fall down. Madhu ben asks what is this, urmila says nothing and leaves. Madhu ben wonders whats going on in her head. In modi bhavan, rashi wants to have water but her hands are full of mehendi, she asks jigar to help. He playfully tells her to wash her hands and drink but later help her. Cute scene with RaJi music. Ahem makes meera drink milk, and milk falls on her dress. He tells gopi he would change meera’s dress.

Radha is cursing gopi for forcing her to put mehendi. She says she would destroy her. She goes to gopi’s room and ahem also comes there. He asks her what she is doing, she makes up an excuse of cream and leaves. Radha comes down and tells she would put mehendi on gopi’s hands. Gopi asks her why she washed it off so soon and she tells its itching her. Savita taunts gopi if its fake mehendi but koki shuts her up. Gopi tells her it is too cold and late so the mehendi wouldn’t dry, so better she doesn’t apply it. radha tells she has a plan for it. she tells that she would make her room warm. (Trust me, I didn’t understand this whole thing..i am sorry). To the heating thins, I guess with coal or something(please let me know what was it, if anyone knows it) she adds some powder and tells she will send gopi too far that she cant return back. She calls gopi to her room so that she can apply mehendi to her feet also. Koki stops them saying the smoke isn’t good for Gopi so better they go to the verandah. Hetal calls kinjal to invite her for meera’s doll’s wedding. Kinjal is happy and says these days modi’s are celebrating a lot. She tells them that they would come and kinjal also informs madhuben and urmi about it. both are happy. Radha is applying mehendi to gopi’s legs. She thinks to herself that thanks to koki gopi got saved again. She finishes the mehendi and is about to leave when gopi asks her to light that thing! Radha is very happy and lights it and says the smoke wont affect her. Gopi says she is lucky to have a sister like her. Radha leaves.

Urmila tells kinjal she is tired and kinjal tells from today she would sleep in her room. Urmi says of course and kinjal leaves, urmi thinks to herself that though kinjal might go to her room but she cant sleep there. At MM, hetal asks whose mehendi has a darker color. Rashi says its hers. Koki says then the credit should go to Jigar as from the time she applied mehendi, jigar fed her food, make her have water and took care of herself. Everyone smile. Koki says gopi didn’t have anything from morning so she will go and check on her.

At shah house, urmi is trying to peep in KinWal’s room and madhuben catches her and asks her what she is doing. She says nothing and leaves. Gopi is coughing because of the smoke. She wonders this smoke is burning her eyes too, she feels giddy too. She tries to go inside, koki comes there. Gopi faint and there and falls down. Koki somes running to her and calls for everyone. Everyone come running and they try to make gopi conscious. Hetal tells jigar to bring water. They sprinkle on her face but no use. Ahem is worried why isn’t she getting up. He tells jigar to call the doctor. Radha is happy thinking that her plan worked but is shocked to see gopi trying to open her eyes. Everyone are relieved.

Koki asks gopi what happened and she says she was feeling giddy coz of smoke. Hetal says even due to weakness. Koki says of course as she was doing meera’s dolls marriage preparation single handedly. Koki reminds it meera’s dolls marriage and not meera’s. ahem and gopi smile. Radha is tensed and rashi sees it. rashi points out that she is suspicious about gopi’s fainting as the glass pieces also fell on gopi only. Radha is worried but gopi says it isn’t so. Radha hugs gopi and says she was shocked and afraid seeing her in that state and nothing would happen to her as long as she is there. Rashi is looking suspiciously at radha. Koki tells as rashi was interested in the dolls marriage she should do the work and gopi would rest. Rashi agrees. Urmi is wondering, why isnt her KK successful. Madhe ben asks her if she isn’t sleepy and she says nothing like that. They hear kinjal’s scream and madhu runs to see what happened while urmi is smiling that its successful. Everyone see the bed broken and wonders how did it happen. Kinjal says may be the bed got old. Madhu says no it was done by urmi. They fight and argue and madhu says she saw the screws in the morning in her hands and also she was peeping into the room sometime back. They keep arguing when jayatnti bhai and jitu bhai come and stop them. Dhawal says that he would sleep with the men in the hall and urmi is happy her plan is successful. Gopi comes to her room and is again feeling giddy. She sits on the bed and ahem asks her how is she feeling. She says she is fine. He asks her to sleep for which she replies he knows she cant sleep now and they look at the clock. Guess it is 11:45.

Precap: everyone celebrating rashi’s birthday at 12. Radha in her room with umangs’ photo talking to him about how modi’s are celebrating. She tells herself that tomorrow at any cost she will punish gopi for her deeds!

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