Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila asks Gopi what were they all doing in children’s room and who was that man. Gopi says he was Chirag’s business partner and came with some business work. Kokila thinks Gopi is lying and everybody is hiding something.

Radha brings tea for Kokila. Kokila says she thinks she drank tea. Radha says she did not even take bath and asks her to go and get ready. As soon as goes to bathroom, Radha tries to change her change, but hears a door knock and hides under the bed. Parag comes and hears bathing sound from bathroom, thinks Kokila must be bathing and goes from there. Radha comes out and changes medicine again. She sees Kokila comes out just then and hides behind curtain. Kokila sees door opened and thins if the door or open or closed. She takes her medicine and gets headache. Radha thinks she changed Kokila’s medicines with calcium tablets, now Kokila will not get well so easily.

Meera comes to Gopi’s room with other kids watching them from behind the door. Meera asks Gopi to prepare dhokla/snacks for her and says even Ahem likes that. Other kids also come in. Gopi asks if they also like dhokla. Kids say yes. Vidya asks other kids to go and waits for Ahem. She sees Ahem and asks him if he can bring rose for her. Ahem says ok.

Urmila calls Rashi and starts cribbing. Rashi says Kinjal must have troubled her as Kokila is troubling her and doubting about her character. Urmila says this time Dhaval is troubling her by not letting her sell her shop.

Rashi says she is the owner of that house and why is she afraid of Dahval and Kinjal. Urmila says she will teach Dhaval a lesson now. Rashi thinks she encouraged Urmila, but she is like a servant in her own house because of Kokila.

Gopi prepares dhokl and serves kids. Ahem comes there. Vidya says Ahem that mama has prepared your favourite breakfast and asks him to give rose to Gopi. Gopi asks vidya to stop being naughty and to eat breakfast. Ahem keeps rose bunch on the table.

Rashi comes there and sees kids eating dhokla silently. She asks Gopi why are they looking sad. Samar says Ahem did not give rose to Gopi, so they are sad. Vidya says mama also did not accept rose. Gopi takes Rashi away from kids and inforsm about Kokila asksing her what they were doing in the corridor yesterday night and says till when we will hide it from Kokila. Kokila comes there and asks what are they hiding. Gopi and Rashi get tensed seeing her. Kokila gets angry and shouts she wants to know everything. Whole family comes out hearing her voice. She asks Gopi again to tell her. She says until they inform her, she wil not talk to anyone.

Except radha everyone get upset. Gopi thinks of saying everything to koki but rashi stops her and even ahem says gopi if she will know the truth then it will be pressure for her. Radha thinks it will be more fun in future.

In the night, ahem takes off the bed from floor and finds gopi coming into the room, he walks to washroom. Gopi finds the extra blankets on bed and keeps on floor and arranges to sleep. Ahem comes out and finds gopi arranging bed on floor. Ahem thinks gopi is very stubborn. But they hear koki yelling at someone. Everyone rush into koki’s room, they all get shocked finding koki hitting parag and saying he is a thief. All make koki pacify. Ahem takes away parag from there. In the garden, parag feels bad that he couldnt make koki happy anyday and now he is feeling bad that koki is losing her confidence. Ahem hugs parag and asks him to be strong.

Precap: Gopi asks Rashi why there is no change in Koki’s health condition. She decides to go and check medicine. Radha hears it and gets worried.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. such a dumb show its always radha why dont they catch her she is on the phone no one can see her wat a serial that you all livein one house and one does something but cant get caught never seen anythg stupid

  2. Why so much delay in updation

  3. Stupid serial ye serial tho ayse hi chalta rahega shayab kabhi katam nahi hoga

  4. Ufff soooo boring

  5. Enough of this nonsense man – I have had enough of your stupid Star Plus dramas. You guys nail it with a really good story but mess it all up with these ridiculous antics. I mean come on already, how LONG is this s*** going to drag on for. I love this show but this Radha story has really drive me up the wall. She is the most annoying character ever to have been created. And what’s up with Kokila losing her memory I mean get real. I’m probably going to stop watching this

    1. Well said, Max.

  6. this show is getting absolutely ridiculous now.. I cant bear watching it anymore..!!!! How long r they gonna drag this stupid plot… Its been there for weeks now.. Probably d writers have ran out of new plots

    1. Its load of bullshit, radha is a horny b*t*h who wants it and cnt wait, if people viuld loose memory just like that then sum1 please hit me in the head

    2. Its load of bullshit, radha is a horny b*t*h who wants it and cnt wait, if people could loose memory just like that then sum1 please hit me in the head

  7. f**k u gopi and radha

    1. Why gopi?

    2. Only Radha Radha Egdam devout hair

  8. This show sucks!!!

  9. lol ino ryt khushi

  10. what an old crying story they write.they have a habbit of stretching things.they are genius in it


  12. like wise kokila used to be a detective now she has lost her memory just in small accident what a stupid serial

  13. why so much time MA

  14. update fast

  15. i thinj that u are not in a mood of updating it

  16. What a horrible story… how come koki forgets her husband but remembers mota bhai… stop madness and be sensible… why cant koki go missing somewhere like how meera had gone… get a better story line

  17. LMFAO!!! this serial is literally bringing out the worst shit ever!!
    firstly..this extremely pathetic shitty moronic woman radha must be brutally and savagely kicked out of the serial…
    secondly..if the serial people are not in a mood to get that utterly foolish..growling aunty koki’s memory back…then along with radha throw her also out!!
    But for god’s sake don’t spoil the rest of modi family’s lives…because of her stupid memory loss..which is extremely bullshit!!

    1. Well said, Gauri (clapping)

  18. what is happening in this drama?
    kokila ki memory wapis lao
    dramay na karo
    radha ko tu main kehta hoon jail honi chahye
    dhaval story is sad

  19. main nay apnay padosi main rehnay wali aunty aur us ki cousin ko aik saath chuda tha…
    duno itni haseen the keh main control nahe kar paya
    par phir bhi 2 ghantay main 3 dafa release kiya

    wo chus chus kar meray luray ko khara kar dayti thi

  20. This is stupid catch radha already.

  21. Prannu S barua

    Stop the 3rd cls d categori story. . Nd the character of radha. OMG! I m so confused wheather she is a teenaged girl or aged lady wid a jungli attitude n also fed up of ds ahem g, ma g, kanha g…bla bla bla…

  22. MA can you hurry up please it’s been ages since you said update in progress

  23. Gopi is mad,kokila is dumb and rashi is fool….

  24. i think this koki will someday make a parantha out of her husband and feed it to the dogs!!how insane this female is… fool!!

  25. when this will end and how..?! instead of bugging the stroy line its better to end. Meera found.. kokila need to punish radha.. for that oMG .. whats going on

  26. evry1 is sfrng only bcuz of tht ful radha n tripti n koki jst go 2 hl i cn write betr stry than dis melodrma

  27. f**k u kokila.

  28. kick radha out dont drag this radha khand for months we have tolerated her khand for a very long time. catch her she is on ph always. dont anyone hear her talking on ph. just ck her ph . why is she now also leaving in modi bhavan. gopi should kick her out, why dont their mother take her daughter back, why has she left that dumbo evil in gopis house.

  29. f**k the f**king serial people.!!
    f**k the f**king radha and her f**king illeteracy and her f**king studpidity..along with dat f**kingly nonsense f**king ghajniness of f**king budia kokila!!
    What a f**kingly disgusting bullshit a*sh*le f**ker serial
    f**k u all bullshit sath nibhana sthiya……………
    aaagggrrhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1f**k OFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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