Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila recalls Gaura telling that she got 4 camera fixed in her house and see all the movements sitting in her room. She shows the phone. Kokila is shocked to see the spy camera and asks what do you want? Gaura says I want to end Modi’s from their roots, I haven’t only fixed camera, but also bombs. Just I need to press a button and then…She says she will not leave her two bahus also. Kokila cries and asks why do you want to do this. Gaura says I will let you speak, real picture have started now. She tells there is a bomb beneath idol of Krishna lord, and one in kitchen, and one in Meera and Vidya’s room each, one in temple pot etc. Kokila is shocked. Gaura says whenever your life is eclipsed, it is because of me. Even your Ahem’s death gift is given to you by me. Kokila is shocked. Gaura asks if her tears is over. Kokila cries and says my son’s death was an accident. Gaura says you said right that Ahem’s death was an accident and that accident name is Gaura Suryavanshi. A fb is shown, Gaura calls a goon and asks him to kill Ahem somehow. Ahem gets killed by the goon. Fb ends.

Gaura says you are heartless else would have died with Ahem. She says I have rumored Gopi’s fake pregnancy report, Chanda and Dharam’s marriage, etc, but you was not shaken up. Kokila slaps her and says I haven’t seen such cunning and cheap woman like you. You have crossed all limits of cruelty, and says you are even more cruel than the word itself. Gaura asks her not to try to be smart and says newspaper will have news that Kokila commitment suicide in the lock up and tries to suffocate her. Kokila is shocked. Gaura says if you will sacrifice your family with your mistake. If I press a button, then booom.

Kokila says you will not do anything. Gaura says if you take my name even by mistake then I will kill your family. Kokila cries and says I will do whatever you ask me. Gaura says I want to end this enmity, but for that you have to bend on your knees and apologize to you. She says I have spent 5 years in jail and nobody used to visit me, and all moments were like 1000’s years. I used to beg for death but now, it is your turn to stay here and get a new death everytime. She says you will tell Police that you had tried to kill Urvashi. Gaura says you have to sacrifice yourself for your family and asks if you accept this condition. Kokila accepts her condition. Gaura laughs.

Pari tries to provoke Jaggi against Kokila and tells that Urvashi wanted to stay in the house and wanted half share, but Kokila almost took her life. Mona supports Pari in her evil talk. Jaggi tells them that they have a problem with themselves and they can’t stood against a problem but can add ghee in the fire, sometimes you can burn your own hands. Mona says no, we were just speaking. They leave. Jaggi says I made them speechless. Gopi asks him to trust her and says very soon truth will be out infront of all of us.

Meera sees poison bottle and questions Chanda. Chanda says your kids might have drank poisonous milk by now with their mausi’s hand. Meera is shocked and tries running out of room, but Chanda pushes her on bed. Meera asks how can you do this? Chanda says I have not given them poison, but have no love or concern towards them. Meera asks what do you want? Chanda says I am married to Dharam now, but will not get his wife rights until you are here. She asks her to go right now else……..I will make everyone die. Meera says if I die what I do. Chanda says I will take care of your husband and kids very well. Meera is shocked and gets tears in her eyes. Gopi tells Urmila that nobody is letting her meet Kokila, Urvashi went in coma and Jaggi is so worried. She says if I meet Maa ji, then will come to know about the truth. Urmila says even I am worried, don’t know why did she change her statement. She says I have an idea and shares idea with Gopi.

Gopi comes to the Police station and tells that she wants to meet Kokila. Inspector refuses and asks Constable to locked her in lock up for a day.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Riana

    Ufff….i m bored…Worst episode…i wish they end all this soon…i am really frustated guys…

    1. Isaaq

      I agree. I don’t watch it anymore until there’s a leap. I only read updates. I’m waiting for Gopi son entry- that’ll be a better story

    2. Isaaq

      Even in Yeh Hai Mohhabhatein, it’s gone boring and I’m only going to watch it when Niddhi comes back- she’s my favourite vamp in that show

  2. Today episode was good.and the update wasn’t late!

  3. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends,his are you..?? Today episode was full waste of time. Even Precap is no damn interesting. Sorry, if I hurt your feelings, just share my thoughts.

  4. It was sort of boring

  5. I have been saying this since last year. this serial is doomed. The story line sucks and some of the actor and actresses are terrible.

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends hw r u all .
    I agree now a days episodes are boring and not much intresting like before . Still there is no confirmation about Gopi’s son’s track and in 2000th episode nothing special happened.
    And i think 99% Jigar wl not return to the show and after generation leap whole jigar’s family may not be shown Chirag,Hetal,Tolu,Molu’s Jr.Rashi Paridhi’s character might be terminated.
    After generation leap i doubt about trp increasing bcoz Ahem/Jaggi&Gopi wl be great grandfather&great grand mother and if they introduce any new male&female leads story may not be hit . Even 2 years back same thing happened with zee tv’s Pavithra Rishta wen it took 2nd generation leap trps got less and story got boring and after few months it ended.
    So it is better makers if makers wont do 2nd generation leap and concentrate on intresting tracks or do just 4-5 years leap .
    Wat do you think Sunshiners and SNS fans .

  7. Hey sunshine group today i came here bcoz I am quitting the Sunshine group forever .
    From today i am not a Sunshine group member So Sid plz don’t put my name in sunshine friends list as i don’t want to be a part of this group bcoz we are not able to chat with each other like friends we are supposed to talk only abt serial but not about ourselves so i am quitting the group. Bye sunshine Group

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Aisha wats wrong u hv not commented frm last 1or2 months and now suddenly u are telling u are going to quit the group. Why wats the problem.

      1. Sid give me any one reason to stay in this group. Reality is we don’t know each other and we don’t even know how we look like . At least in other social networking sites like Facebook&Whatsapp we can chat and talk to eack other but in this forum we are just talking abt serial and them leave. Then wats the use of having friends and making a group in this page and we are not going to meet each other or we don’t even call each other . So i am quitting the group and not going to comment here frm today.

  8. Meri sapno Ki rani kabhi aayegi tho . I love you leila wl u marry me . U are my dream girl.

  9. Ha ha sunshine group flop.

  10. Hey Leila i am 44 year old my wife divorced me i hav 4 children’s and 1 grand child i think Leila u are also 40years so wl u marry me.

  11. Leila wo Leila main Tera deewana .

  12. Better to end this good for nothing Sunshine Group ?. Even i am quitting this group good bye.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Its better cheaters like u quit the group. And swastika u don’t hv write to speak you are just a name sake commentator in sunshine group still now u hav commented only once then shut up .U are removed from this group.

  13. Isaaq

    LOOOOOL Sid. John has gone mad again???? finally some tumasha to enjoy

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes Issaq John is getting Pshyco again?.

  14. Isaaq

    SNS should end in my opinion. It’s so boring. Don’t be offended guys But seriously, ever since Rashi left, it’s lost its charm. I think they should end SNS with Gaura losing.

    I’m still staying in the group but I’ve lost interest in this serial. I’ve started watching American shows now

    1. Riana

      You’re absolutely Isaaq??…Sns got too boring these days…in my opinion they should Gia manek n Rucha hasabnis in a new character or they should end it!!..on a happy note!!…And whats the point of showing Gopi-Jaggi love after 2000 thousand episode…

  15. Isaaq

    Cvs get carried away with the whole revenge and good vs evil theme. It just becomes very boring.

    SNS should of ended with Radha death because she was Gopi sister and the opposite of Gopi.

    SNS cvs are using the same old story. Chanda is doing exactly what Radha did to Paridhi. Meera story is basically just a copy of Gopi story.

    They need to think of new stories. Like something that has an actual meaning. Something that addresses the problems in India. Like in KGGK, Parvati had to fight for her daughter in laws case when she was raped by her husband but it was Indian law that the husband was allowed to rape his wife. Due to Parvati efforts, the law established that marital rape was illegal.

    If I was Cv right now, if I wanted a generation leap. Gopi would of been blamed for trying to kill Urvashi. Urvashi would go into coma. Gopi would fake her death in jail and she would come back to India after 20 years.

    When she returns after 20 years, she realises that the evil Gaura now rules the Modis and Suvayanshis. Kokila, Sona and Urmilla are servants in their own home. Jaggi has become a drunkard after Gopi death. Gopi will come back for revenge against Gaura. This would be a perfect story and don’t know why Cvs don’t come up with a story like this

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Issaq it wud b gud if both ahem&Jaggi were,alive and wen Jaggi going to confess that he is ahem Real Jaggi wud come in Ahem’s get up and he wl put ahem out and he wl prove himself he is ahem and real ahem wont be having any proof to prove him he is ahem . It,wud be gud if makers introduced this track instead of leap

  16. sorry sid i just told the reality if we are called friends then we are able to communicate with each other and not lik dis we dont even know real names . so there is no meaning of being friends good bye sunshine group

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Good bye .

  17. hey leila oh my leila do u love me baby . i am also middle aged u are also middle so we wl be best couples i love you my baby❤

  18. silent reader

    Helo i am silent reader in this page i am commenting here 1st time .
    As i am regular reader i knw abt sunshine group . As per my obsevation there are many ppl in this group but only handful of people are commenting here and siddarth the group leader and issaq comments a lot but others are not commenting much as before in sunshine group mny ppl are commenting but now slowly every one is loosing intrest in commenting As aisha said here no one knows their real identity and there is no scope for life time friendship thatsy i also wont comment here but i read all comments.
    Sorry dont take me wrong . But i feel that its better not to do any group or friendship in this page bcoz it wl be nly for few days not for life . If we hav group or friends it wl end in bad way. sorry if i hurt anyone

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes you hav raised a good point . Seeing todays comment frm Aisha i feel the same ?It is our mistake to make group here ☹? .
      So in 33 members almost 60% of members hav no interest to comment Aisha openly told today but others silently left commenting ☹.

      1. Isaaq

        Yh Nandi doesn’t even comment anymore. It’s better if this group just doesn’t exist. We don’t even know each other. When Nandi comes back, then this group can resume.

        I like American shows now so I’m watching those now as I’ve lost interest in Indian tv serials as cvs just use the same old stories.

  19. This Saar hits Nibaana episodes is not good. All bad people like evil Gaura winning n good people like kogila family loosing. Which doesn’t make sense. This episode should end up happy move not sad for the rest to watch more rather than given up. Stupid editors who is writing this n alots of negative influences in this episode to teach this generation how to make trict others like Gaura. Overall disgusting episode!!

  20. sowmya ( huge fan of dipika kakar )

    really ddisappointed today after reading comments
    i am sorry sid bhai that i couldn’t comment regularly hope u understand
    u are right silent reader but i don’t want a bad ending for sunshine group

    this group may exist or not but still we can love our saathiyaaaaa
    and this will definitely be a good memory
    cheers for sns

    every show must have an ending but it is in our hands whether to have good or bad ending
    this group started with 4 or 5 members and now we have 30+ members so definitely this is amazing and no doubt about it

  21. sowmya ( huge fan of dipika kakar )

    i lost interest in sns long back

    guys its been more than one month that i not commenting here regularly but seriously i stopped watching sns after ahem’s death but still i commented here by reading updates and sometimes by not even reading updates because i liked this group

    but now i need to focus on my studies otherwise i would have continued commenting
    sid now as per comments it is quite clear that it is time to bid adieu to sunshine group

    but still we make our ending brand
    guys on 25th january episode let us make 100 comments
    what say sid shakaib isaaq rani

    1. sowmya ( huge fan of dipika kakar )

      i lost interest in sns long back

      guys its been more than one month that i not commenting here regularly but seriously i stopped watching sns after ahem’s death but still i commented here by reading updates and sometimes by not even reading updates because i liked this group

      but now i need to focus on my studies otherwise i would have continued commenting
      sid now as per comments it is quite clear that it is time to bid adieu to sunshine group

      but still we make our ending brand
      guys on 25th january episode let us make 100 comments
      what say sid shakaib isaaq rani chithu sp and riana

  22. Chithu

    What happened all of the sudden. 2 days I could not comment as I was not at all well. I have been ill for some time now but I used to comment as I loved the spirit of this group. Today also my daughter is unwell n just now came to comment here. I was really sad reading this. Sid don’t end the group. Sns may have boring but we still watch n read updates. Those who wish to comment may do so. I will be thr. Only when I am real ill I may not comment

  23. Chithu

    There are ppl who use fake identity bit what ever I had revealed about myself is 100% true. I think we should not be let down by few ppl and continue our group with more zeal. Thr are few members who really wish to bring this group well. I just hope sunshine don’t end

  24. Chithu

    I have noticed thr are 2 johns today. I guess the first one is real. The second one is talking all nonsense.
    Makers can go for some interesting twists than generation leap. Plz don’t go for generation leap and spoil viewers interest. Gopi’s son’s track can be introduced without any generation gap.

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