Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi gives milk to her daughters and tolu/molu before going to school. Tolu/molu say they don’t want to have milk until Jigar comes back and they don’t want to go to school. Urmila comes there and asks Gopi why is she forcing them to drink milk and says tolu/molu that they will come with her when they will know the truth and says their mom is dead and will never come back and starts crying hugging them. Tolu/molu asks her not to cry. She says she had to tell them this truth as she knew Gopi will not tell this. Kids say that already Gopi told this to them and she even told Rashi is taking care of them from heaven. She asks her to stop crying, else their mom’s candle will light off. Urmila asks them to come with her now then. They say they will not come with her, run and hug Gopi and say Gopi is their mother now. Urmila starts he drama again and says Gopi is trying to erase Rashi’s memory from tolu/molu. Gopi says she is thinking wrong. Chirag says we have settled down with great difficulty and are now tensed about Jigar. She asks what happeend to him. Hetal says he is missing from morning. Urmila says she is worried about her son who will come back, but her daughter will not come back at all. Gopi says she is mixing two different things. Kokila says she knows her mental condition, but she is not understanding her family’s condition.

Chirag asks Urmila she cannot undersand how much they are missing Rashi. Urmila says she can see even kids have forgotten Rashi. Kokila asks what she needs. She says they will know soon and leaves. Kokila prays god to give good thoughts to Urmila.

Paridhi drives her car searching Jigar. Ahem comes back home and informs that he did not find Jigar. Hetal starts crying. Kokila consoles her and says Jigar is safe and will come back soon. Gopi comes and asks Ahem about Jigar, he says no. Chirag asks if he is busy with client. Ahem says he did not come to office since 2 weeks. Paridhi tracks down Jigar’s location with GPS. When she is about to find his location, GPS goes off.

Urmila comes back home. She sees Madhuben and asks her why is she shamelessly still staying at her house. Kinjal asks what happened. She says your family scolded me and even kids don’t want to talk to her. She says for their bad deeds, they are paying now and says Jigar is missing. Kinjal asks she should be ashamed to think like that instead of worrying about Jigar. Urmila says her family should be ashamed. Madhuben asks Kinjal to call Modi bhavan and check.

Paridhi shows Jigar’s pic to people and asks if they saw him. Everyone says no. Her GPS starts and she locates Jigar in about Jigar in a jewelry shop and then finds him moving from there. She gets back into her car and starts tracking GPS again.

Kinjal calls Ahem and asks about Jigar missing. He says he will call her once Jigar comes back and asks her not to come there.

Paridhi tracks back Jigar to Modi Bhavan and finds him coming back. She asks what the hell he is doing, whole family is searching him and worried about him, eply ven she is worried about him. Jigar does not reply and goes in. Kids ask Ahem about Jigar, Ahem says he will be coming back soon. Whole family gets happy seeing Jigar back. Kids go and hug him and asks where had he been and if he is angry on them and ask if he will also leave them like mom. Whole family start crying hearing that. He does not reply anything, goes near Rashi’s pic and keeps necklace on it, crying emotionally. He apologizes Rashi for not getting the necklace when she was alive. He then apologizes Hetal for going without informing them. Chirag asks where had he been and says he cannot see him in this situation and as a father he is requesting him not to do that again. Jigar says he wants to stay alone and goes ot his room. Hetal starts crying vigorously while Kokila consoles her, says Jigar is in deep pain and time will cure it. Gopi says Kokila is right, slowly Jigar will come out of it.

Precap: Kokila says Gopi that she can understand Urmila’s pain and will help her get out of it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Telly updates i have a question..the comments we u let saathiya writter or saathiya team know that how we think about the show now..or are we just writting to are self and killing are energy.i am asking this question because i really the saathiya whole team to know how there serial is getting so annoying and irratating day by day.and i am not getting connected with this show

  2. Someone kill Paridhi… i cant see her take Rashi’s place!!!

  3. leavessky you can post your comments on below link sor SNS people to see it…. I dont know tellyupdates are read by them or not.

    1. Hey guys…!!!!!! this is a fake link…..this leads to [email protected] star plus official website.. Where we don’t find any page to post our comments n we’ll find some boring content so plz don’t waste your time by passing through this stupid link
      With Lots of Love

  4. Nooooo……I can’t see jigar like this see how he has became n at the same time I don’t want to see him with paridhi…..kokila plz kick this pari out she is disgusting….. Poor kids gave a nice answer to urmila…..this is going a little bit good but the absence of Rashi is clearly appearing there the whole family can’t substitute Rashi n especially this pari….I don’t like her while Rashi does something it looks naturally but in the case of pari it seems to be as if she is doing some over action….. Jigar b Rashi r the best pair…….don’t no how many days they will drag this story like this every time urmila comes n taunts gopi n ask to send kids with her this is all happening from last 5 days boring Yaar…..ek toh actors ko bore hona chahiye or writer to write such routine scripts………n act in such routine story…..

  5. Don’t waste ur time by opening the above link…

    1. Why???

  6. Thank u @Cuckoo

  7. The new gopi don’t look that innocent. .she walks like shes doing modelling and she speaks so slow and in a irritating way. And when she comes downstairs she flicks shes supposed to look innocent

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  9. read on wordpress that urmila is going to demand rashi share in modi bhavan

    Urmila says yes, she definitely wants something from them. She asks the Modis to give Tolu and Molu to her, along with Rashi’s rights on the Modi Bhavan and the property. She asks them to give Rashi’s rights to her sons, to make the kids’ future secure, as she is afraid Gopi will take everything under her control post Rashi’s death. Kokila is stunned. Will Urmila divide the Modi family?

    This is the post woh kya ma hai. She is thinking of gopi in the same way that she behaved with gopi. Kyun jo jaisa hai waisa hi sochega na.

  10. Now i am definitely not watching this serial thanks @viewers

  11. i almost stopped watching this serial from the day when old gopi was replaced by this current boring and irritating gopi. Even when i watch, i watch it for rashi. I just hate this gopi. But as now rashi is no more i am never going to watch it again. Gopi should have died, not rashi. It is tormenting to watch gopi. i just can’t stand her

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