Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st April 2014 Written Update

Kokila criticizes Parag that he did not study, so he is not successful in life. She praises Chirag that he studied and is successful. She sees water mug empty and goes out to fill water. She hears Ahem talking to jeweller to get him a necklace. Kokila thinks Ahem must have stolen the necklace.

Gopi consoles Gauri and asks her not to worry about Radha’s words. She goes to her room and finds Ahem preparing bed for himself on the floor. He asks her to sleep on the bed and he will sleep on floor. Kokila rememers Ahem words and thinks she should find out who stole the necklace.

Ahem is sleeping on the floor and finds rat on him. He gets worried and calls Gopi. He then holds her hand and asks her to shoo away rat. Rat goes. Ahem realizes that he is holding Gopi’s hand and leaves her hand. He goes and sleeps on bed and asks her to sleep on floor.

Kokila comes to Gopi’s room and starts searching thee necklace. She searches Ahem’s suitcase and does not find it and thinks she will spy on Bharath/Ahem and will get the necklace back.

Urvashi and Kinjal start fighting to watch their favourite serial. Urvashi asks Kinjal to ask Dhaval to bring new TV for her. They see a news that police cracked illegal liquor racket and arrested 2 people. Dhaval gets worried hearing the news.

Ahem’s jewelller calls Ahem, tells his necklace is ready and his servant is standing outside his house. Ahem goes out to pick the necklace. Kokila thinks Bharath/Ahem is hiding something. She sees a bag in Ahem’s hand and asks what is in the bag. Ahem says nothing, just some papers. Kokila says she catches the culprit if someone says lie and asks him to tell the truth. Ahem says she is thinking wrong. Kokila asks Radha/Mani to take bag from him and give it to her. Kokila opens the bag and finds necklace in it. She alleges Ahem that he stole the necklace and asks how did he get that necklace. Ahem says he bought it from the jeweller and asks her to check with the jeweller. Kokila says jeweller will also lie and he is buying the necklace. Hetal says she told Bharath/Ahem to do that as Gopi is very tensed after the necklace is stolen, so she asked Bharath to buy the necklace. Bharath says he bought necklace on Hetal’s idea.

Kokila says Ahem that he is just a manager and how can his wife have such previous jewelleries. Gopi says her mother-in-law told to save money and buy jewellery. Kokila says her mother-in-law is right and tries and go from there. Ahem gives Gopi the necklace box and asks her to keep it safe now. Kokila asks Ahem that he should make his wife wear that necklace and insists to make Gopi happy. Ahem hesitantly makes Gopi wear the necklace. Kokila says Gopi that she is looking beautiful and says Ahem/Bharath that he fullfilled husband’s duty. She then says Hetal that she should find the stolen necklace at any cost and goes from there. Hetal asks Ahem why he did this. He says he did it for Gauri as he does not want her to go. Gauri emotionally hugs him. Ahem remembers playing with Meera/Gauri in her childhood. Radha gets angry and goes from there. Gauri thanks Ahem and prays god that they should get the stolen necklace back soon.

Precap. Kokila sees Radha with stolen necklace and asks her how did she get it. Radha gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Plzzzz make koki memory to come bck oh some1 hit her on the head to gain her memory bck again ive soon alot of other seral they do this nd they get their memory bck

  2. Ya your right bring koki’s memory back or else it may awful

  3. todays episode full episode of only one scene.. it is the slowest of all serials. they dont have any story, so they are dragging each scene for a whole episode. the person who is giving the written update it is not urvashi it is urmila. pls correct it

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