Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari gets irked seeing her dress torn by cat. Kids laugh and says it is tit for tat. Kinjal wait for Urmila to come down and have her laddoos. Urmila comes and drops garbage in front of Kinjal’s house. Kinjal comes out smelling garbage and sees Urmila dropping garbage and asks why did she add it. Urmila says she knows that she wanted to tempt her with laddoos and remind her of Rashi, so she added garbage. Kinjal says it is for her. Urmila asks if she has added poison in it. They both start fighting.

Kids start playing with Savita’s cat. Cats sees mouse and runs behind it. Children search cat and don’t find it in their garden. Pari also joins them in searching cat and says cat is lost. Savita hears that and starts alleging kids that they have stolen her cat. Kokila hears that and asks her to stop alleging her children. Savita says she is behind this as she told earlier that she will give her cat to someone else who can take care of it. Kids say they were playing with cat, but don’t know where she went. Savita says she will send Kokila and kids to jail and asks them to get ready. Kokila is irked with Savita’s behaiour. Kinjal asks her to calm down and says it is Savita’s usual drama. Kokila says we have to search cat and give it back to Savita. Gopi says ok. Pari says even she will search cat and says she is allergic to cat and gets sneezes if cat is around her, so she can easily find it.

Pappu asks Dhaval when will they stay back with Urmila. He says even he wants to stay with Urmila, but is still not ready, though even she is missing her. Kinjal comes back from shopping with Madhuben and shows her gifts for Dhaval. Dhaval says gift is good, but it is precious. She gets irked, asks it is up to him to wear or not and goes into her room. Madhu says she is missing Urmila’s fight, so she is fighting with you. Pappu says he has an idea and tells it in Dhaval’s ear.

Kids pray worriedly pray god to get back cat. Pari comes and frightens them that they will go to juvenile jail. Kids ask her to safeguard her. Pari says molu and meera are on my side and if tolu and vidya join her, she will help them. Kids agree. Pari happily messages Urmila that tolu and vidya are on her side now. She checks car dickie where she hid cat, but does not find it and gets worried.

Urmila says that she will not celebrate dandiya as Rashi is not there, misses Kinjal. Pappu comes and says Kinjal has brought gifts for tolu/molu. Urmila gets happy hearing that, takes gifts and asks him to go. She gets Pari’s call who tells her about her plan of hiding cat, but now cat is missing. She also tells about Savita telling to get them arrested and asks to help her. Urmila says she made a mistake and to face it herself. Pari says she will help her get tolu/molu if she will help her find cat or get a similar one. Urmila agrees.

Precap: Gopi sees Urmila handing over cat to Pari.

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