Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th November 2013 Written Update

Episode Start !!

Rashi says to Urmi that Radha run away she tired to spoil my married life but beside these Modi’s are siging her gaga only.. good now they taughg a lesson..
Gopi and everybody felt embbarrassed infrnt of guy’s parents, Gopi asked for appology with folding hands… mainwhile Radha comes back. Madhu pulls her inside & asked her every she was gone?? Koki stop her & ask her for calmdown coz that guy and his patents are still there… Radha said now she knows Umang reality very well.. coz her everyone gets hurts she appologise with Gopi aswell. Radha tells now she ready for marriage. Gopi suspect on Radha and Koki to. Gopi asked her wht happened at Umang house wherather she changed her decision Kinjai spoke in midle that Radha must seeing Umang reality herself thats she change her mind… otherside Koki said to boy parents now wht they decide.. boy gets agree for marriage than Madhu put tikka to guy and guy mother put tikka to Radha they decide martiage will happen tommorow. Madhu ben worried for preparation but everyone said preparation would be done it dont worry.


Gopi put it out Meera clothes frm cupboard… Meera running here there Gopi grab her & says they want to go for Radha Maasi wedding so they need to get ready Koki & Hetal enter in her room. Hetal said to Gopi pleased to see ur smiling face after a long time. than she give her wedding dress for Radha and Koki give her some jewellery. they said these gifts for Radha frmo Modi family.. Hetal ask her to get ready quickly they want to go Rajpal nagar.


JituBhia and Janti Bhai bring some grocery for wedding.. Urmi seeing this get pissed off Janti Bhai say thanks to Jitu Bhai without his help he even nor thing about Radha wedding.. Urmi taunt him and JitubBhai stops her..

Radha standing in Window n looking for someone… Kinjal comes & tease her than she ask her to get ready for her mehndi function.. here Modi’s ladies enter inside Gopi give all gifts to Madhu ben she given thanks to modis..

Radha seems desperate and want to talk with Umang she sees phone placing on table.. she abt pick but Madhu ben comes n take over wedding dress to her…


Radha sitted on floor and putting mehndi in her hands… Gopi Kinjal & Hetal doing garbaa.. later Kinjal pulled other ladies or they join garba. Urmi & Rashi stand in coner n pissing off to seeing all.. than Baa tells to Radha if her mehndi colour comes dark it means her would be husband loves for so much… here Umri taunt that ofcourse her would be husband surely loves here much nor he get agree for marriage after knowing her story.. neighbour ladies are whispering Koki stop her and ask her to keep shut up.. Madhuben ask Rashi come n sit next Radha.. Gopi also sitted Gopi being elder sister tells her that she is very for her than Rashi says yes now hopefully ur married will safed thst guy seems a good who accept u after knowing all.. everybody gers annoyed than Rashi change her words and says i meant u will always stay happy with him..

Radha comes in her room she again desperate for Umang.. then she search something in room than in cupboard she found ring n she wears it.


Ahemji Jigar Dhawal and other mens are busy in preparation then some has arrived frm cattring amongst them Umang has all arrive decade diffirently.. Ahemji roaming here n there while talking on phone he bump into a men who picking a oil box his oil box falls down bit of oil has come on umang face Ahem appologised with him.. than other offering handkerchief to umang he refuse to take Ahem seems suspect on him..

Gopi shouts at Radha that why she doing all this when she still loves Umang along her family she played with that guy family’s emotions..she adds more Radha ur such selfish she wont do love with any one either… everyone stood shocked n angry.

Update Credit to: NazimKiDewani

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