Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th June 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Rashi tells Kokila that she’s sure that the coconuts are being stolen by the workers . Kokila says if its like that then lets go and see . Here the two couples(workers) are fighting over coconuts . One woman say that they stole it for the baby and if they need they could have stolen too . Kokila and Rashi come over there . Rashi blames them for stealing coconuts. The workers says that they maybe poor and low standard but they donot steal others things . Rashi says not to act innocent and say the truth . The workers say that they cant work if they cant trust them. Kokila says Rashi to stop it and says she dont have any proof that she’s right and apologizes to them . Kokila says them to go and work . She tells Rashi that she’s the daughter in law of Modi family so act like one.

Rashi calls Urmila and says about it . She tells that Kokila shouted at her and is sure that those workers have stolen it . Rashi sees one stick which is used to drink coconut and says now she’s sure that they stole it . She says she will now go and tell Kokila . Urmila says to stop and says she wont prove it by one proof and find one more . Rashi says she dont know what to do . Urmila says she can help if she gives her what she wants and Rashi asks . Urmila says new furniture for her room and she agrees.

Part 2

Here in living room Kokila tells Rashi that in future also not to blame anyone if she donot have any proof . Rashi takes Tolu and go from there . Jigar takes Molu and follows her.Meera is playing with the ball and says ‘ball’ . Hetal says that when Meera saw coconuts she said ball thinking it as ball so it must be here around.Kokila agrees . Kokila tells that she’s thinking of telling the workers to build the wall which is behind MM . Chirag agrees . Ahem says whatever they want to do finish it as soon as possible. One woman (worker) is seeing all this from out and says now its time for her to bring her brother . She enters and Kokila tells her about building the wall and she says she ‘ll call her brother.

A new man is brought to build the wall . Kokila and Hetal go there and ask when it will be done and they reply saying within 2 days . Kokila says the work should be done in 2 hours and leave from there . The men says they think that they are too smart but are not.Rashi sees one lady(worker) going with a plastic bag and thinks of following her,

Part 3

Rashi tells Gopi to take care of her twins as she has some work. Rashi says her to herself that she’ll prove that she’s right.Rashi sees this lady and apologizes her for the behavior , she says its alright. Rashi says she have lost her ‘diamond’ earing and asks if she could help her in finding them . The woman gets delighted hearing the word diamond and starts finding them . The other 2 ladies come there too and Rashi tells them the same . All 3 ladies wish to find the earing first . Rashi drops her two earings . The second lady sees and picks up one earing the first lady sees that and is angry . The third lady sees the other pair of earing and takes it . Rashi sees all this and thinks that they all are playing a game.Rashi excuses herself saying she’s tired and if they find then just give her back.

Rashi is here hiding and seeing whats happening . The ladies fight over earings . The man workers come and says not to fight over such silly things and at the end they are all one. They say to go in one room . Rashi says she will find the truth and go in the other way to the room . At the back of the room she finds the coconuts . She takes one broken chair and sees from one small block what all is happening in the room . She starts recording . The workers are saying that they have stolen so many things and should not fight at the moment. Rashi is shocked to hear all this . The chair break and rashi fell on the floor . She hit her head on one coconut and screams .

Precap:Gopi tells that she has searched everywhere but couldn’t find Rashi . Kokila says if she’s not inside or outside then where she is . The man builds the wall . Rashi regains consciousness and sees that the wall is built . She starts screaming Gopi for help

Update Credit to: Muskii

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