Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi and Pari lift Radha and try to drop on glass stranded floor. Radha asks Gopi not to drop her on floor as she may lose her child. Gopi says when she is worried about her unborn child, what about her grown up kids, how can she harm them. Pari says if she accepts her mistake, they will spare her. Radha accepts her mistake and says she tampered Meera’s ghungroo and time table. Kokila gets irked hearing that and asks how dare she is to harm her children and says if ever she tries to even touch her children, she will not spare her. Radha runs into her room. Pari tries to speak, but Kokila stops her and says she has always tried to harm her family with her wrong ways and she does not believe her now. Pari thinks what she should do to gain back Kokila’s confidence.

Kokila is sound asleep in her room. Someone enters, pick her dad’s muffler and put it in rat’s net to spoil it. She then keep it back on it original place. Kokila wakes up in the morning, checks muffler and gets angry seeing spoilt muffler.

Hetal enjoys Meethi’s prepared masala tea and praises it. Kokila comes and shouts at Pari that she considers her as her mother, even then trying to take revenge, asks why did she spoil her father’s muffler. Pari says she did not. Kokila says Baa that it was her father’s last gift, sees rat’s dirt on it, thinks rat has spoilt it and not Pari, so she apologizes her for mistaking her. Pari says it is okay. Parag checks muffler and asks how did it happen. Kokila says rat spoilt it. He consoles her. She asks everyone to join for breakfast. Ahem says he has an important meeting, asks her not to get sad, and leaves with Jigar. Baa asks her not to feel sad about muffler as always parent’s blessings are with children.

Kokila sadly goes to her room, keeps muffler on bed and goes to washroom. Someone enters and picks muffler.

Urmila asks Kinjal why did she stop her from asking full refund amount. She says if she would not have helped her, she would not have got even 70,000 rs. Builder comes with goons and shouts to give money. Kinjal says he should not shout at house. He asks her to give his money then. Urmila gives her 70,000 rs and says she will clear rest in soe time. He says he knew she would do same and asks goons to take away TV and other items. Neighbors see that and say they will clear his amount in 15 minutes and he should not anything. He asks other neighbours to get money from their houses and clear Urmila’s debt.

Kokila comes back from washroom and does not see her dad’s muffler. She asks Meeth if she saw it. She says Pari was carrying it. She angrily gets into Pari’s room and asks how care she is to touch her dad’s muffler. She snatches it and gets happy seeing it rewoven. Pari says she could not correct it fully, but it is better than before. Kokila smiles and asks why did not she take her permission. Pari says if she would have asked, she would not have permitted. Radha gets angry seeing it and Hetal praises Pari. Kokila thanks her. Pari says at least Kokila is happy today. Once everyone leaves, she gets SMS from her unknown admirer that it is nice to change, but she should not change too much that her identity is lost. She gets tensed.

Urmila’s neighbours give her 30,000 rs and ask her to return it back to builder. Urmila thanks them, gives money to builder and says he cannot build his tower here now. He says she has already signed documents and cannot stop him.

At dinner, Vidya says she wants to have food in flower designed plate. Kokila asks Meethi to bring it. Meethi brings it and Vidya says it is dirty. Gopi checks it and says it has rat’s dirt on it. Kokila asks Meethi why did not she clean it. She says just now she cleaned it. Kokila says they have to find rat and send it out at any cost as it may cause health problems. Radha says she is right and they can use rat poison. Kokila says they will get rat net and trap it. Pari gets tensed hearing this.

Precap: Kokila insists to see Pari’s cupboard, but she resists. Kokila forcefully opens it and gets shocked seeing something.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Today’s episode was once, but poor Pari don’t look sad. U r really beautiful.

  2. Good serial

  3. what important issues to handle in these modi’s lives: “Babooji ka sara hua mufler” and now “mission chuha”…….simply WOW !!!

  4. Unnecessarily extedning this serial

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