Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th December 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th December 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with, Koki stopping Umang from taking jewellery and tells him that, Gopi would keep them with her. Everyone wondering why, Koki gives the excuse saying, Gopi is doing preparations and even Umang has lot of work to do, so he cant manage. She checks the jewellery in her room and concludes they are real and keep them inside. Meera is crying and Gopi leaves to calm her down.

Shah house:
Kinjal asks for mosquito coil and Urmi taunts her saying she stays alone in her room and yet wants everything, Kinjal taunts back saying, atleast Dhawal is at home unlike her husband who doesn’t even stay at home coz of her. Kinjal also says her, that before taunting her relationship with dhawal,look at their(Urmi and Jitu) relationship, she doesn’t even let phuphaji(Jitu) open his mouth. Dhawal enters and tells Kinjal to keep quiet, he says that he ignored their fights till date, but today she questioned Urmi’s marital relationship, Urmi adds us saying she doesn’t know what to speak and when to speak. Urmi shouts at Kinjal who gave her the right to speak, and did she learn from her mother, Kinjal gets angry points finger at her and warns her not to bring her mom in this matter. Dhawal asks her to keep quiet and Umang enters, calls them for Tripthi’s engagement, he also mentions that they are close to his heart and Dhawal looks at Kinjal and he is unpleased. Dhawal says he cant come, Kinjal asks why any important work, and Dhwal says yes. Umang also says work is important but if he gets time he should come, Umang asks Kinjal if she will come and also that the function would be empty without her. Kinjal uncomfortable while dhawal looks displeased, Madhu says they will come. Umang leaves.

Tripthi waiting for Umang to come, she asks him that he told her that they would keep fake jewellery but how come he kept real ones. She also questions his intentions, Umang observes Koki and Gopi looking at them, Koki comes and asks what is going between devar and bhabi and tripthi says nothing! Gopi takes her saying they need to see what will tripthi wear for the function. Hetal tells Rashi to make sure arrangements are proper while rashi feels that the entire family made her their servant and Gopi is taking care of important matters. Rashi calls Koki and Koki says if she is asking the same question then she knows the answer, rashi blabbers about cooking and asks her if her family is coming for the function and all stuff. She tells her that she forgot what she wanted to ask and will ask iff she remembers, she also wonders why her mouth is shut in front of Koki.

Kinjal wondering what to wear and thinks it’s a nice opportunity to talk to dhawal and asks Dhawal while he replies her wish and leaves. She goes to him and repeats and he getting irritated, and asks her why does she have to ask him, he gets irriated and tells her to ask him, kinjal confused. Urmi comes inside, and asks her to get ready soon and no one will look at her, as Dhawal isn’t there.

Umang says that he has to say something to Tripthi, the guys(JIgnesh) family arrive. Urmi asks Rashi if she knew why is koki behind tripthi’s marriage, rashi says she couldn’t ask. Radha takes tripthi, Hetal asks Kinjal why Dhawal didn’t come while Urmi replies, that may he isn’t feeling good, Kinjal says he got an urgent call. Umang sends dhawal, asking him to come as she is sad without him and umang cant see her sad. Rashi asks Jignesh where they stay and what they do, and he replies. Koki tells rashi, that she can question him later and asks her to bring the thali. Kinjal leaves her mobile on the table, Umang picks it up, and cuts Dhawal call and deletes it from log list. Dhawal wonders why she isn’t lifting his call.

The engagement begins, the pandit asks them to exchange the rings, though tripthi uncomfortable she does it, they give those jewellery to the family, though they are hesitant they take it. Umang and Tripthi shocked, Dhawal comes in. Umang thanks him for coming, and tells him that KInjal is very special for him and he cant see her sad. Jignesh’s mother tells that they want the marriage ver quickly, the pandit says that 3 days from then, there is an auspicious occasion. Umang and tripthi shocked.

Precap for Monday: Umang says that its time they play their final plan but they have to be very careful as koki and gopi are always behind them. Koki on other hand says to win this fight, they need a player like Umang

Update Credit to: MADHU

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