Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Exposes Sagar

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia’s haldi ceremony starts. Anant signals Gehna if she spoke to Tia. Gehna signals back no. Baa performs Tia’s haldi ritual first followed by Kanak, Anant, and Gehna. Sagar tells Dashrath its a matter of a few hours till he marries Tia, then nobody can stop him. Gehna tells Anant that Tia is intelligent and will wear Anant’s gifted bridal dress for sure, then whatever they thought will happen. Tia picks her Bhavani’s given bridal dress. Baa performs Sagar’s aarti welcoming him and prays god to give Tia the same love in her sasural like she gets in her maika. Sagar sits in mandap for wedding. Pandit asks to bring the bride as muhurat time is starting. Gehna tries to leave, but Bhavani stops her and brings Tia. Anant gets tensed seeing Tia not wearing his gifted lehanga and gets tensed. Pandit asks bride and groom to exchange garlands. They do same. Pandit asks Praful to perform kanyadaan next and he does same emotionally. Gehna and Anant feel helpless. Pandit asks groom’s sister to perform gathbandhan. Hema excitedly does same. Pandit asks bride and groom to perform pheras with groom in front first and then bride. Krishna heartbroken wipes his tears. Gehna prays Kanhaji for help. Havan smoke increases. Sagar applies sindhoor in bride’s hairline and fixes mangalsutra in her neck without seeing her face due to smoke. Pandit says this wedding is complete and pronounces Sagar and Tia as husband and wife and asks them to take their elders’ blessings. They both take elders’ blessings.

Gehna, Anant, and Krishna smile. Sagar thinks why are they happy. Bhavani unveils bride’s face and is shocked to see Suman instead. She shouts who is this girl who married her son and tries to slap Suman. Gehna stops her and asks if she is talking about betrayal whose family betrayed many innocents till now, this girl is Sagar’s wife and his child’s would be mother. Baa is shocked to hear that. Bhavani and Dashrath shout this wedding is a trick and they will never accept it. Anant reminds Bhavani that she was the one who said Sagar married Tia just because he applied sindhoor in her hairline. Sagar acts childish and says Tia is his wife and he will never accept Suman as his wife. Dashrath shouts its Anant and Gehna’s conspiracy as they never liked Sagar and got him married to an unknown girl. Anant says Suman is carrying Sagar’s child. Dashrath asks if he has any proof. Tia enters and says she has proof and curses herself for blindly trusting Sagar. Gehna asks her not to blame herself as Sagar betrayed her and would have married her if Suman like an angel had not saved her life from ruining.

Gehna reminisces taking Suman to Tia’s room where Tia yells at her again for bringing Suman back. Gehna shows her a video. Tia shatters seeing that and asks what should she do now. Gehna asks Suman to wear bridal dress. Out of flashback, Gehna says Bhavani brought Suman to the mandap. Bhavani asks if she has any proof. Gehna says truth doesn’t need any proof. Bhavani tries to slap her and she holds Bhavani’s hand again.

Precap: Sagar runs on terrace pleading Anant not to kill him. Anant says he will hit on his head to get back his memory. Sagar slips from terrace and hangs holding its railing.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Trp will be break record and saathiya2 once again going to enter in Top 5 shows list

  2. Now atleast will sagar exit from desai house. It makes no sense to show criminals not getting punished. When will kanak and Hema get the punishment they deserve SNS is famous for showing the criminals never getting punished. SNS1 rashi her mother radha tripti and after that I stopped seeing. So good bye sns

  3. Seems like criminals never get punished in any of these serials.
    How could Tia be so stupid knowing very well Sagar is a criminal?
    Ghena might be considered lower caste but she has more sense than Hema and Khanak with all those facial explosions, these two needs to be punished very soon
    Just as Sagar episodes ends so should Hema

  4. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    😂 finally Anant and Gehna did something commendable 👏👏👏 in Krishna out Sagar … like someone commented, hope Hema goes with her family when they leave 🙏

    Hmmm, I wonder what Kanak will plan next 🤔

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