Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Anant’s Heroic Act

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Praful tells Anant that he will give equal share to Gehna along with his other children from his retirement corpus. Anant reminisces distressed parents whose children ransacked them and suggests Praful to make FD of whole amount to keep his hold on the family. Praful agrees. Kanak and Hema fume hearing their conversation. Chetan starts drama and scolds children. Family rushes to his room. Chetan says he cannot afford his children’s education expenses with his less salary. Praful says he will pay for their education. Anant says they will do something. Chetan and Hema smirk. Kanak thinks Chetan made a drama to grab money, now she will make bigger drama.

Gopi waits for Kokila to return home and thinks its already 5:30 p.m. Kokila returns home with Hetal and Urmila. Gopi calls her and asks to come to outhouse. Kokila heads towards outhouse. At home, Praful tells Anant that he will not make FD and will help Chetan. Anant says let us go to bank first. They both rush down hearing Kanak shouting for help and see goons catching her at knife point. Goon warn them to dare not come in front, else he will slit Kanak’s throat. Kanak acts and pleads not to come in front. Gehna rushes in and seeing that walks in front pleading to leave Kanak. Goon leaves Kanak and catches her. Kokila hears someone shouting inside home and rushes towards it with Hetal and Urmila. Kanak says goons came to collect loan from Pankaj. Anant asks Pankaj how can he do that. Kanak shouts not to speak loud with his brother. Anant diverts attention and throws vase at goon. Goon falls down dropping knife which falls on Gehna’s foot and injures it mildly. Anant trashes goons, but goons overpower him. Pankaj asks Kanak to stop this drama, else they will be caught. Kokila with Hetal and Urmila barges in and trashes goons. Kanak signals goons and they run away. Gopi returns late. Kokila questions Kanak why was goon holding her and suggests Praful to call police. Kanak stops her and lies that Pankaj took 1 lakh loan from Lala and couldn’t repay, so Lala sent goons to recover his money. She continues drama. Praful says he will repay loan from his retirement corpus. Anant says he doesn’t have to as he will repay loan and will transfer money in Pankaj’s account. Chetan says he doesn’t have to worry about parents as he doesn’t stay here. Anant says he is here now. Kanak says he will return to his work soon.

Precap: Kanak confronts Kokila that she is lecturing her brother’s bahu, but what about her bahu who has taken a wrong path. Kokila warns her to shut her mouth. Kanak asks her to come and see herself Gopi’s heinous acts.

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  1. I dont like this serial at all because it’s stupid and it is always the same story and drama. Always money and family. That Gehna is a stupid cow because she doesn’t say anything to that monkey Sagar and to that fatso Hema fat pig and to that skinny big eyes ugly snake Kanak. Kanak en Hema are two stupid ugly monkeys. Gehna is stupid because she s acting so childesh. What kind of story is this anyway? A maid who is treated like shit and dumb? In the Netherlands woman have rights and a maid is a job and they get treated so well so why all this shit and drama? People dont like the same old bullshit every time. All the serials are the same. Stop this drama and show a different and beautiful story not this dragging same old bullshit.

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