Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Desai Family Becomes Kanak’s Servant

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak wets Desai family and their tent. Pankaj asks where will they stay now. Hema says she already suggested to shift to her parents’ house. Anant says they will shift to his friend’s house. Bapuji says he will not go away from his house and will die here itself. His health deteriorates and he collapses. Family rushes to him, and Baa asks Sapan if Bapuji is fine. Sapan checks him and says his sugar levels shot up due to stress, his BP increased and his heart is affected, so in this situation, they should shift him inside house or admit him in a good hospital. Baa blames Gehna for Bapuji’s condition. Gehna says she will not let Bapuji stay here and goes inside house. Kanak yells why did she come here. Gehna says to get back the house for her family and requests to let the family stay here and she will do anything in return. Kanak asks if she will do anything in return. Gehna says yes. Kanak asks to bring the utensil of hot water that is kept on the stove.

Hema waiting outside yells on Gehna that she must have argued with Kanak and Kanak in return must have insulted her. Anant says she was Kanak’s best friend, then why didn’t she go in, she is just standing here and taunting Gehna, he is worried thinking what is happening inside. Gehna tries to lift hot water utensil with bare hands and stops feeling her hands burning. Kanak taunts her. Gehna lifts utensil writhing in pain and fills a tub to soak Kanak’s feet in it. Kanak touches her hand and asks if her hands are burning or her heart, she thinks both. Gehna pleads again to let the family in. Kanak says she can call them in, but they have to become her servants and do whatever she says. Gehna pleads that she will do whatever she orders, but should spare family. Kanak gets adamant. Gehna returns to family and informs what Kanak said and convinces them that they should enter the house first and then try to grab the house back from Kanak. Baa says Kanak is intelligent and cannot be fooled easily. Anant says Gehna is right as Kanak will not let them near her house again if they go from here, so they should get in first and then think how to get back their house. They all agree. Gehna picks an utensil and writhes in pain. Anant asks if she is fine. She says yes and walks away.

Kanak reminisces Pankaj punishing her for her mistake and kicking her out of house and thinks she will trouble them like they troubled her. Desai family walks in. Kanak starts her long heavy dialogues and orders Paresh to bring groceries, Pankaj and Chetan to cook, Hema to clean the house, Hiral to iron the clothes, Sapan to dust furnitures, Bapuji to do nothing as he is old and ill and Baa to take care of Bapuji and help Hema when free, Anant to wash the utensils and clothes, and Gehna to be her personal servant and press her feet. They all agree. She thinks she will enjoy the drama to the core as she is both the maker and audience of the drama. Bapuji feels helpless. Baa consoles him.

Precap: Gehna informs Anant that Kanak is selling their house, so they will buy it. Anant says they don’t have money. She says even Kanak didn’t give them money, they will use Kanak’s strategy on Kanak.

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  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    🙄……at least she let them stay inside the house……it’s a start 😔 …..but after this drama, her next bed should be in a jail cell 🙄😬

  2. It is great that gehna figured out a plan and shared it with her husband. But this time after this incident, hopefully she will not be dumb enough to trust snakes like kanak hema hiral and sagar.

  3. I really, really hate to see these good for nothing PESTS like ugly, hard face Kanak doing this shit to elders especially, always wanting property and wealth without lifting a blasted finger!!! Hema is a next good for nothing fat blimp, hope she learn from this.
    At least Gehna speaks with Anant and tell him her plans so they can work together and solve the problems. I hope they won’t say to forgive her MISTAKE and because she is a d.i.l she will be allowed to live with the family and not go to jail which is where she really belongs .
    Nowadays no one forgives such shit and allows the to still let them live in comfort

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