Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanak Humiliates Baa/Jamuna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak asks Baa to clean her sandal and take Bapuji’s medicine box in return. Anant warns her to behave with Baa. Pankaj says this woman has gone mad for money and soon will fall flat on her face. Kanak says he kicked her out of house on Baa’s order and she wants queen of the queens to clean her sandal or else forget Bapuji’s medicine and sit crying next to him seeing his condition. Family returns to Bapuji and cry seeing Bapuji’s condition. Anant goes to get medicine. Kanak sitting on a rocking chair says her back is aching and she will go and rest as Anant will bring medicines anyways and she will dump the medicine box in dustbin. Baa stops her and says she is ready to clean her sandal. Gehna stops her and asks Kanak if she will make Baa touch her feet whose feet she used to touch. Kanak warns that a servant shouldn’t interfere between 2 elders and orders Baa to stop looking at her and clear her sandal. Baa bends down and cleans her sandal and requests medicine box. Kanak gives it saying they are all crying seeing Baa crying. Gehna confronts Kanak again. Kanak shouts to shut up and blames her for family’s condition. She then shuts the door on them. Hema blames Gehna next and says cleaning shoes means ruining one’s dignity, she will never forgive Gehna for this. Gehna cries in front of her flower pot and says because of her Baa and Bapuji are humiliated, she did a mistake unknowingly and hence god will help her.

Kanak dances happily on Ladki Beautiful Kargayi Chul.. song and then thinks she forgot that Gehna is not at home and hence she has to do all the work, so she has to find a servant like Gehna soon and it will happen only tomorrow. Gehna prepares tea for family on a wooden stove and offers them while Kanak prepares coffee in the kitchen for herself. Baa says forget tea, she will not have even water from her hands. Gehna walks out of the tent crying. Anant returns and says he brought medicine for Bapuji. Gehna says Bapuji had his medicine. He asks if Kanak returned Bapuji’s medicine and insists to inform exactly what happened in his absence. She describes whole incident. He angrily walks towards house to confront Kanak when Gehna stops him saying Bapuji needs him the most now and requests him to give tea and snacks to Bapuji. Anant agrees.

Kanak sips coffee and thinks she made such a dirty coffee and remembers Gehna serving her green tea and soaked almonds, she would rather stay without coffee than hiring Gehna as a servant. She smells smoke and seeing wooden stove outside thinks she has do something or else they will build a house opposite to hers. Anant feeds tea to Bapuji. Bapuij says when an outsider attacks them, whole family together fights, but when a family member attacks, how will they fight. Anant says he need not worry as they will find another house soon. Bapuji says he will stay and die in his own house. Kanak drops water on the family. Pankaj asks what is she doing. Kanak says she smelt smoke and thought of setting it off. Bapuji shouts he is ashamed to call her as Desai bahu, this house belongs to him and he will not go from here. She says she is the queen now and orders him to get lost. She gets her mom’s call and walks in taunting Desai family that she will give this breaking news of how she broke Desai family to her mother. She happily informs her mom the same.

Precap: Gehna pleads Kanak to let her family inside house, she will do whatever she orders in return. Kanak asks if she will really do whatever she asks.

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    Why is this serial still showing?? 😬 why is everybody still living in a tent?? 🤔 why is Kanak still getting away with murder?? 😐 Why is everyone still blaming only Gehna?? 🙄 why is Gehna still groveling behind Kanak??🙄 why is Gehna still so clueless……and acting all dumb?? 🙄😔 smh

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