Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Gehna encourages Gopi

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi is sad. Gehna asks why Gopi Kaka is so important for her? Gopi says because he’s Ahemji, her first husband. Gehna is confused. Gopi says 5 years back, they lost Ahem in an incident. Gehna asks whether she’s sure. Gopi says yes. Gehna tells her not to worry, she’s very strong and she’s trying too. She will get what she has lost. He will remember everything. She gives champa flower to Gopi and tells her to sleep with it. It will show her some path when she wakes up. He couldn’t remember past from their picture, but there must be something that only they know and no one else. She will be very happy if they get together again. Gopi says that’s not possible now. She’s married to someone else. At least, she can unite Kokila with her son.

In night, both Gehna and Anant are looking at moon. Gehna draws his sketch and says he is no less than God for her as he brought food to her. He earned more respect today. Just like God, he treats everyone same. Gehna smiles looking in the sky. Anant looks in the sky with telescope. Gehna makes sky’s painting now. Suddenly, Sagar comes in and she gets scared. He says he was not able to sleep, so came to talk to her. He throws the painting out of a window. It falls in balcony where Anant is. He wonders from where it came. Sagar walks towards to Gehna. She’s very scared. He tries to misbehave with her. Anant comes there and asks what’s going on. Gehna tries to make excuse. Anant tells Sagar, he asked him. He says he just came like that as he saw lights on and then saw painting. He thought to ask whether she ate and stuff. Anant tells him that he doesn’t need to worry about Gehna. There are others in the house and she has been here since past few years, so she can take care of herself as well. Sagar leaves. Anant asks Gehna whether everything is okay. She says yes. He asks whether she made that painting. She says yes. He asks whether she likes stars. She nods yes. He asks her to go with him and she also doesn’t need to sleep in store room, she can sleep in guest room.

Gopi Kaka asks Gopi (a guy in disguise, as she’s Gopi, we will refer as Gopi only) how she found out about him. She says from the website. He says interesting and asks her to take water in a lota and throw it on his head. She does it. Now he throws water on her head. She thinks he figured out the truth. But he says, from her voice, it looks like some woman has possessed him. They don’t have to be afraid of any woman. He touches her hand and throws more water. She looks at him and then leaves.

Anant brings Gehna in his room. She starts cleaning as it’s very messy. He says if she wants to help him, then find his earpods. She finds in a second. He then takes her to look at stars from telescope. Surprisingly, Gehna knows it’s a telescope. She says her father told her once. He says, her painting made it dirty. She goes to clean it, but he stops saying there’s special solution for it, you don’t clean it with water. She asks solution? While he cleans it, she rushes and continues cleaning his room. He says so finally she cleaned the room. Shall they look at the stars now?

Gopi quietly enters the house. Hema is rehearsing dandiya and doesn’t see Gopi. But Sagar catches her. He asks why her hair is wet. She says she went for walk and in garden someone had left water pipe on. Hema comes there. Gopi says she will go and dry her hair. Hema stops Gopi. Episode ends.

Precap: Gehna is sitting on a sofa. Kanak asks if she forgot where her place is. Anant comes and asks to tell him too where Gehna’s place is.

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