Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Baa Takes Back Gifts From Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anant tells Gehna that he cannot tolerate family insulting her brutally after Kanak’s pregnancy news and hence wants to move out of this house, so he will call real estate agent and find a new house for them. She asks him to calm down. He asks her to not change the topic. She makes him sit and says she doesn’t want to go from here as this is her family and arguments happen between family members. She splashes water on his face. He says he will count till 3 and runs behind her. She runs around room. He lifts her and they fall on bed.

Pankaj threatens Kanak to reveal to everyone that her baby doesn’t belong to him. She holding his feet lies that he got intimate with her when he was inebriated. He says nothing happened between them. She says at last they are becoming parents and if he wants to reveal truth to everyone, she herself will do it and will also get her DNA test done. He stops her and says maybe he was inebriated that night and requests not to discuss anything with family.

Next morning, Gehna drops Anant till his car. Anant drives away thinking he cannot leave Gehna alone, but work is also important. Gehna then serves breakfast to family. Baa and Rasika pamper Kanak and forcefeed her. Kanak thinks if she continues overeating like this, she will gain weight and will become Hema part 2. Hema provokes Baa that Kanak is giving them happiness of a baby and should get bungalow documents and family bangles which she gave to Gehna. Baa asks Gehna to bring bungalow documents and family bangles. Bapuji says they gave it to Gehna happily. Baa says when Gehna couldn’t give them happiness, she doesn’t deserve gifts. Gehna smilingly returns documents and bangles, and Baa gifts them to Kanak saying she will transfer property in her children’s name. Kanak sees Gehna happy and alleges her that she is acting as happy. Gehna says happiness is felt and not shown and leaves saying she has some important work. Kanak thinks where is she going now.

Gehna visits Dr. Abhay’s Hospital. Nurse asks if she is Gehna Desai. Gehna surprised asks how does she know her name. Nurse says Dr. Abhay is a brilliant doctor and remembers his each patient’s name. She asks her to get ready for examination till doctor checks other patients. Anant reaches home with a gift for Gehna and not finding her asks Bapuji who says she went out. Rasika yells that Gehna doesn’t respect anyone and does whatever she wants to. Kanak alleges Gehna and says she purposefully took abortion pills and is playing with family’s emotions. Anant denies and calls her, but Gehna before her examination switches off her phone. Baa walks to Anant and says trust and truth are important in a marriage and once he loses trust on Gehna, he will be broken and she will not be able to see him broken. He says he trusts Gehna. Baa says Gehna has changed and she is worried for him. Gehna returns home. Baa says Anant is sad as he doesn’t know where she had been, she doesn’t want to see his sad face again.

Gehna returns to her room. Anant says let us have dinner first as he feels hungry and while having dinner asks where she had been. She says to market to buy grocery. He asks where is grocery. She nervously lies that she met her aunt who kept her busy in chat and she then went to drop her home as she felt sick, even her phone battery drained, so she couldn’t call him. He feeds her cake. She apologizes him. He says her safety is important to him and asks her to fully charge her phone before leaving home next time. She feeds him back emotionally. After some time, Gehna prays god and says if she gets a small clue that she can become a mother, she can do anything; she feels sorry for lying to Anant, but lie for a good work is not bad. Kanak walks to her and asks her to discuss her issues with her as she is like her elder sister and will not reveal to anyone. Gehna says she discussed with whom she wanted to and asks her to take care of her baby. Kanak asks her to prepare her crepe. Gehna walks towards kitchen.

Precap: Gehna offers juice to Kanak. Hema stops Kanak.Rasika alleges Gehna of poisoning juice.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Time and time again i will always say it….Gehna needs to stop lying to Anant !!!
    How can there be complete trust if she constantly misuses the truth to her own satisfaction?? 😒👎
    btw…. translator MA…. Precap is not of this show 🙄 I do believe that Malvika is from the serial Anupama 🤔 …but thank you for the SNS2 episode update 👍 …and Happy New Year 2022 to you 🎆🎉🍾

  2. Yolande Agree wit u Gehna shuld not lied to Anant if Anant can trusts Gehna wholeheartedly why not Gehna? She shuld trusts tat Anant will supports her no matter wat! Baa shuldn’t believe tat Gehna can tried to aborted her own child as Gehna is a deeply pious woman n will not sin by aborting a child!! Pls let Kanak be exposed asap its too much to watch she keeps getting away frm her evil deeds she had done to the family many times !!

    1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      Lol… Baa is like a sumo wrestler going to do a multiple choice exam in chemistry… True…false…true…false…😃 …it’s apparent that she doesn’t know what she is doing and she can never keep her word for longer than a few episodes 😂😂😂

  3. Saw a blooper in the episode. And it was by Gehna only once again, she said Dr. Abhay Srivastava in the hospital scene, but the name of the character is Dr. Abhay Sinha…

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