Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanak Supports Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anant asks Radhika why has she changed so much and stooped so low to take revenge. Radhika says he killed Radhika long ago and the one standing in front of him returned to take revenge from him and will send his servant Gehna to jail. He warns to dare not speak ill about his wife and he will protect her. She challenges to save her then. He sees Gehna weeping alone and walks to her. She hugs him tightly remembering stabbing Kanak. He asks her to calm down. She says she doesn’t know how it happened, she went to check him in store room and decided to become Krishna as she didn’t find him in store room. He says someone changed the sword and asks if she knows who did it. Gehna says no matter who did this conspiracy, but she only used that sword and don’t know why couldn’t she realize sword’s heavy weight. Anant says she didn’t realize as she has not held a real sword before and says he wants to inform her something.

Women organization activist Vimla says now police will handle the case. Baa pleads not to call police as they are a reputed family and would never do wrong. Inspector enters with team. Radhika thinks who called police before the NGO lady. Inspector says he got a complaint and asks where is Kanak Desai and who got her attacked. Vimla asks who called him. Gehna says she did. Inspector repeats where is Kanak Desai and who got her attacked. Krishna says he arranged janmastami play and brought all the props, even he doesn’t know which one was real and which one was fake, so inspector can arrest him. Gehna asks to arrest her. Paresh says Gehna was busy in arrangements and didn’t know about props. Hema backs him. Doctor informs that Kanak is conscious now. Vimla says she is activist and got complaint by Kanak that her in-laws are torturing her, hence they sent their member Radhika to keep on eye on them and she noticed a lot, they themselves saw Gehna stabbing Kanak with a real sword. Inspector says Kanak’s statement would be final.

Inspector questions Kanak to reveal truth without any fear. Radhika says she was attacked and should reveal truth as she may be attacked again else, how Desai family are behind her life and how Gehna attacked her finding a chance. Kanak says Radhika is right, she will tell the truth or else her life would be at risk again. Radhika grins and thinks she is 100% sure that Kanak will complain against Gehna and send her to jail. Inspector asks Kanak if she was attacked. Kanak says yes. He asks who attacked her. Kanak says yes. He asks attacked her. She points at Gehna and says she attacked her. Desai family gets tensed. Kanak says Gehna’s attack was part of their play and not real one. Inspector asks if she is sure. She says yes. He says she is injured and there was a lot of blood on scene. Kanak says she fainted as she had not eaten anything since morning, blood was tomato ketchup which they used for play, so everything was fake there. Radhika says sword was real and how did it come there, asks inspector to check the sword and goes to bring it. Anant prays god to save Gehna.

Radhika walks on stage, picks sword, gets happy thinking Gehna will go to jail, and thinks Kanak was supporting family and she will handle her later. She slips while getting down from the stage and swords falls under the sofa. She picks fake sword fallen nearby and giving it to inspector asks him to check and inform if its real or fake. Inspector checks and says this sword is fake, why did she say its real. Radhika says it was real and she showed it to even Vimla. Vimla says she saw it from a distance and Gehna was holding this sword only. Inspector asks how can she allege Gehna without cross-checking the facts. He then asks Kanak about her domestic violence complaint against her in-laws. Kanak says at present she doesn’t have any threat. Hema thinks how did this villain became heroine suddenly. Anant remembers asking Kanak not to complain against Gehna, they just tried to correct her and would never harm her, she knows the real culprit is Radhika who targeted her repeatedly to punish them. Kanak asks how will she benefit if she saves Gehna. He promises to take her back in Desai family permanently. Out of flashback, Kanak says her statement is final. Inspector says Gehna is innocent then. Family rejoices and goes to perform god’s aarti. Radhika fumes seeing her plan failed and thinks she will make Gehna suffer.

Precap: Sagar tells Kanak that Anant is flying high. Kanak says let him as storm is yet to come. Gehna sees a speeding car coming towards Anant and rushes towards him worried. Car strikes Anant’s bike.

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  1. What an episodes amazing 😀 I think now show gear up for next level drama 2.High voltage planning 3.Intense security


  2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    The only consolidation I get from skirting thru these updates🙄 is that Anant is no longer acting like an arse over this Radha a.k.a. Radika character 😬🤦…..Gehna is still living in her own little bubble😐 and it seems like even the writers cannot help her to break free🙄 so I recommend psychiatric therapy for her😐………and a straitjacket for Kanak🙄

    1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      Sorrie…..psychological therapy for Gehna🤦 ……..but we can still use the psychiatric treatment for Sagar🙄 😔

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