Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanak Succeeds In Her Evil Plan

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chetan informs family that Anant has made their house’s fake paper and no one can differentiate between real and fake papers. Anant says they shouldn’t show their fear to kidnappers and act like papers are real. Paresh tells Baa that she should act well. Pankaj asks Anant to give real papers to kidnappers as he cannot risk Kanak’s life. Anant says nothing will happen as police will arrest the kidnappers after they will leave with the fake papers, so Pankaj shouldn’t be afraid. Gehna walks down with papers and thinks Anant informed family that now they will give real papers to kidnappers. Kidnappers’ car breaks down near Desai House. Kanak asks what happened. Kidnappers get out to check. Kanak notices police in civil dress and hides her face. Once police leaves, Kanak thinks Anant played his game and informed police. Dinesh panics hearing police and says she will get them killed. Kanak scolds them to act like real goons.

Gehna joins family and thinks Anant is now ready to give them real papers, so now nothing bad will happen with Kanak. Kanak brings kidnappers to Desai House’s back door and orders to call Gehna. Kidnapper calls Gehna and asks if she arranged real papers and why did she inform police. Gehna says she didn’t inform police and will give them real papers. Kidnapper orders her to switch off the power supply. Gehna obeys him. Anant thinks how did power go suddenly. Kanak enters. Pankaj rejoices seeing her. Kanak removes shawl and showing bomb around her waist asks not to come near her as bomb will explode. Pankaj tries to go to her but Paresh stops him. Hema panics and hopes bomb would have exploded outside house. Kidnappers enter saying they will blast it now if Anant doesn’t send the cops away. Door bell rings. Anant says police must have come. Kidnappers order family to send police away and hide behind a shelf with Kanak. Gehna opens door. Inspector asks why did he (Anant) tell them to leave and if kidnappers came. Anant says kidnappers will come some other day and asks them to go.

Once police leaves, kidnapper orders to bring property papers. Anant resists. Kidnapper threatens to kill Kanak. Pankaj pleads not to harm Kanak. Gehna brings papers. Kidnapper asks who are the owners. Bapuji and Baa come forward. Kanak signals kidnapper. Kidnapper asks them to sign the papers. Kanak acts and asks Bapuji not to sign the papers. Kidnapper acts as slapping her. Baa and Bapuji sign papers. Kidnappers take papers and walk away with Kanak who acts, they close the door from outside. Desai family knock door and pleads not to cheat them and return Kanak at least. Kanak slaps goon Dinesh once she is out of Desai House for slapping her. Dinesh says she signaled him. She says she signaled not to slap her, checks papers and boasts this is how they get papers signed, and orders them to leave. Dinesh asks their money. She says she got property papers now and will get money from locker later and before police arrests them, they should leave. Kidnappers walk away. Kanak thinks she is both heroine and villain of Desai family and will explode a real bomb on them.

Pankaj blames Anant for letting kidnappers take Kanak away. Kanak enters with bomb. Pankaj asks why did they didn’t remove this bomb. Kanak says this bomb will explode and counts 3, 2, 1. Desai family closes their eyes in fear.

Precap: Kanak kicks out Desai family from their house.

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