Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant Expresses His Feelings For Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 31st August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak meets Sagar in jail and tells him that they should give a befitting reply to Desais this time. She reveals that he blasted a bomb being in jail via their aide and says Desai family cannot even think who their aide is. He asks when will he be out of jail. She says tomorrow. At Desai house, Radhika fumes seeing Anant planning to propose Gehna on Janmastami and determines to fail his plan. The next day, Desai family decides to present a mythological drama with Anant as Krishna and Gehna as Radha. Krishna joins them and says he will organize the play and says each family member will pick a chit from bowl and will play the character written in it. Everyone picks their chits. Krishna asks Kanak to pick a chit. She denies. He says she is Desai family’s main heroine and should participate. Radhika threatens Kanak to participate or else she will have to suffer. Kanak agrees. Hema drops juice on her hand and creates drama. Kanak picks a chit finally and gets angry reading Kans. Radhika insists her and she agrees. She walks to her room and fumes on Desai family.

Anant thinks today is a good chance to express his feelings to Gehna. He makes arrangements in garden. Kaise Hua Tu Itna Zaruri Kaise Hua plays in the background. Gehna walks in and excitedly asks what is all this. He says he wants to tell her something and says he had a feeling from before, but now experiencing it; husband and wife are involved in a marriage, but only she was present alone and upheld this marriage; thank you is a very small word for her; he continues expressing his feelings for her with a long dialogue and says he doesn’t know if he really loved or not, today he feels he loves her, etc. He turns and kneeling down with rose says I love you. He finds Radhika standing instead and asks what is she doing here as Gehna was here. Radhika says she felt really elated seeing him proposing her, though he took someone else’s name. He searches Gehna and sees her searching someone. Gehna says someone was present here and was getting into home. He realizes that she didn’t hear him proposing her. She asks what was he saying. He says he said she is looking pretty in this dress. She thanks him. He thinks he proposed Gehna after so much efforts, but Radhika ruined it. Gehna asks if he is fine. He says he is fine, he is thinking about Janmastami play as its his first time. She says she will support him. He walks away. She thinks what is Radhika doing here and what is going on in her mind.

Hema practices Anant’s dialogues. Krishna says these are Anant’s dialogues. Anant and Gehna return. Tia asks them to practice lines and asks Anant to describe how much he loves Gehna. Anant asks what does she mean. She says Krishna’s dialogues for Radha. Krishna gives them dialogues and asks Gehna to turn around and deliver dialogues. Anant without looking at paper and expresses his love for her. She gets teary eyed hearing his dialogues, turns to him, and says she loves him forever. Whole family claps for them. Anant then tells Gehna that he needs to tell her something. Baa takes Gehna away. Anant thinks he will express his feelings on stage today. Radhika gets jealous seeing Gehna happy. Gehna notices her, walks to her and asks why she is silent today. Radhika says she shut her mouth with her act and suggests her to focus on play or else she will go wrong. Gehna thinks Radhika will not keep quiet and will do something for sure. She sees family happy and prays god to keep them happy forever. Tia asks where is she lost, let us make arrangements. Gehna asks what has she thought about Krishna. Tia says he is good, but she needs some more time to think about marrying Krishna. Kanak calls her aide and orders to get Sagar out of jail tonight.

Precap: Kanak’s aide get Sagar out of jail.
Sagar determines to destroy Gehna.

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