Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Gehna Visits Sikandar’s Office To Gather Evidence

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surya thanks Agastya for keeping Gehna at his house. Agastya says he can do at least that for his friend and asks him to take care of himself. Surya leaves. Gehna wakes up from sleep calling Surya and asks if Surya had come. Agastya says she must be dreaming. Gehna gets adamant that Surya surely had come here and searches for him. Agastya asks her to relax and offers her water. Gehna says she feels as if someone is trying to separate Surya from her. Agastya asks her not to worry as nothing wrong will happen. Gehna says she doesn’t want to lose Surya.

A beautiful woman gets out of car and enters Seth mansion. Suhani excitedly hugs her calling her sister Shaku/Shakuni. Shakuni calls a beautiful girl and introduces her as Rhea. Rhea says she is Ridhima. Suhani says she is Menaka for her and thanks Shaku for coming. Shaku asks her to find a handsome groom for her. Suhani says after they tackle Surya’s issue. Sikandar calls Shaku as maasi/aunty. Shaku asks him to call her Soni and asks him to find a handsome hunk for her from his gym. Suhani asks Menaka how will she lure Surya. Ridhima says her name is Ridhima and not Menaka. Shakuni says she will see how Ridhima will bring a storm in Surya’s life. Suhani asks Sarika to show the guest room to Ridhima.

Shaku feels mesmerized seeing the antiques at Seth house. Suhani says she will fulfill all her demands if Ridhima succeeds in luring Surya. Shakuni says Ridhima is her driver’s daughter who has done her MA in Hindi and is very loyal to her. She notices Urmila and asks Suhani if she is her sautan who is troubling her. She tries to bully Urmila, but Urmila ignores all of them and leaves.

Agastya notices Gehna tensed and asks reason. Gehna says she is feeling something is going to happen and when she is feeling uneasy, even Surya must be feeling same. Agastya tries to calm her down but fails. She calls Surya, but Surya is heavily drunk drenched in rain and doesn’t hear her phone call. Agastya notices Surya’s wallet and hurriedly hides it. Gehna asks what is he hiding. He says nothing and leaves saying he has some important work.

During dinner, Ridhima enjoys the food and praises its taste. Suhani comments she is behaving as if she is hungry since years. Shaku and Suhani then describe what Surya likes and dislikes. Ridhima continues eating ignoring them. Suhani stops her and asks if she heard them. Ridhima thinks this middle aged woman will bear a slap one day from her for stoping her from eating. They hear a car coming and thinking Surya returned home asks Ridhima to get on her work. They switch off lights. Agastya walks in to return Surya’s wallet. Ridhima runs and hugs him acting as afraid of lizard. He asks who is she. She says Ridhima and came here with Shakuni maasi. Agastya thinks he heard for the first time that Shakuni is a female.

Ridhima requests him to drop her to her room as she is unable to walk. He drops her to the room. She starts flirting with him. He says he came to return Surya’s wallet, keeps it, and leaves. She with closed eyes starts saying synonyms of name Surya. Suhani and Shakuni walk in and alert her. She says she was talking to Surya and searches him in the bathroom, but doesn’t find him there.

Next day, Gehna disguised as a journalist visits Sikandar’s office to gather evidence. She informs receptionist that she is a journalist who came to interview Sikandar. Receptionist asks her to wait till sir comes. Gehna enters Sikandar’s cabin on the pretext of going to the washroom and searches the whole cabin. Sikandar walks in. Receptionist infrms her that a journalist has come to interview him. Gehna finds Sahukar’s card in the cabin and thinks that means. Someone keeps his hand on her shoulder.

Precap: Gehna requests Surya to accept Urmila as his mother. Surya says he already has a mother and will not give that place to any other woman. Suhani smirks hearing that.

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