Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanak’s Evil Plan

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia and kids dance around Gehna singing Gehna won the competition. Paresh asks Anant to look at his mom’s smiling face. Paresh tells Baa that her face is glowing with smile seeing her bahu winning and asks if she will prepare Gehna’s favorite sweet jalebi. Baa agrees. He thanks her. Gehna says she will help Baa. Kanak says no and asks her to go and rest as she must be tried, she, Hema and Radhika are there to help Baa. Gehna says she prepared food in the morning itself and will warm it. Kanak insists her to go and rest while she will do the work. Pankaj thinks what happened to Kanak today. Baa says Gehna you’ve saved my son’s life today. Gehna says she can sacrifice her life for her family and touches Baa’s feet. Baa blesses her emotionally.

Gehna walks to Tia and says let us practice dance. Tia says she is injured and should rest. Gehna says everyone has high hopes regarding this last dance competition and she doesn’t know to dance; she tried to dance in school once but couldn’t, so teacher had given her a role of coward black crow, etc. Tia asks her to relax and learn dance from her. She plays a song Mohe Rangdo Laal and teaches her dance moves. Anant walks in and asks Tia to stop music. He then scolds Gehna that she worked so hard whole day and now this dance practice, asks her to have turmeric milk. Gehna feels shy. He insists her to drink it in front of him. She does. He asks her to rest now. Tia says their bakudi Gehna is energetic, so he should let them do their dance practice and go from here. He asks about his clothes that he has to wear in Pooja. Gehna says she will get it for him. Tia stops her and asks him to go now. He smilingly twists her ear and leaves. Tia says she is shying like a heroine seeing hero and asks her to start dance practice now. Children enter and insist to join them. Tia resists, but Gehna says children dance by heart, so let them join her. Tia asks them to come in and sit silently. She teaches Gehna gracefully. Anant passes by and stands looking at Gehna’s dance.

Baa prepares jalebis in kitchen. Kanak walks in. Baa asks if she will not do dance practice. Kanak says there is no use as Gehna will win dance competition and she has noticed that family gets happy with Gehna’s win, so she decided to drop the idea of doing dance practice. Baa says she praises Kanak always and even today she will clap more during Kanak’s dance. Kanak insists her to go and rest and let her prepare jalebis and sends her away. Sagar enters and Kanak asks if work is done. He says yes. Radhika walks in next. Kanak thinks she will show what she can do and tells Radhika that she isn’t used to working in the kitchen, she is feeling uneasy, if she could get lassi… Radhika says she will prepare it for Kanak and the whole family. She prepares and brings it. Hema takes her out to serve food. Kanak mixes bhang/hypnotic powder in Gehna’s lassi glass.

Family sits to have food. Paresh asks about Gehna. Tia says she is practicing dance in the room. Kanak says she will bring Gehna and leaves. Paresh asks Bapuji when did this fire became flower, if its a calmness before upcoming storm. Kanak brings Gehna and makes her sit with them. Gehna starts food emotionally. Radhika brings lassi for family and says she prepared it with love. She serves it to whole family. Kanak asks her to serve it to even Gehna. Gehna says she doesn’t want to have it now. Kanak says Gehna doesn’t want to have her prepared lassi, but she should insist. Radhika insists. Gehna says Anant fed her turmeric milk sometime ago, so she will have it later. Baa says let us all finish food soon or else we will be late for pandal. Kanak says she will do dance practice and join them later. Baa agrees. After sometime, Kanak waits for Gehna and when Gehna comes she says that she has been winning dance competition since many years, now she wants Gehna to win. Gehna thanks her. Kanak says Radhika prepared lassi for them with love, Gehna didn’t have it yet so she will keep it in the fridge. Gehna finishes lassi and thanks her again for congratulating her. Kanak extends hands, and Gehna hugs her emotionally. Kanak thinks Gehna played a few games, but she played Gehna’s life’s biggest game by mixing bhang in her lassi, now family will insult and kick her out of house.

Precap: Kanak changes song during Gehna’s performance. Tia says she practiced on different song.
Gehna under bhang effect performs bhangra.

Update Credit to: MA

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