Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Sagar Marries Tia?

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagar applies sindhoor in Tia’s hairline. Tai shouts in shock. All ladies turn towards her, and Jigna shouts Sagar applied sindhoor in Tia’s hairline. Gehna asks why did he do that. Sagar says mamma, grandma, new mamma and everyone are having red color in their hairlines, now fair friend is looking beautiful. Gehna says only a married woman can fill her hairline. Sagar says she is tia’s husband now. Kanak shouts at him to shut up. Hema blames Gehna that because of her lenience, her bhaila is spoilt and did this sin; maybe Gehna taught him to do this. Kanak warns her to stop blaming Gehna as Sagar did it unintentionally. Hema tries to wipe out Tia’s sindhoor. Gehna stops her and says she cannot wipe it out just like that and they should think a solution with calm mind. Pandit says its Devi maa submitted sindhoor. Gehna asks him to find a way out.

At home, Bapuji asks all men if they bought a gift for their wives. They all nod ye. Krishna reminds Anant’s promise to speak to Tia about him. Anant says he needs to first seek Tia’s opinion as she is still studying, Gehna knows Krishna well, but also needs to know him first before taking the issue further. Jigna walks to Anant and says a big disaster happened there. Anant asks what happened. She says Sagar, Tia, Sindhoor. Bapuji asks what happened. Gehna returns with ladies. Anant asks where is tia and what happened to her. Tia enters with Sagar. Baa cries her Tia. Anant asks why is Tia having sindhoor in her hairline. Gehna informs that Sagar filled sindhoor in Tia’s hairline. Sagar says everyone were having sindhoor except Tia, so he filled it as he likes her a lot. Anant gives him a tight slap. Sagar hides behind Tia. Chetan brutally trashes him. Hema protects Sagar and says someone provoked him to do this. Pankaj asks who will provoke him. She says she doesn’t know who did that, but knows Sagar doesn’t what he did. Gehna backs her. Anant says its baseless as Sagar is insane. Jigna says they cannot deny this marriage even if Sagar is insane.

Hiral blames Gehna for bringing Sagar home even after everyone’s opposition and ruining Tia’s life. Anant says Gehna cannot guard Sagar all the time. Their argument starts. Gehna shouts to stop and says they all are blaming her and Sagar and some are crying, but nobody noticed Tia’s condition. Paresh says Gehna is right. Gehna runs to her room crying. Gehna follows her and tries to console her. Tia says she doesn’t believe in fair tales and fate, but if she deserves whatever happened today. Gehna says marriage cannot happen just by applying sindhoor and mangalsutra, 2 people have to accept each other, Sagar is a like a kid and didn’t know what he did, nobody can do anything without Tia’s approval and she will accept her decision.

Anant says Sagar cannot stay in this house after what he did. Pankaj says he will not tolerate Sagar even for a second. Chetan says they should send him to rehab center. Hema resists. Kanak thinks if Desais send Sagar to rehab center, her plan will fail, so she do something. anant walks to his room to call rehab center. Gehna stops him and says they should think once with calm mind. Anant says there is nothing to think as Sagar is mentally unstable. Gehna says they should seek Tia’s opinion as nobody has right to decide about her future, what if Tia harms herself. Anant says his decision is final, he is sending Sagar to rehab, and until Sagar is here, he shouldn’t go near Tia. He asks her to explain it to Sagar and leaves.

During dinner, everyone sit silently without having food. Gehna requests Baa to have food and break fast. Hema cries that her bhaila has locked himself into room and is insisting to speak to Tia. Kanak thinks there is a storm of sindhoor in Desai House. Tia fills plate and says she will go and feed Sagar. Anant stops her. She says Sagar’s health will deteriorate if he is hungry. He says Sagar ruined their house, even then she is worried for him. Gehna says let Tia go, she will accompany him. Anant denies. Bapuji says let Tia go and permits Tia. He tells Anant that he should understand that this issue is very sensitive, they should get Tia out of shock first and then think of kicking Sagar out of house. Anant says he will handle Tia while they handle Sagar, he doesn’t want Sagar near Tia until she gets normal. Kanak requests Baa to have food. Baa picks a bite when Jigna taunts she wouldn’t have had food if this had happened to her daughter. Kanak acts as scolding her. Baa walks away followed by family. Kanak smirks and tells mother that she wanted to shake this house’s walls and shook even the base, Desais were proud of their dignity and she will see how what will they do next.

Precap: Sagar’s mother stops Desai family from sending Sagar to rehab center and asks Tia if she is her bahu. Gehan says Sagar is mentally unstable and did a mistake unknowingly. Mother says Anant is well educated and Gehna is illiterate, even then they are married.

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  1. From reading this update, this show is stupid. Those daughters in law need a good trashing, pretensive Khanak and dummy Hema not to mention that bastard Sagar who always jumping up like an idiot everywhere.
    Yes applying sindoor is no joking matter, writers should have never done that to an innocent girl especially as Sagar is a bum pretending to be crazy.
    Thank God I don’t watch this crap

  2. If the person is mentally unstable the marriage can simply be annulled. That’s common sense. But let’s all ignore common sense and watch this dumb serial

  3. But Sagar is pretending so its valid I guess?

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