Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant Expresses His Love For Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna asks Radhika to stop her games and inform them that where she hid Kanak, remembering Radhika trying to harm Kanak twice before. Anant returns and asks what happened. Baa says Radhika has hid Kanak somewhere. Radhika asks Anant to relax and inform how was his interview. Anant says he got the job and asks to reveal where is Kanak. Baa says Radhika is so ruthless and is playing games with them, at this time, they should celebrate Anant’s job good news but are worried for Kanak. She threatens to inform where Kanak is or else she will repent. Radhika says she will repent instead as police will come to find out where Kanak is. Radhika calls NGO lady who asks if Kanak is found. Radhika says not yet, disconnects call, and orders Anant to accompany her if he wants Kanak’s location. Baa curses Radhika and collapses due to panic attack. Family rushes to her worried and Gehna brings water to wake her up. Gehna notices water color blue and remembers Kanak wearing blue sari. She with Anant rushes to water tank on terrace and finds Kanak drowning in tank. Anant lifts her up and saves her on time.

Radhika is about to inform NGO lady that Kanak is not yet found and must be in danger. Anant snatches phone from her and says Kanak is found on terrace and disconnects call. Gehna brings Kanak down. Baa seeing her condition asks what happened with her. Gehna informs that Radhika had hid Kanak in a water tank and challenges Radhika that they have 2 reasons to celebrate today, one Anant’s job and two Kanak is safe. Kanak thinks she herself is responsible for all this as she only went to NGO to file a case of domestic violence, Radhika has gone mad to take revenge from Desais and may even kill her, she needs to do something, Gehna will not celebrate but she will.

Family starts preparations for celebration. Bapuji asks Baa not to worry so much. Baa says whenever she sees Gehna, she sees forms of Lakshmi and Durga in her. Radhika walks to them to go out with Anant. Paresh looking at Radhika tells Bapuji that Anant will celebrate with them and will not go out. Anant says he will go out with Radhika to celebrate and leaves with her. In restaurant, Radhika tells Anant that she knew he would return to her one day. He offers her rose and thanks her. She asks thanks for what. He says for giving him his life and for introducing him to his life’s biggest strength. Gehna at home prays god to give immense strength to Ananth. Krishna with Tia enters and asks her not to worry as god is with Anant. Gehna happily hugs Tia. Family meets Tia next. Tia asks where is Anant. Hema says he is busy celebrating with Radhika. Tia asks what in shock. Paresh says let us first finish the preparations for the celebration.

Back to hotel, Anant informs Radhika that Gehna has taken her place in his heart and reminds how Gehna risked her life for his certificates, Gehna can do anything for him; he liked Gehna from before but realized his love for Gehna because of Radhika; he thanks Radhika for awakening his feelings for Gehna and walks away from there leaving Radhika. Radhika stands frustrated and burns rose. At home, Gehna brings cake and eagerly waits for Ananth. Baa noticing her says Anant will return to her. Anant returns home and smilingly looks at Gehna. Tia happily runs and hugs him. Anant asks Krishna if he will not touch his feet and take his blessings. Krishna does. Anant says he was joking and hugs Krishna. Tia asks Anant why did he go out with Radhika. Anant says it was important. Tia asks Gehna why did she let Anant go with Radhika. Gehna says when Anant is saying its was important to go, then there must be something important. Paresh says let us cut the cake as he is feeling hungry. Anant cuts cake and feeds to whole family. Radhika returns home frowning. Anant then feeds cake to Gehna.

Precap: Voiceover says big problems will barge on Desai family in the upcoming 7 days. Baa with Gehna prays god to keep her family away from all the problems. Bapuji and others tie Rakhi to Gehna saying she is their protector. Voiceover asks if Gehna will be able to fight with the problems and save Desai family.

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