Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 24th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Gopi Questions Gopi Kaka

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 24th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi kaka calls Gopi. Gopi turns and stands amazed seeing Ahem’s replica. Gopi kaka reminisces his guru’s words and warns Gopi to not come near him. He draws a line between them with his towel and says its a laxman rekha and she shouldn’t dare to cross it. Anant carries unconscious Gehna. Seeing her, Gopi lifts towel and walks behind. On stage, host presents cheque to Praful. Kanak thinks she will get this cheque. Chetan thinks he will get the money. Praful and Jamna see Anant carrying unconscious Gehna and ask what happened to her. Anant calls doctor and lies Gehna on couch. Kokila asks Kanak and Hema to move aside and let some fresh air in. Kanak’s friend asks who is this girl. Hema says she is their servant. Friend says servant is looking like a queen in precious dress. Gehna wakes up. Jamna asks if she is fine. Anant asks why did she come in front of his car. Gehna says she is fine and gives Praful’s medicine. Praful says Gehna takes care of them well. Anant says Gehna risked her life for Bapuji, its unbelievable. Hema tells Kanak that Gehna stole the limelight and they became like servants. Kanak stamps her feet and asks if she noticed Gehna’s earrings are missing. Sagar gives them earrings and asks if its theirs, he found it at home and thought its their. Hema happily tells Kanak that they got Gehna’s earrings. Kanak signals to keep silence and says now she will make everyone insult Gehna.

Kokila makes Gehna sit and asks if she is injured, she will get her treatment. Gopi kaka follows Gopi and thinks she is a thief who stole his towel and not looking at him at all, he will call her and take back his towel. Gehna tells Kokila that she is fine. Gopi brings lemon juice for Gehna. Kokila sees towel in Gopi’s bag and asks what is it. Gopi says towel, she took it to clean car seat and kept it in bag. Gopi kaka follows Gopi. Urmila stuffs snacks and asks Hetal to join her. Hetal signals Gopi. Gopi informs Kokila that kakiji is calling her. She thinks where Ahem’s look alike must have gone, she needs to go out and check. Kokila takes Urmila’s plate aside. Urmila says food is very tasty and munches sweets. Gehna in mirror sees her earrings missing and thinks where did they fall.

Gopi searches Gopi kaka and thinks where he must have gone. Gopi kaka walks to her and asks her to return his towel. Gopi asks him to answer her question first and walks near him. Gopi kaka warns her to dare not come near him. Gopi says they warn a person if they know him/her, does he knows her. He says he doesn’t know her. She asks him to think and try to remember. Gopi kaka imagines marrying Gopi and then remembers his guru’s words, he murmurs what his happening Gopi. Gopi asks what..

Anant on stage describes how much proud he feels calling himself as Praful and Jamna’s son. Everyone claps. Kanak thinks Anant stole all the limelight, and Hema hopes he doesn’t take away all the money. Anant takes his parents and family on terrace and shows them happy wedding anniversary with crackers in sky. Kokila and Hetal clap. Urmila tells Hetal that except Anant nobody remembers their parent’s anniversary. Kanak and Hema then wish happy wedding anniversary and take Praful and Jamna’s blessings. Kokila thinks her Gopi bahu is much better than them, where did she go. Gopi asks Gopi kaka whose name did he take. He says its none of her business. Gopi reminisces Ahem tattooing her name on his hand and showing it to her. She thinks if there is tattoo on his hand, then he is her Ahem ji. She asks him to extend hand and take his towel. Gopi kaka says he will not fall for her words and asks to keep towel on floor. Gopi asks him to take it from her if he wants it. Kokila searches Gopi and finds her, but Anant takes her away. Gopi kaka extends hand, and Gopi tries to see his tattoo. Gopi kaka asks if she is not ashamed to touch a stranger man. Gopi insists to tell who is he. Gopi kaka angrily asks who is she and snatches his towel. She falls down and calls Ahem ji. He turns and gets flashback of Gopi calling him Ahem ji.

Precap: Gehna shows Gopi kaka’s photo to Gopi. Gopi asks if she met him 5 years ago. Gehna says yes. Kanak insults Gehna. Anant walks towards Gehna.

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