Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 24th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanak’s Plan to Get Gehna Disqualified Fails

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 24th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anant with Gehna stops cleaner and finds someone else than Sagar. He thinks he must have misunderstood and walks to Kanak’s room where Kanak and Hema are present. Radhika enters and asks what is he doing here. He says he came to congratulate them for their performance, but Gehna’s performance was best. Radhika asks if he was confident that Gehna will win. Anant says yes as Gehna spoke by heart and her win was obvious. Gehna thinks Anant still loves Radhika, but is supporting her and she is thankful to him for that. Radhika thinks Anant may hide his love for her and then heads to have water. Anant offers her water when Gehna coughs and he gives water to Gehna first. Sagar watches them hiding and thinks there is love triangle going here. Once Radhika, Anant, and Gehna leave, Hema hurriedly locks door and calls out Sagar from his hiding. Kanak asks what is he doing here. He says what could he do, he cannot go to Desai House as police is searching him because of Gehna. He vents out his anger on Gehna’s sandal says he will break her leg like she broke his leg. Kanak breaks the sandal and says when Gehna will go on stage, she will slip and her leg will break and she will be insulted. Gehna knocks door. Sagar hides. She picks her sandals without noticing Sagar and leaves. Kanak asks Sagar to get out from there. Sagar says he came to take revenge from Gehna. Kanak warns to dare not threaten her.

Next competition round starts. Host calls contestants on stage. They all ramp walk one by one. plays in the background. Anant gets mesmerized when Radhika enters. Hema comes next and everyone clap for even her. Host announces Gehna’s entry next. Gehna enters wearing Baa’s gifted jewelry. Baa gets happy noticing that. Gehna ramp walks and her sandal breaks. Hema and Kanak smirk noticing it while Gehna’s supporters get tensed. Kanak thinks she was flying high thinking of winning competition, but now she can’t even walk a step ahead. Baa asks Bapuji why did Gehna stop. Guest comments that she cannot even ramp walk properly and other guest comments that Gehna must not have practiced at all. Anant signals Gehna to walk. Judge asks her to complete her ramp walk or else she will be disqualified. Kanak thinks she will be disqualified for sure. Gehna walks with great difficulty and tears in her eyes. Kanak and Hema get jealous noticing that. Everyone clap for her. Host asks judges’ opinion. Judges give Gehna one more chance seeing her past performance and warn her to disqualify if she breaks rules again. Host announces Kanak as winner of the round. Everyone clap for her and she happily waves at everyone. Gehna walks towards her changing room with great difficulty and slips when Anant holds her on time and carries her. Radika gets jealous noticing that. Hema says Gehna was smiling on stage and acted in front of Anant, she should inform Kanak.

Back home, Sapan checks Gehna’s foot and says she got sprain and should rest. Tia says she has ramp walk tomorrow. Sapan says she needs 1 week bedrest. Bapuji says Gehna’s health is important. Baa says Gehna will participate in competition tomorrow for sure and asks Hema and Kanak to prepare herbal paste for Gehna. Kanak prepares herbal paste in kitchen fuming when Hema drops utensil and says her hand is slippery due to chips oil. Kanak gets an idea and smearing oil on herbal paste utensil gives it to Baa. Baa drops utensil on Gehna’s leg and Gehna writhes more in pain.

Precap: Gehna ramp walks. Judge disqualifies her for wearing sari instead of modern dress. Gehna says even judge is wearing sari and it doesn’t mean she is not modern.

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