Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Surya Investigates Sahukar


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 24th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarika excitedly tells Suhani that after 6 hours Gehna will be out of the house. Suhani says Gehna will stay for another 6 hours in this house. Sikandar asks her not to worry as he buried all the evidence properly and will make sure Kaddu expels Gehna today. He walks towards his room. Shreya searches for key in Sikandar’s room and doesn’t find them. She fears that Sikandar will kill if he finds the room stuff all over. Sikandar enters and says his wife has become too lazy that she cannot clean the room without servant’s support. He says she didn’t speak in his support and supported Gehna instead. She says she learnt to stand by the truth. He says what will she do once Gehna leaves this house. He removes his shoes and walks to bathroom.

She notices soil on his shoes and informs Gehna and her team. Gehna says maybe they are searching for key at home while its hidden somewhere else. Urmila says Suhani is very intelligent and can do anything. Rajesh visits sahukar. Sahukar asks if he wants to open a locker again. Rajesh says he wants to send someone to jail and calls inpsector. Surya disguised as inspector walks in and says he came to arrest him. Sahukar gets afraid and asks servant to bring juice for the inspector. Surya says he came here for investigation and asks him to tell the truth. He asks if Gehna visited his shop and demands to show CCTV footage. Sahukar starts sweating and orders servant to show the CCTV footage to inspector. Surya tells Rajesh that they will find out who came here disguised as Gehna. Sahukar’s employee calls Sikandar and informs him about Rajesh visiting with inspector there. Sikandar warns him not to take his name in front of them.

Suhani tears Gehna and Surya’s pic and when there is a rift between 2 people, its time to separate them completely by bringing a third person between them. Sarika gets confused. Suhani calls a woman and asks her to send a girl to lure Gehna and make sure that the girl should be Suhani’s puppet. Gehna with Shreya, Urmiala, and Dimpy search for the key in the garden. Shreya says she has only 1.5 hours left for 6 p.m. Gehna says she cannot separate from Surya and needs to find the key at any cost. She finds a freshly cover pit and digs it to find Sikandar’s scary key in it. She realizes that the clue is hidden in Sikandar’s car. She rushes to car and tries to unlock it when Sikandar walks towards it. Gehna hides under the car. Sikandar gets angry seeing dirt on the door, opens it yelling, picks his wallet from the car, checks it and keeps it back.

Surya checks CCTV footage and finds a woman keeping his family jewelry in the locker. Rajesh asks him to zoom in the footage. Surya says he is unable to zoom in. He threatens Sahukar to tell who had come. Sahukar says he doesn’t know. Rajesh says its waste to investigate sahukar. Surya asks how will they find who had come there. Once Sikandar leaves, Gehna opens car and picks Sikandar’s wallet. She then with Shreya, Urmila, and Dimpy returns home. Suhani taunts her that it’s time to leave. Gehna shows her a watch and says still there are a few minutes left for 6 p.m. Suhani challenges to kick her out of the house after 6 p.m.

Precap: Gehna disguised as an interviewee enters Sikandar’s office and searches for clue. She finds Sahukar’s card and thinks it means. Someone keeps a hand on her shoulder.

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