Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 24th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Desai Family Blames Gehna For Anant’s Arrest

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 24th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector asks constable to put Anant in lockup. Gehna with Pankaj and Paresh reaches there, stops constable, asks Anant why is he doing this, and asks inspector to arrest her as she is the culprit. Anant says she is not a criminal and asks inspector to tell her to go home as its not a dharamshala. Gehna pleads to let her stay here. Paresh asks inspector if there is a way to save Anant. Inspector says Anant accepted that he did the accident, they should hire a good lawyer to bail him out. Constable puts Anant in lockup. Anant asks Gehna to go to Hema, says that she is not the law’s culprit but family’s who crushed his bhabhi via car and didn’t even look back to see her condition, and if she has a bit of dignity left, she should support his family. Do Pal Ruka Kwabon Ka Karwan.. song plays in the background. Paresh and Pankaj take Gehna from there.

They reach home where Baa stops Gehna at door and asks where is her son. Paresh says they couldn’t bring Anant along and now they should bail him out via a lawyer. Gehna walks to Baa crying and accepting her mistake apologizes her. Baa slaps her. Kanak smirks noticing that. Gehna says she was learning car driving to surprise Anant and whole family during her wedding anniversary, but didn’t know she will commit such a big accident. She walks to Kanak and says that she knows everything, right. Kanak says she cleverly took Sagar’s revenge from Hema. Gehna walks to Hiral next. Hiral yells at her for using Anant’s costly car. Gehna then walks to Pankaj who says she should have informed them at least before planning a surprise and taking Anant’s car. Kanak yells next that she hid the truth even from her. Gehna goes to Paresh next who says she broke his trust and didn’t even feel guilty for her act, etc. Kanak provokes family more. Gehna then walks to Bapuji. Bapuji shouts she sent his son to jail and he will never forgive her. Gehna then tries to hold Baa’s feet asking if she trusts her. Baa backs off and warns her to dare not call her Baa until Anant returns home, she made a mistake of making Gehna her house’s competent bahu as she is the most incompetent bahu. Kanak’s same expressions continue, which nobody notice.

Gehna returns to her room and whole family’s bitter words echo in her ears. She shouts no.. Kanak enters and offers her kerchief to wipe her tears, says she pities on her as everyone is against her; she was an apple of whole family’s eyes, but with her one mistake they threw her out like a curry leaf from curry; even her husband didn’t value her; she was always considered as a servant and they just misused her; family is more worried about Hema and Anant now, a servant’s life is really worst, etc. Gehna thinks if Kanak did all this.

Anant in lockup remembers quality time spent with Gehna. Ye Kyun Kiya Khuda… song plays in the background. He thinks Gehna did wrong, he thought of living together with her for whole life; he gave her feathers to fly, but she cut his feathers instead; she did an accident and hid it; he will never trust her again. Gehna at home cries looking at Anant’s photo remembering their marriage and wishes him happy marriage anniversary. Anant thinks he should have been at home at this time, but he is in jail instead because of Gehna. Constable offers him food and says tomorrow is court holiday and hence he cannot get bail, so he should silently have it. Anant eats food.

Precap: Gehna gets into driving instructor’s taxi and driving it fast towards a pole threatens him to tell how the accident happened that day.

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  1. Genha must defeat Kanak and bring her real face to the family. Indian homes praise bahu for everything but one small misunderstanding or underhand thing happens then blame bahu and treat her so badly and fail to see her goodness . Cant umderstand really

  2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    I really don’t understand Baa… nor that whole family, even Anant for that matter🙄… when Gehna was a maid Baa kept telling everyone that she loved her like a mother loves her daughter….. but when she became her bahu she never truly accepted her as Dil 🙄 … now, whenever there is any misunderstanding she is always blamed for it, with Baa and family members specifically referring to her status as a maid 🙄 plus “no trust” from her own husband as always 😡 wth

    How is Kanak even getting away with all this crap…. and why does everyone still believe in Kanak !!! 😡

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