Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna’s Emotional Poem

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Host calls Hema on stage. Hema dances on Bijli Girane Mai Hun Aayi, Kehte Hain Mujhjko Hawa Everyone clap for her. Kanak thinks how did this happen. Radhika enters and mimics her that she mixed powder in Radhika’s water, how did she sing then. She says all these tricks are old, if she did it fearing that she will lose; she came here to win not this contest but Anant. Kanak reminds she is married. Radhika says marriage is just an excuse to come near Anant; Kanak can win the competition and help her get back Anant from Gehna. Gehna enters and hear their conversation. They both shake hands and finalize deal and stand shocked seeing Gehna there. Radhika asks if she heard something. Gehna stops her and tells that she was listening to announcement, asks Radhika what she was asking. Radhika says nothing, they were talking about her. Kanak asks what is she going to do in talent round. Gehna says she wrote a poem, but don’t know how to read it on stage. Kanak says how can she fear and explains in detail what Gehna did and even proposed Anant. Radhika asks what did Anant reply. Gehna reminisces the incident and Kanak says he denied and maybe he couldn’t forget his past love. Gehna requests not to discuss about it here. Radhika says she is right and asks which poem she is reciting. Gehna says she will read it on stage and will byheart it. Kanak signals Hema who clashes with her and poem paper falls down. Radhika drops juice on it. Host calls Gehna on stage. They all 3 insist Gehna to go on stage. Gehna says her poem. Kanak says poem should be spoken by heart. Gehna thinks she is right and walks on stage reminiscing Anant’s words and Radhika’s plan to get back Anant.

Judge asks Gehna which talent of a woman she wants to portray. Anant signals her to speak. Gehna confidently reads poem describing how her parents loved her, how she was broken when her parents left, how she got her parents back in Baa and Bapuji, how she was insulted like a servant, how she loved and served her family, how she was called by different demeaning names except her real name, how she became a bahurani from naukrani, how she got best friend as her life partner, how her nanad became her friend, how her uncle loves her like a daughter, and expresses her love for Anant in detail. Judge asks whom she recite this poem for. She says its first for her Baa and Bapuji, then her family and then her life partner Anant who is her pillar of support, filled courage in her and gave her wings to fly and dream high, etc. Everyone clap for her. Baa and Bapuji praise her and Anant gets emotional. Host announces Gehna as winner of this round and announces next round of ramp walk on Indo-Western dresses.

Anant thinks of congratulating Gehna. Sagar disguised as cleaner thinks of harming Gehna and walks towards her room. He clashes with a passer by and apologizes. Anant hears his voice and thinks if he is Sagar, stops him and walks towards him when Gehna walks to him and asks what happened. Anant says that man was looking like Sagar. Sagar hides and replaces himself with another man. Anant stops him and checks his face.

Precap: Kanak breaks Gehna’s sandal heel and thinks she will lose on ramp. Gehna’s sandal heel breaks during ramp walk. Judge asks her to finish her ramp walk or else she will disqualify her.

Update Credit to: MA

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