Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Professor Kumar Is a Terrorist

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anant reaches Sagar’s den to rescue Bapuji, Gehna, and others and trashes goons. He hugs Bapuji and asks if he is fine, he was worried for him. Bapuji says a father need not worry if he has a son like him. Anant drags Sagar out and says now he will go to jail. Gehna says he should tell who his partner as it can’t be Krishna. Sagar says he will not as he doesn’t want to die. Gehna assures to protect him from his partner. Fourth partner enters in his car and rescues Sagar away. Anant and team reaches home. Tia cries hugging him and asks if he is fine. He says he is fine and nobody can touch him until his Anant and Gehna are present. Gehna cries holding his hand. Kanak asks why is she crying after rescuing Bapuji, now Sagar will wreck havoc. Anant comments that the one who cares more for an outsider should not act to cry. Professor returns wearing goggles. She asks why is he wearing goggles at night. He removes goggles and says dust fell in his eyes. She looks at him and identifies him as Sagar’s partner having same eyes and remembers Sagar hinting that his partner’s name starts with k. She asks professor to bring Bapuji’s medicine and thinks he pushed and injured Baa.

At hospital, Anant gets emotional seeing Baa still unconscious and questions doctor. Doctor says it will take time. Anant thinks Krishna betrayed them, even then Gehna trusts Krishna. Sagar calls Kanak and Radhika and asks how dare they betrayed him. Kanak says Gehna threatened them and Radhika pleads not to harm them. He orders them to take whole family out of house except Gehna. They agree. Gehna searches professor’s room for clue and finds a packet in commode flush tank that has a mobile and many sim cards. She calls Anant to inform him about it, but he disconnects call. She messages him next. He thinks she must have sent him a sorry message, but he will not talk to her. Gehna panics and thinks if she should take the evidence to police. Power goes off. She gets afraid and calls family members, but finds no one at home. Professor enters and thinks he found out that she found out he is the mastermind and will bury his secret with her. He walks in front of her. She says good he came as she got afraid. He asks if she saw a ghost. She says she saw a spy who entered his room, maybe Kanak is behind this. Professor says he heard about her bravery and saw it today, let us fix light first and then enjoy coffee. She says until now she has only had black coffee with Anant. He says let us enjoy a different coffee today.

Kanak and Radhika take other family members to hospital and Kanak asks Anant not to misunderstand her as she cannot harm Baa and Bapuji. Anant says real culprit is caught. Professor prepares coffee with Gehna and asks her to bring snacks for him as gets acidity with only coffee. She turns to get snacks while he mixes a drug in her coffee mug. He then praises her that one should learn to dream from her as she become a boss from maid so easily. She smiles and thanks him for his thinking. He says let us have coffee now. She drops spoon and while he picks it, she exchanges mugs. He drinks it and falls unconscious. She thinks her doubt was right that sir mixed something in coffee. Baa wakes up dreaming about being hit on her head and pushed down the stairs, says he pushed her. Anant asks her to relax as the main culprit Krishna is in jail. Baa says professor Kumar hit her head and pushed her down instead and remembers the incident. Anant realizes his mistake and remembers Krishna repeatedly saying he is misunderstanding him and checking Gehna’s message thinks Gehna is alone at home and her life is in danger. Bapuji asks what happened to him. He asks him to take care of mom and rushes out.

Anant calls Gehna. Gehna tries to pick call. Professor snatches phone and asks if she wants to reveal his secret to Anant, says he saw her changing coffee mugs and is not a fool to not identify her spying on his things. He threatens to kill Anant. She says he can’t harm Anant. He tries to hit her. She pushes him away and hides. He says she can’t escape from him and searches her. She gets out of her hiding and tries to run. He strangulates her and says he is a fear which doesn’t go easily. She pushes him and runs to kitchen. He follows her. She throws utensils on him. He finally catches her. She hits him twice with roti roller.

Precap: Professor threatens Anant to plant bombs in 15 minutes or lose Gehna. Anant agrees and takes the briefcase out.

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