Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanak And Sagar Reunite With Evil Plan Against Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anant speaks to a company owner about job vacancy. Owner says they don’t have job that suits his qualification and profile. Gehna hears him and realizes he didn’t get job yet, keeps coffee and leaves. Anant sees coffee and realizes that Gehna heard his discussion. Gehna walks down to living room thinking Anant didn’t inform her as she would get tensed knowing about his problem. Kanak asks her to check grocery list. Gehna checks the list and says her written branded ghee is costly and they buy cow ghee which is healthy, she buys 50 rs rice which is as good as 80 rs rice and they buy 15 kg rice and not 20 kg rice. Kanak says they need rice for prasad. Gehna says this time they need to manage with tight budget. Kanak says its her first vat poornima vrat/fast, so Baa wants everything to be performed well. Gehna says they will do everything nicely and anyways god looks at devotion and not money. Kanak says if she is worried about expenses as Anant doesn’t have a job, she will ask Pankaj and Chetan to take care of all expenses; she even saw a magnetic specs for Bapuji which he can hang around his neck, though its a bit expensive. Gehna says Bapuji is habituated to his old specs, so they shouldn’t waste money on new specs as Bapuji will not wear them; they shouldn’t force expenses on Pankaj and Chetan and can buy one when Anant gets a job. Kanak says she will rewrite the list and asks her to attend her computer class. Sagar walks to kanak calling her new mamma. Kanak asks him to be careful with his expensive toy. Hema asks Jigna if she knows which path is her daughter following. Jigna says she knows her daughter is going on a right path. Kanak smirks looking at Jigna.

Gehna returns to her room and feels worried for Anant. Anant walks in and says let us start today’s studies and starts grammar class. She doesn’t understand whatever is being taught by Anant. He scolds her to concentrate. She says she is trying her best, it may be easier for him, but she needs time to learn. Krishna walks in and asks cuckoo to help him write a scene for his play. Anant angrily scolds him not to disturb Gehna’s studies. Krishna says he will go and says Anant is more disturbed than Gehna and a disturbed mind cannot teach, he should maintain his calm. Anant asks him not to lecture him. Krishna says he is telling truth, they both took 15 years to complete studies and he wants Gehna to learn English in 15 minutes, he should give her 15 din or 15 months. Anant says he is talking a lot. Krishna says he should teach Gehna with a smile as she will understand things easily then. Anant asks what will he take to go from here. Krishna says his work is very important, he just needs ten minutes from Gehna and if Anant feels that he has disturbed the class, he will go from there. Gehna follows him and scolds him for arguing with Anant without realizing a person’s problem, etc. Krishna asks what wrong did he say. Anant walks in saying Krishna is right, when they can study while playing, why they should make it hard. He shows her marbles and asks if she will teach her how to play with them. She excitedly teaches him and jumps in happiness. Jigna sees them and thinks she doesn’t know what is up for her.

Kanak gives grocery list to Baa. Baa says why she wrote such a small list, they order lots of groceries during festival. Kanak says they should cut down on expenses. Baa says her 3 bahus will keep vat poornima vrat for the first time and they need to celebrate. Sagar walks to her and says he can record everyone in his toy car and shows recording on his mobile. Baa sees Kanak and Gehna’s incomplete conversation till Gehna says there is no need to buy expensive specs for Bapuji. She thinks why Gehna said that. Jigna taunts her that she gave all the house’s responsibility to her younger bahu. Baa goes. Jigna takes Hema to kitchen. Sagar makes a laugh revealing his memory is back and asks new mamma how was his return gift. Kanak says his editing was excellent and he showed only what they wanted to, they have sowed a seed of suspicion in Baa’s mind against Gehna, now its time for their plan’s stage 2. Sagar says they will burn their special dia/lamp, plan Tia.

Anant tells Gehna that they get same amusement while making sentences like they get while playing marbles and teaches her how to form English sentences with examples. Gehna hits marble. Sagar thinks of manipulating Tia and waits for her to bring food. Tia brings him lunch. He acts as mentally unstable kid again and insists her to play with him. She asks him to have lunch first. He insists to teach her like papa teaches mamma. She feeds him saying she will teach him to speak in English. Sagar asks how to tell his Gehna mamma is very nice and he loves her. She repeats in English. He hugs and kisses her saying I love Tia and runs away. Tia stands shocked. He hides and watches her reaction. Krishna gets a call and informs that he couldn’t crack the scene yet and is working on it. He holds Gehna’s hand and says he needs her help. Gehna looks at Anant. Krishna asks if she needs Anant’s permission. He takes her along. Anant watches silently.

Jigna scolds Kanak for not watering plants. Hema thinks how can Kanak bear scolding as she used to shut everyone’s mouth before. Baa asks Jigna not to scold Kanak as she must have forgotten to water the plants. Hema says its Gehna’s duty to water plants, but she seems busy these days. Baa sees Krishna passing by holding Gehna’s hand. Hema says how will Gehna remember plants in her busy schedule. Kanak says they will water plants and takes her along. Sagar messages that he executed his plan well. She thinks their plan’s third stage will start, this time whole Desai family will be in trouble and Gehna cannot save them.

Precap: Hiral taunts Anant that he will make Gehna work after she completes her studies and himself will laze around. Pankaj suggests Anant to take up a small job until he finds a proper job.

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